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Date Posted:08/15/2006 8:00 AMCopy HTML

It's been too quiet here! Cindy has been driving the 95 GT (see avatar) to try to cure a shifting problem the auto tranny has developed... probably from flooring it in Low for a few miles at a time (smile). Baumann engineering will be getting a call tonight.. a 639 speed sensor error on the code reader. I put a new speed sensor in the silly thing last week!I've decided to give up on making the 95 convertible a revving machine because:1)the stupid thing has no engine-driven fan. The electric fan can't keep the underhood cool.... and I'm NOT going to put the hood up so Cindy can floor it!!!!!!!2)the shorty headers from the factory are steel tubing and give off a LOT of heat (see #1)3)the AODE tranny was only made for the 94 and 95 Mustangs. The much better 1998-up4R70W tranny will fit, if you use the V6 version (same bellhousing as the 302 V8)... the only problem is the O.D. ratio is different and causes the EEC controller to think the lock-up converter is slipping... error!!!! So we're stuck with a weak tranny, unless the factory electronics are overridden (EPA violation!!!)4) Isaw a burnout contestant with a 95GT coupe set his car on fire after about 40 seconds (see #1 and #2).. I want to get Cindy to 'try' some burnouts soon!!!5)the center console hides the driver from the knees down, when viewed from the passenger's side. When viewed from the angle that a State Patrol Officer would see, the view would be very good, however (assuming that the Mustang convertible was stopped and the driver's window was down)...6)rev limiter......7)catalytic converters........ NO BACKFIRES!!!!!!!!!! (the excessgas is burned in the converters, removing them screws up the EEC and isNOT EPA approved)There are more reasons.... I'll continue after supper...!
Cindy"s trying to blow up her red Mustang convertible again!!!! That little V8 sounds like the 4th of July!!!!! She"s had it floored for.........!!
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Re:Gunner67, Loudpipes, revving fans....

Date Posted:08/15/2006 9:03 PMCopy HTML

it has been quiet around here including updates. must be most of the folks are over at the new sites (sockitothepedal, pedalpumpingdreams etc) remember when this site first started and it got a lot of attention. well things chance but i still come here mainly for the drive in section, although there hasn't been much activity there either.

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