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Date Posted:07/10/2004 5:49 AMCopy HTML

My date Friday night was unreal!!! On the way home, my date was wearing white flip flops, she had a very dark tan, bright red nail polish, an anklet  was white and had small seashells on it and a silver toe ring...(She lost her toe ring somewhere!!!) LMAO.. We came to an intersection, she took her sexy foot off the gas pedal, held it obove the pedal, put her sexy hand on the shifter,put the car in neutral, revved the engine pretty hard. Then she put the car back in  drive, floored the gas pedal with her sexy little foot and burned rubber for about ten feet....It was raining a little so it was easier to spin the tires....Once the car hooked up and took off she didn't let off of the gas. She held the pedal to the floor with her toes spread and heel off the floor....When we hit 100 she saw head lights and quickly slowed back down!! LOL It was fun while it lasted.....
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Re:Flip flpos and rain drops!!

Date Posted:07/10/2004 11:49 AMCopy HTML

Sounds like a good time to me.
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