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Date Posted:01/14/2019 6:30 PMCopy HTML

Sandy lived down the street from me.  He face was not the most attractive and she a bit chubby.  But she had very pretty feet and she was always wearing sandals.  She had a tan that really highlighted her sexy soles.  She had a 1967 Buick convertible and sometimes it would not want to start, which was awesome because she would open the hood and start fixing her balky engine, which meant I could often see her wrinkly white soles as she tinkered under the hood.

One hot day, I happened to see her car at the grocery store while I was taking out the shopping carts.  It was near the end of my shift and there weren’t too many people parked in the lot.  I opened the hood, yanked the coil wire,  and closed the hood.  She left the top down so it was a perfect opportunity.

Right as I clocked out, I saw her in line buying her groceries.  I walked over and said hi.  She asked me if I was getting off work.  I told her I was and she then offered me a ride home!  

So we walked out in the parking lot and I helped her put the groceries in the trunk.  We got in the car and she adjusted the mirrors.  Then she placed her sandalled foot on the gas and turned the key.  The engine spun over quickly as she patiently feathered the gas pedal.  Of course, the car didn’t start.  She tried again.  And again.  She held that key in the start position and patiently and slowly feathered the gas.  After the sixth try, she said “come on sweetie.  Mama needs you to start.”  I asked her what was wrong.  She smiled at me and told me “this car just needs mama to milk it.”  She kept trying to start her car and my boner was raging hard.  She glanced at me and then glanced down at my crotch and smiled.  She then kept trying to start her car but this time she was actually smiling.  I think it turned her on.

Finally she popped the hood and got out to see why her engine wasn’t starting.  She found the loose wire and reattached it.  Then she closed the hood, got back in, and resumed trying to start her engine.  However, it was flooded now and I know she knew how to clear a flooded engine but she kept feathering the gas and making sure the engine stayed flooded for a while.  

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