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Hello Folks:I am so glad to meet you all. I am a 33-year-old male here in Virginia, USA. I had no idea that so many guys had a thing forthe pedal pumping fetish, which is really an extension of the foot fetish. It is so amazing. Everything on the internet is amazing. Yet, when I go to a regular store where adult/mature movies and videos are sold, I always see thesamethingwith thesamepeople- it is either something about oral sex, anal sex or vaginal sex. Also, I see so much stuff about Jenna Jameson these days. She looks OK, but I am not obsessed with her. It is just that there are now MILLIONS of videos showing just about the same type of sexual activity almost all of the time. Don't get me wrong, I like regular male-female sex too, but when I watch the same type of thing over and over again, I tend to get bored to death. In fact, I have fallen asleepmanytimes while watchingdifferent videos that still showed the same type of thing, over and over again.I am the type of guy that likes to experiment with different things. I mean, I know that I already like tits, ass, legs and feet on a woman, so now, I want to see her to different things, which is why I am trying to get a taste of this pedal pumping stuff. I like internet sites asCar Stuck Girls, which is very original. Also,Wet High Heelsas some new pedal pumping scenes as well. A few of my friends keep asking me how come I do not have very many "normal" tapes (you know, stuff with conventional s**king and f**king), and I tell them that I already have plenty of stuff about that and I want to see something NEW. Occasionally, I have gotten into a lot of the a## licking and a## chewing scenes too. However, I am looking to satisfy my foot and leg fetishes, since I like to see women wear pantyhose, nylons, lingerie, all types of boots and high heel pumps. Well, I have introduced myself and I look forward to hearing from some of you all. I will talk to you all later.Net_Jock
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Re:Hello Folks.

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Thanks Net Jock-give it ten more years and you'll see Pedal pumping tapes in the stores.

It may not be the biggest thing (it will never be the biggest thing) but this fetish has grown over the years and is beginning to reach out to the main stream.

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