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Date Posted:07/18/2004 6:21 PMCopy HTML

Hi to Crissy,JL and David!Thank you very much for sending my password so fast!That was very cool,so I was able to take a "ride around the block" with Crissy real soon.And it was awesome and soooooooooooo wonderful what I saw in the revving section.Crissy`s revving job with the huge Impala was terrible hot to look at!Showing the engine responding to the pumping of her sexy foot turned me on and on and on.It is so sexy watching the huge car rocking and swaying,and listening to the engine screaming like hell!I would like to ask some questions:The sound of the clips were a bit lame and tame,isn`t there a chance to have it in a more realistic way?All the camera work was superb,so I only have a little wish:Couldn`t you just make some real close ups of her foot pumping the gaspedal?And is there a way to have some barefeet revving too?Last question:Is there more of Crissy revving in the Impala and the Cadillac,and may I buy it on a DVD?The clips are so wonderful,I would die to have them in better quality!So thanks again for that wonderful work!Love Millie.

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