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Date Posted:03/01/2018 9:11 PMCopy HTML

I had a “play” car about 10 years ago. I only just got it and wasn’t really sure how to properly get it to not start. I still lived with my parents so had to wait until I was alone to do it at home, but I knew a place to go where I wouldn’t be disturbed. I went out and it started raining heavily. I started it and put it into reverse and it stalled. The arousal was extreme as it hadn’t done that, and I wasn’t expecting it to. The rain got heavier. I couldn’t hear the cranking as I turned the key, just the rocking of the car. As soon as it started it stalled and the red light came on. It was so intense, the light was sort of the only way I knew it hadn’t started properly and it was just such a different experience. 
I loved that it was doing something i wasnt expecting. I could act like a distressed young woman.
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Re:Does anyone like the feeling of the car cranking without the sound?

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One of my fantasies is watching a woman from afar, while she's cranking her car. The cranking sound is not audible (or barely audible) due to distance, traffic and street noise. So I can only reconstruct what's happening from her actions, turning the key, watching at the dashboard, fiddling with the choke etc. I find such a situation very arousing.

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Re:Does anyone like the feeling of the car cranking without the sound?

Date Posted:03/02/2018 2:19 AMCopy HTML

Reading this brought back a long forgotten-about episode I witnessed from the apartment my wife and I rented after we were first married over 40 years ago.   It was a very cold and wet February morning, and my wife was still sleeping while I was getting ready to leave for work.   While getting my things together, I just happened to look out the front picture window when I saw a young attractive lady, a niece of the woman who lived across the court, get into the driver-side door of her Saab sedan.   I thought I'd kinda take a longer look.   After a few seconds, I see her kinda look down and then I see her rock a bit back-and forth.   Now she was across the way so I could not hear anything what with all the doors and windows closed tight, but I was close enough to to see some bouncing and more rocking in the seat.   I look of frustration on her face was all I needed to see, and I ran over to open the front door to hopefully hear what was going on.   By the time I got the door open, she had already given up and had opened the car door to get out and go back inside her aunt's apartment.   The car stayed put for several more days until it got towed away.
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