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Date Posted:01/03/2019 6:34 PMCopy HTML

My school was over and I walked outside our school as my mom would be waiting for me near the main gate. Usually, I preferred walking outside only when most of the students had already left the campus as we had a crappy car which my mom would desperately crank several times to start.

Like everyday, on that day too when I walked outside the school campus I saw my mom sitting inside her white 1997 Maruti 800. It was some 200 metres aways and when I walked towards the car, my mom waved at me from inside. I opened my passenger side door and got in. My mom had a very bad habit of always farting in the car, so as I sat in the car I was welcomed by those pungent fragrances.

The car was in netral, so immediately she cranked it but it didn't start after this short crank. She quickly pumped the gas for 3 - 4 times and gave a long crank which lasted for more than a minute and the car started. She revved it for some time, she was punding the gas pedal. She was wearing her flat sandals. Once she found that the engine was warmed enough, she decided to leave. She positioned herself properly in her driving seat, she was wearing an orange kurta and white pyjama with a dull red dupatta. Her hair was open as the headrests from the front seats were removed, so some of her hairs even reached behind the backrest of her seat. 

As we left school, she started to talk with me. We were discussing about school and my friends etc. It was cold outside, so we kept the windows rolled up which kept the interior warm. I was expecting the usual route to home but as my mom took a different route. When I asked her about it, she replied that she had to buy some stuff. As we were driving, she stopped in a pharmacy for some medicines only then I knew why she took that detour. 

Soon, we started driving again and the car was running fine. The usual route to school was good but this route was something which I never preferred. The route had a steep hill and I knew that my mom being a new and inexperienced driver she would definitely stall. 

We did almost the 2/3rd of the hill road and she was driving great. Although I wanted my mom to stall or struggle with cranking but never ever in this place. She was driving very carefully, almost in 1st gear for most of the portion, rarely she used 2nd. We were going fine then there was a sharp left hand side curve, my mom was holding the steering wheel firmly and was sitting straight in her seat, she carefully turned the steering wheel but she forgot to shift to 1st gear. As the hill was steep in this sharp curve, so she needed 1st gear but as she focused more on the curve she forgot to shift from 2nd to 1st. Initially, the car stared to shake and by the time she decided to give more gas the car alreay stall ! 

Huh ! Stalled on a hill ! 

Initially, both of us were scared and my mom yelled OMG ! OMG ! OMG ! Luckily the car was in gear so we didn't roll back. My mom looked at my face and she knew that I was frightened too. She didn't show her nervousness, but I knew she was nervous as I saw her hand shaking while holding the gear shifter. She told me not to worry, we are fine and she would restart the car. She twisted the key to crank, but the starter just grinded with a strange sound like sccrrannnngggg.........ggg.

We were not much familiar with this sound as the starter rarely grinded earlier. She twisted the key again, and again the starter grinded with that strange sound but she decided to hold the key and the grinding continued ........... She turned off the ignition and twisted the key, this time the car cranked and we started to jolt forward as she cranked, only then she knew that were weren't in neutral. 

She pressed the clutch to shift to neutral, but as soon as she pressed the clutch we rolled back immediately, both of us were frightened and yelled like hell. Thankfully, my mom pressed the brake. She pressed the clutch again but kept holding the brake and started to crank. The car just cranked but didn't start. She cranked again but the starter only grinded. She cranked again, but she was greeted with the grinding sound only. I asked my mom about the sound but she too didn't had any idea but told me that may be the engine got cold in the hills so the strange sound is coming. 

She turned off the ignition, she was still holding the brake. I was very worried, I was thinking what if we roll backward would happen. Meanwhile, she started to crank again, this time the car was cranking and she kept on cranking. She was nervous and she was yelling at the car why it was not starting. Her right foot was on the brake so unconsiously she released the brake and to start pumping the gas; but we again started to roll back. She pressed again the brake. My mom assured me that nothing happened, we are fine. 

The situation was not good, I was not in a mood of enjoyment. She cranked again, but it didn't start. She told me that the car needed gas while cranking, but when she presses the gas, the car rolls back. Then she got the idea of engaging the hand brake. She engaged the hand brake and now the car was in its position without rolling back. She told me that she forgot about the hand brake. She started her cranking show now, she gave it some long cranks, each of them nearly 2 minutes but the car didn't start. She started to pump the gas, she was bouncing in her white leather seat. She decided to crank while she continued to crank, but the starter again grinded. For the next 3 attempts, the starter only grinded but didn't crank.

She was frustrated, I was also cursing the car. We were surprised why it was not cranking, it was grinding more than it cranked. She kept on pumping the gas, occassionally caring for her hair, which was open and hanging behind her seat. She cranked again, the car started to crank this time, she decided to continue to crank and pump together. She was pumping and bouncing in her seat. Unintentionally, she released a fart but none of us cared for it. She was still pumping and cranking. As she was bouncing in the seat, her gassy stomach made her released more farts. 

The situation turned more worse, the car was not starting and we were stalled in a hill. I decided to roll down my window as mom's fart already made it a gas chamber. As it was windy outside, my mom ordered me to roll up the window in a stern note. I ignored it and sat quietly. She turned off the ignition and leaned back on the seat for some time. A gush of cold wind entered from my passenger side window, my mom yelled at me to roll up the window. I rolled up my window. She sat straight in her seat and started to pump, she was bouncing in the seat and the car started to shake. 

She cranked again, the started grinded at first but it cranked in the next try. It was long one may be exceeding 2 minutes but the car started after sputtering for some time. She revved it for some time and then decided to hill the hills again. She shifted to first, her left foot was in the clutch and she pressed the brake with her right foot then released the hand brake with her left hand. As she released the clutch gradually, she decided to release the brake and press the gas with her right foot but she failed and we stalled again. 

She assured me that, she would get it alright. She again engaged the hand brake and repeated the same but stalled again. Both of us were frustrated. She sat in her seat for some time and I decided to keep quiet. She told me to sit in the car and got off from the car. I was curious why she got off from the car, I saw her giving a small piece of rock behind the rear wheels to work as wedge. She got in the car and adjusted herself in the seat. When I asked her, she told me that this would prevent us from rolling back. She turned on the ignition and twisted the key. The starer motor grinded again. She tried to crank it, but everytime the starter motor only grinded. She was frustrated as the car just made that grinding noise instead of cranking. When I aksed her, she told me may be the battery is also getting cold like the engine. The starter probably grinded for 12 - 13 times and we were losing hope. 

She turned off the ignition and waited for some more time. Luckily, after this small break, it cranked again when she twisted but the engine didn't start. She cranked again, decided to crank for little longer and the engine started. After a small revving, she shifted to 1st and released the hand brake. The wedge worked well as we didn't roll back. She was probably pressing 2/3 of the gas and carefully released the gas; finally we rolled forward without stalling. This made both of us happy. For the next part of the hill, she was extra careful and she almost drove in 1st gear until we hit the plain road. We made the hill without anymore stalling but it really gave us a worst experience on that day. 


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