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Date Posted:04/09/2018 2:37 PMCopy HTML

when I was young I stayed the night at Grandma Gretchen’s house almost every weekend.
Grandma drove an early 80s or late 70s Ford LTD.  I remember the distinct sound of the interior door buzzer 
being loud and metallic echoing through the stripped down base model.
It was a cold winter day and we were leaving the grocery store, ice covered the parking lot.

We were leaving in the car, Grandma always drove a solid 20 mph no matter what street we were on.
To leave the lot you have to climb a small hill to exit.  Grandma is driving her normal speed and we just about get to the top of the hill
when her car starts to slide backwards she gives it gas but the car still slides until it valleys 30 feet down the hill.
Grandma isn’t worried though she reassures me that we will make it.  Grandma gives it another go, this time flooring the car wearing her generic 
Old lady Keds knockoffs. I felt really bad for the car as Grandma gives it no mercy.  She keeps it floored as we inch our way back up the hill, tires squealing and smoking after catching an occasional break in the ice and contacting pavement.  The whole time she is reassuring me saying in the most calm voice “ We’ll make it.  We’ll make it.” Meantime this is a rwd car and the back axle must be on fire because I’m in the back vinyl seat and it feels like it’s on fire!!  I am too quiet to say anything though and let Grandma continue her punishment on the car.  Foot still floored and tires squealing
We make it to the top.  This whole thing from the valley to the top was an epic 2 minutes to inch up there. We make it to the flat road and she continues at her 20 mph speed all the way home.    I wish the car would have died or something but it never did.  

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