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Date Posted:12/09/2018 6:35 PMCopy HTML

Hello everyone, today I shall share you a story of one of our teacher in my school. My mom initially worked in a different school then she was promoted as a head teacher in a night school. I studied in a different school, so my mom would just drop and pick me; other than that she had no connection with my school. 

In this story, let me call her Mrs. G. 

Uptil now, I have mentioned about the following ladies:

  1. My mom

  2. My aunt

  3. Mrs. B

  4. Mrs. Pandey

  5. Mrs. Pandey's elder daughter

  6. Mrs. Pandey's younger daughter

  7. Mrs. S

Mrs. G was our English teacher. She was in her mid 40s. She was of fair complexion. She was probably 5'6" and was a good petite woman. She loved the kids a lot and she almost never ever scolded any student. She knew my mom being a teacher in the other school, so she gave a special attention to me in the class. 

Now, let us discuss about her car - our main focal point :-) 

Mrs. G drove a Hindustan Motors (HM) Ambassador. It was the most famous car ever ran in the Indian Roads. The HM Ambassador was a very popular car that time, but it was rarely driven by any woman. It was a robust car made for the male dominated roads. Women at that time were fond of Maruti 800; so a woman driving an HM Ambassador was rarest of the rare. Mrs. G was that exception.

The HM Ambassador is based on the "Morris Oxford Series III". It's Indian production started in 1958 by HM. There are several variants of the HM Ambassador such as Mark I, Mark II, Mark III, Mark IV, Ambassador Nova, Ambassador 1800 ISZ and Amabassador Classic. The production of this sedan ended in 2014.

Precisely speaking, Mrs. G's drove the HM Ambassador Nova; it was a carburreted one with floor gear shifter. It was white in colour and it had fabric bench seat. Mrs. G kept her car very clean, a complete contrast to my mom. She had white seat covers and white curtains in the rear windshield. 

My mom would usually drop me at school some 10 - 15 minutes, depending on cranking show of our 1997 Maruti 800. So, once I reach school and my mom leaves; I get sufficient time to get a good place to observe Mrs. G. She would arrive school almost in time, merely some 5 mins early. May be her HM Ambassador Nova was the reason for being late. 

She had two sessions with her car:

  1. Arriving school:

    In our school, the teachers were allowed to park their cars inside the campus, they would usually park it in the side of the playground. As her car was a large sedan, so she would always place it in clear space where she would require less manoeuvre to park her car. She would park it, turn off the engine and engaged the hand brake. After that she she would collect her items like her bag, water bottle, books etc and get down from the car and finally lock it.


  2. Leaving school:

    The real fun was when she would leave school. Being a carbureted car, it was obvious that she would face difficulty in starting it after school. My mom would come to pick me up almost after 30 minutes; so I had enough time to enjoy her cranking show in the playground. 

Now the story starts: 

It was a rainy day and I knew that both Mrs. G and my mom would be struggling with their respective cars. My mom was a new driver so she would be facing more difficulty with our Maruti 800. So, I estimated that I had sufficient time to watch Mrs. G's cranking show with her HM Ambassador Nova. After our school was over, some of my friends ran to the main gate as their parents were already waiting for them, while rest are in the school for their co-curricular activities. I knew my mom would be late, so I went to the toilet and locked the door firmly; the ventilation window gave the best view of Mrs. G. 

I saw Mrs. G walking towards her car, she was holding an umbrella with one hand and with the other hand she had to struggle with the bag and books. She somehow managed to unlock and open the door of her car. First she kept the bag and books inside towards the passenger side. It had bench seat, so I can't say it as passenger seat. She was wearing a dark green Saree and I can't recall her sandals, but it wasn't heels that is sure. She got in the car and then closed the umbrella, then finally closed the door. I got a good side view of her when the door was open. 

Although it was raining, she lowered her window, she had tied her hair in a bun. These HM Ambassador cars had centre instrument console and the ignition key in centre. She started to crank the car, she was not pumping at all. She probably cranked for 3 - 4 times, each of them were about 3/4 minute long without any pumping. It was still raining, so she knew that pumping the gas would help. She started to pump the gas, she was slightly bouncing in her seat. May be being a bench seat, her bouncing style looked different than my mom or other ladies like Mrs. Pandey or my aunt. Probably, after 6 - 7 pumps, she cranked again and the engine immediately started. She fiddled with the gas to prevent the stalling of her rough engine but it stalled. She cranked again without any pumping and the engine started again. This time she revved it gently. She was pounding the gas whenver the engine would try to stall. As it was raining, she turned on the wipers. 

After almost 3 - 4 minutes of her gentle rev session, she shifted to first. As it was parked in the playground, hence she didn't require any reverse; she just needed a massive right turn. As she released the clutch, the car stalled all of a sudden. It seemed, she stalled it because she was distracted by something. I thought she would crank again, but she opened her door and then the umbrella and quickly walked towards the office. She might have forgotten something in the office. She had kept the keys in the ignition and it was on, as the wipers were still running. 

After about a minute she came back and got in the car. She adjusted herself in the fabric bench seat. It was raining and the wipers were struggling with the rain drops. She cranked the car, the wipers slowed down but it didn't start. The cranking was somewhat slow than before and the surprisingly the speed of the wipers was also decreasing than before. She cranked again, it was a long one may be a minute long and to my surprise the car was struggling to crank. It seemed that just 2 - 3 minutes ago, she had a strong battery and now it is hesitant to crank the engine. The next cranking was even slower and the wipers almost nearly stopped in the middle of the windshield while she cranked. She turned off the wipers and waited for a minute. Meanwhile, she gave 5 - 6 pumps quickly and then cranked again, this time the battery again seemed strong and the cranking was almost like before, it turned the engine much faster and the engine started in the first try itself. She again revved it for a minute and the engine was running much smoother than before. She shifted to first and finally drove off the playground. Once she drove off, only then I remembered that I had to leave school as my mom would have been waiting for me, but when I reached the main gate I couldn't find my mom. It meant that my mom had even more stuggle with her Maruti 800; which I shall reveal in the upcoming stories. 

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