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Date Posted:01/02/2019 2:42 AMCopy HTML

Felicity carried her bags to the car.

The humid night air tugged at her.  Causing a sheen of sweat to form on her skin.

Her car was further away than she thought.

Sucking up the moisture, the Bass flips began to make their gluey, goopy pops as she walked.

She listened to them suck on the soles of her feet.  They were slick and sticky.  She could feel the moisture building up in them.

Stopping to adjust her bags, she shifted her weight, pushing hard on the footbeds so her flips would make more noise.  She was rewarded with a loud glooping squish from both of them.

Now they were greedily sucking away on her small, shapely feet.

It was really turning her on again.

Jason heard her before he saw her. Her sandals were stickily slapping away in the night air.  He saw her stop, shift her bags and arch one foot and then another.  Each time her sandals gave a loud squish like a clogged ketchup bottle.  Somehow whatever she did, made her sandals louder.  He could see how they tugged at the soles of her feet, leaving a faint sheen of moisture on them.

He was already hard.

Keying the doors Felicity pulled open the passenger door and dropped both bags on the seat.  She slammed the door shut.  

Walking around to the driver side, she slid behind the wheel and closed the door.

Adjusting herself behind the wheel she began to pump the pedal.  

As she pumped she thought of how she aroused the produce guy with her Sabrina impersonation.  It was the first time she tried it and it made her feel sexy.

She remembered seeing the lust build in the man’s face as she toyed with him.

She continued to pump, listening to her sandal make slurping noises as her foot worked the pedal.

Her mind went back to Jason.  She remembered how he kept looking at her feet and commenting on how loud her sandals were. How much he liked them.

Her nipples were now hard under her flowing blouse.

She gave her left breast a caress, flicking the nipple with her thumb.  

She gasped

She stopped pumping and slid off her right sandal.  Picking it off the floor she laid it on the middle of the steering wheel and ran her finger up and down the insole.  They were sopping wet.  She pushed on the insole hard, near the imprint of the ball of Sabrina’s foot.  It gave a loud squish and liquid formed around her fingertip.  

So wet she thought.

She dropped it back on the floor and slid her foot back in.

She remembered Sabrina wearing them. Dangling them from her toes or walking around the office.  Her coming in the front door today….Felicity recalled hearing her approach *slap*slap**slap*.

Now she was wearing them. They turned her on so much.

She thought of Sabrina stalled out.  Riding her Buick.  Begging it to start. Wearing the same flip-flops that were sucking on her feet.

She moaned softly.

She began to pump again.  The creak of the linkage mixed with the slurping stickiness of her sandal.

She felt her loins stir and get moist.

She slid the ignition key in and twisted it.

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Re:Felicity's Long Night Part 8

Date Posted:01/02/2019 1:12 PMCopy HTML

Fabulous! More, please...
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Re:Felicity's Long Night Part 8

Date Posted:01/02/2019 8:43 PMCopy HTML

Holy hell...I got so hot reading about her...I am soaked with these stories...get you so horny...

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