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Date Posted:08/04/2018 9:10 PMCopy HTML

Hello guys, do you know any movies that women drive with clogs? 

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Re:Clog movies ?

Date Posted:09/28/2018 1:47 AMCopy HTML

I know of one movie where a young woman while not driving a car in a pair of clogs was at least trying to start up an old VW Bug in those type of shoes.  The all too brief scene took place in the early 1980's movie "Halloween II". The gal played by Tawny Moyer has a pair of white nurses' clogs which you see on her feet as she walks towards the car after her shift ends at the hospital where she works.  She gets into her Bug and. . . she can't get it started and unfortunately in only 2 cranking attempts.  The issue would have been, had she got her Bug started Tawny still was going nowhere. Mike Meyers had flattened all of her tires. So, Tawny's character walks back into the hospital with the intent on calling a friend to come pick her up.  Poor Tawny soon has her life end, the victim of Meyers impaling her in the back with his very sharp knife.   Here is the link to at least the cranking vid.  Although you can barely see it, Tawny does not work the gas pedal at all by way of pumping it with her right foot inside the clog shoe. 

This thread marks my return to the forum, thanks to "Passenger"!   My user name photo says it all about what is my favorite car to be driven or cranked over plus a lot of gas pedal pumping by  great looking women - such as the one in the photo.

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