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Hello Folks:

How many of y'all seen I AM SAM (2001)?  I thought that it was a great movie.  It almost reminded me of RAIN MAN (1988).  For those who have not seen the movie, it is about a mentally retarded man (a guy who has the IQ of a seven-year-old boy and who is played by actor Sean Penn) who becomes embroiled in a custody battle with the state over Lucy, his baby daughter.  At the beginning of the film, there is a rather quick hospital scene, where the homeless woman finally gives birth to the baby girl, who happens to also be Sam Dawson's (the retarded man's) daughter.  After that, you later see Sam holding the baby and parting ways with the woman.  (I can understand the homeless part, but what sense does that make for a mother to just abandon her child like that?  On top of that, the woman was well, reasonably intelligent, even though I question why she would sleep with a retarded man in the first place.  I thought that that part was messed up right then and there in the first place!)  Anyway, after standing out there on the sidewalk for the rest of the day while holding the newborn baby, Sam finally catches the bus home, thus beginning his new journey in fatherhood.  There are a lot of twists and turns in this movie; he gets into trouble a few times and then all of the legal drama surrounding his custody rights begin to ensue.  He then enlists the help of Rita Williams (played by Michelle Pfeiffer), an attorney who is smart, savvy, sexy and even sometimes b^^^hy; all rolled into one body.  (If you really want to know the truth, she is the main reason why I checked out this movie DVD from Blockbuster Video in the first place!  After I saw her kick over that table in this movie's preview trailer while watching another movie, I just knew I had to check out this movie and see more!  Believe me, I am glad I did!)

Of course, it wasn't easy enlisting her help, since Rita at first did not even want to be bothered with Sam.  Then afterwards, she decided to take a chance and help him.  I will let you guys watch the movie and find out about the outcome, but there are some other great scenes, in addition to the scene where she kicks over the small coffee table after reminding her assistant that she repeatedly asked her to move that little obstacle several times before.  For all of you female fast driving and female pedal pumping fans, there is one (or two) scenes of her driving her sports sedan through some heavy traffic, since she and Sam were trying to get to a hearing.  She skillfully dodges other vehicles, but almost rear ends one vehicle.  (It does not get any hotter than that!)  Other scenes that I like:

1.  She talks to a computer on her cell phone, and she says "Home" several times, but somehow the automated teller did not comprehend.  Rita then got frustrated and said, "Home, Goddamit!" and then the computer dials a Dr. Sloan.

2.  She was supposed to have another appointment with Sam, but he stays holed up in his home because he thinks about giving up the fight for his daughter.  After she does not hear from him for a little while, she kicks his front door open with her boot.  (Man, I think I'm in love!)

I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone over the age of eighteen, since it addresses all kinds of social issues - as well as feature some of my fetishes/fantasies.  Let me know how you guys feel about this.  Thank you.



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