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Date Posted:01/14/2019 8:39 PMCopy HTML

i used to spend my summers in SoCal with my grandparents.  They had a couple of dodge vans and they could be cranky on those 120-plus days.  I enjoyed going out with them because you could count on seeing some cranking in the parking lots.  Some that I remember:

-Old lady in an Aspen cranking away with the door open.

-Mexican woman under the hood trying to cool down her fuel line, then back to the driver seat to kee trying to start her car.

-Young lady in a mid-1970s Celica trying to start her engine.  You could hear the gas pedal getting slammed into the floorboard.

-Woman in flip flops behind the engine of her balky VW Bug, seeing her sexy soles while she fiddled with her engine.  Then back in her car for more cranking.

-Trashy woman in a dilapidated Chevy Silverado stalled in the middle of an intersection cranking away and pumping away.  She had boots on and her door was open.

-One of the neighbors had a daughter who drove a red 1963 Falcon that used to crank for several seconds before finally starting.

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Re:Good old hot days

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My friend, you had a pedal-pumping nirvana right there, I'll tell ya. If you ever want to expand on any of these great great memories, I am certain you'll have a captive audience (myself included). Years ago, my wife and I visited San Diego one August. I remember how freaking hot and steamy it was. One afternoon we were visiting vineyards up in Temecula, and I could not get over how the pavement was so hot, you could not stand on it for long. Though I saw plenty of older cars, nobody seemed to have problems that day.

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