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Date Posted:08/31/2016 7:08 AMCopy HTML

I have had a foot fetish for as long as I can remember, I am now 40 years old and cannot remember a time before I had an interest in women's feet. I distinctly remember being baby sat by my aunt when I was still around 5 or 6 years of age. My Mum and Dad were working and my aunt lived near by and was taking care of me for the day. She was sitting on the sofa watching me play with my toy cars on the floor. My aunt is 5 or so years younger than my Mum so that would have made her approximately 20 years old at the time.

I remember her sitting there and then propping her feet up on the footrest of the sofa and removing her sand shoes.

I guess at the time, she thought it was just cute that I came over to where she was and sniffed her feet, salty and sweaty out of her shoes. I remember her laughing at me and probably having no idea at all the impact that moment would have on my life later on. To this day, not only do I love women's feet but as far as I am concerned, the sweatier the better. The soft, moist stickiness of a sexy female foot straight out of a shoe getsa me hard instantly.

This, lets call it 'fetish' began even earlier than that 5 or 6 year old sniffing his aunt's feet. At around the age of 4, in the house I grew up in, my bedroom faced onto our lounge room. My parents had put me to bed and (to this day) enjoy a glass of wine or two in the evenings. I guess they thought I was sleeping but I was wide awake and with me being so young, they did not completely close my door but rather left it ajar I guess so I wouldn't be afraid in the dark and if I woke I could hear them talking and watching T.V.. On this particular night,as I was awake I moved to the foot of my bed and from there I could peak out the crack in the door and see my parents on the sofa. I would feel sneaky doing this and it was all kind of innocent but fun to peak. This particular night however, I saw something which began a whole new thing in my life. My Mum had her foot on my Dad's penis and was playing with it and my Dad appeared to be loving every second of it. I later came to realise, he had a hard on.

Out of curiosity and wanting to know what that felt like, I put my own foot on my penis and it felt nice. My foot fetish was born.

I have always had a love of cars, since a very young age. My grandfather was a taxi driver and my uncle drove a rally car which I loved having rides in whenever he brought it over. I always played with toy cars and trucks and I grew up to be a mechanic and love all things that go fast.

My Mum had a Honda Civic, during the 80s. It was the kind with a manual choke, manual gearbox and (of course) a carburettor.

During the 1980s, (a very sexy era if you ask me) before I could drive and certainly before I was a mechanic, my Mum would usually drive me to school, a distance of some 18km, (I was privileged enough to be sent to a private school but it was not close). Our little Honda was a great little car and never gave us any problems. Always started easily, even when cold and ran like a charm.

Even as a boy around 10, 11 or 12 years old I found myself more than a little anxious at times at how Mum would treat the car. I know she loved the car however, I always thought she would keep the choke out too long and hold the gears too long. I thought she was hurting the car and it's screaming engine was it crying for mercy. We could be sitting in traffic, more than 10 minutes into our journey to school or wherever we were going and she would still have the choke most of the way out if not all the way out. The engine was well and truly up to operating temperature and had been for ages but she would keep the choke out. I would be so anxious, nervous and often have a confusing erection.

I always thought my Mum was pretty, she was/is even now as an older woman, she still looks after herself, has manicures and pedicures (probably for Dad's benefit), gets her hair done and always dresses very nicely. She is in her 60s now but back then in her 30s, she was definitely very pretty. Often wore sneakers or heels (again, probably for Dad's benefit).

I have never had any kind of creepy sexual attraction to my Mum but seeing her in her make-up with (very 80s) vibrant red lip stick and nail polish driving in high heels, holding gears much longer than necessary making the engine scream with the tacho frequently nudging redline and keeping the choke on for so long used to make me a bit frightened and a bit excited too. It was not uncommon for me to arrive at school with an erection.

At times i would get up the courage to remind her the choke was still out, she would just say "I know" and leave it out.

To me, it was such a tease, unnecessarily cruel.

So, that is why I am on your web site today getting aroused reading other people's stories or revving and engine abuse.

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Re:How did you come to be excited by women revving engines?

Date Posted:09/16/2016 11:24 AMCopy HTML

"During the 1980s, (a very sexy era if you ask me)" that is one hell of a truth mate :( Too sad I was born in the 90 :(

Ever asked your mom why she kept the choke like that? Even when the engine temp is rising. Umm and you are from australia so your car was right side driving like ours right?
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Re:How did you come to be excited by women revving engines?

Date Posted:02/28/2018 7:20 PMCopy HTML

   No,  I never did ask and I don’t think I ever could. Looking back on those days it was obviously a combination of it being a tease for Dad and I have little doubt that it excited Mum too. I think she loved the power over the machine and loved being able to tell Dad all about it. I had over heard her telling him about how hard she revved the engine and how she kept the choke out the whole time several times and once I walked in to the lounge and quite embarrassingly for all 3 of us, saw her with one foot on Dad’s dick and the other he was sniffing and kissing like it was manna from heaven. LOL. So, you understand why we never speak of it. 
I am also certain she knew how anxious it made me and knew full well I had a hard on over it. 
I have written the story of the night she blew the engine while out with Dad for dinner in it. They came home in a taxi and the Honda went to the mechanic on a tow truck for an engine swap. I think I came 3 times that night. Poor little car.

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