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Date Posted:04/03/2010 1:02 PMCopy HTML

maria is a 18, 5'7, but also very developed as well as bootylicious latin beauty,
but her most striking features are her well taken care of, perfect pedicured, soft, size 5 feet.

now ever since she was little she never like to wear shoes to her they were nothing more than just a waste of time and money,so every where she went, shed go without shoes always happy with mother earth tickling her feet now not only did maria have a passion for being barefoot but she also had a passion for the rumbling, vibrating, sleekness and power of a motorcycle.

and today she was going to try something that was very taboo to her and it was so taboo it gave her butterflies in her stomach; today she was going to get her kawasaki dirt bike stuck in the mud.

now keep in mind the way she got her stuck fetish was when she came across the amazing stuckworld website and after watching countless clips and reading a dozen stories maria was more than turned on, just imaging her bike trying to get free and send the roaring vibrations was more than enought to get maria hot and wet.

with butterflies and all maria flys out of bed in her thong underwear and short tank top and hops on her bike kicks at the starter and takes off to search for the perfect spot, after 20min. of riding maria final comes to a small but deep muddy hill perfect for marias muddy adventure, just getting to the hill got marias pussy all wet and moist, she just needed this to get her awsome orgasam, she then bites her lower lip and lays on the throttle and flies up the hill but after 3 feet of going up her rear tire begins to sink in.

she then plants her feet into the mud to keep her balanced as she began to lay the throttle harder she begins to hump the bike good and fast but the bike wouldnt go anywere but down and she loved every aspect of it and with this she threw her head back as grinds the seat of her bike harder and let out moan after moan after moan.

she knew she wont be able to get the bike out later but she didnt care she wanted that orgasam getting close to orgasam she hits the throttle all the way sending a rooster tail of mudd and sinking the bike even further after a 3 series of humps she finaly got the orgasam she screams in pleasure as it rocks her body over and over , she leans on the handle bars to catch her breath, afterward she looks back at her tire she begins to giggle at herself for torturing the bike but she didnt care she got her orgasam and thats all that matters(though the long walk home might matter).

the end.

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