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Date Posted:12/13/2017 9:29 AMCopy HTML

Looking for Any Girl who wishes to have fun with me... ( USA, Florida )

I Love Pedal Pumping Girls...

I have several crazy fetishes, i always had a female foot fetish, i loved to watch girls in there cars with High heels, Sandals, & Sneakers. cranking and revving there engine, To see them push the gas pedal to the floor and the smoke they produce that comes out of their exhaust makes me so horny, I wish some girl would tie my hands and legs up so i wont be able to even move, and would place my face underneath her exhaust to punish me harshly for her pleasure.

She can also use my face as her gas pedal practice her Pedal Pumping Skills on my face... and even drive around the city with her foot on my face.

I would love it when a girl could practice pedal pumping on my penis, squashing me hard tili i cum.

I also love face sitting, i would love a girl to sit on my face and ride me wild, it makes me so horny when she is demanding me to lick her pussy clean and suck everything out of it, it makes me so thirsty i can literally drink anything ... When she suddenly locks me down by pressing her vagina on my mouth and holding down both of my hands while im trapped under her, and releases her golden nectar. Forcing me to guzzle it all down... soo thirsty im out of control...

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Re:Crazy Pedal Pumping Fetishes...

Date Posted:03/08/2018 6:59 PMCopy HTML

 Hi, I'm not a girl , but I have the same exhaust gas fetish as you do, if you want , I would gas you.let me know , dd
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Re:Crazy Pedal Pumping Fetishes...

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