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Date Posted:04/29/2018 2:38 AMCopy HTML

Not a topic we usually cover in here but sometimes you take what you can get and even though there was not cranking I have a coworker who has an 05 maxima and that thing will fly occasionally we will leave work and go down to the bottom of the mountain and get a blizzard from Dairy Queen. I always try to convince her to drive since I pay for it and she usually does and this girl flys! Last night when we left she put it in gear and kicked it up to about 4000 rpm without it even being warmed up yet then maintained a constant speed of about 55 mph when we left she put it in drive and the main road we used going down the mountain traffic was blocking it so she decided to take the service road and cut through her old high school parking lot she literally flew through that parking lot probably at about 35 mph came to a stop sign at the end of the parking lot then here is my favorite part as we turned back onto the highway she was ahead of traffic because the light hadn’t changed yet but it was about too so she looked at me and said better hold on and absolutely floored it toping out at about 65 in the fast lane going up the mountain then slows back down to 55 then we made a u turn back into our work so I could get my car I told her to drive safe and not speed yeah I’m sure she listened to that advice! 

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