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Date Posted:06/06/2005 6:03 AMCopy HTML

I thought about locking Crissy's rant right off the bat, but I thought that might be a bit premature. I decided to wait and see what kind of responses there would be. Much to my dismay, the first response was a sarcastic one. I moved that enlightened response here and locked the thread. Crissy deserves the right to vent on this board without any sarcastic responses.See response below:
"I was walking through the park last night and had a very bad asthmatic attack. These three asthmatics attacked me. I know...I should have heard them hiding." --Emo Philips
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Re:Crissy's Right to Vent

Date Posted:06/06/2005 2:20 AMCopy HTML

why dont you let us know how you really feel?

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