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Date Posted:12/02/2018 8:52 PMCopy HTML

                                       Sandy took Billy by the hand as she was heading to one of the cars she had just required. There it was a 77 Monte carloa beutiful car buy any standards.

                                      "isn't she wonderful Billy I just got this last week.Somebody deciced to sell this to me and no it is mine. and now she works with me to take care of the cars when i am at work."

                                       Billy's mind started to swirl.Another woman cranking and trying to start all these cars? He was really sweating bullets at this point.

                                       "as i was saying Billy this car was one of the worst starting cars in the fleet. we had to get it towed here. Any way my Mon and I have been working on it and we still can' get her started.

Maybe these magic shoes might helo.As sandy gave Billy a wink and opened the drivers door the Monte Carlo.Sandy sat in the drivers dsie and took off her flats and then put on Billy gift of the white sandals. They had a nice chunky heel and a nice vamp.Sandy seductly buclked her new shoes to her feet and got in the car She left the drivers door open so Billy can see her pump the pedals with her new shoes >she pumped it at least twnty times slowly and seductivley. "get in Billy let see if this old girl will start.Billy obeyed as he sat in the passangers seat .There was no middle console so he got full view of her sandaled feet on the pedal She ten pumped twenty more times more slowly and seductively. "OK Billy you think shes got enough gas to start?"

                                         Billy said breathing heavily "I think so sandy I hope you didn't flood her."

                                         "we will see" Sandy said as she put in the igniton key and turned it.


                                          "come on Princess oh thats the car the girl who sold it to me named it so i kept it!"

                                         Billy was too aroused to care at this point.Sandy again turned the key and this time decidced top keep pumping.

                                         ERRRR.......ERRRR.......ERRRRR......ERRR...ERRR....ERRR...ERRR....ERRR....ERRR(PUMP....ERRRR(PUMP0...ERRRR....ERRR....ERRRR.....ERRRR.....(pump)(PUMP)(PUMP) ERRR.....ERRR.....ERRR....ERRR....ERRR..(pump)(pump)(pump)..ERRRR......ERRRRR......ERRRRR.......ERRRRR..

                                           "All come on baby girl Don't you want to start for me? I gave you all the gas i can honey Drink your gas and start like a good girl."

                                           (PUMP)(PUMP)(PUMP) ERRRR.....ERRRR....ERRRR.....ERRRR.....ERRRR.....ERRRR.....ERRR....ERRRR....ERRRR.....ERRRR.....ERRRR..(pump)(pump(pump) ERRR.....ERRRR....ERRRR...(pump)(pump(pump)ERRR....ERRRR.....ERRRRR.....ERRRRR.....ERRRRR.....ERRRRR.....ERRRRR.....ERRRRR....ERRRR....ERRRRR....ERRRRR....ERRRR....ERRRRR....ERRRRR.........ERRRRRR(pump(pump)(pump)  ERRRRR......ERRRR....ERRRR..

                                        Sandy conitnued to carnk and pump to car for a good thirty minutes. pumping so slowly. begging it so seductly. Then after  alittle bit of time when the battery was almost exhasuted


                                           "come on princess You know you want to start for me Keep at it baby"


                                         Sandy conitnued to crank and pump the car so was was a whole minute.Onced it strated to tease some more she pushed the pedal with all her feminine strength to the floor


                                            Sandy was breathing very heavy as she revved the enigne of the Monte carlo. Some beads of sweat coming down on her clevlage which accinedtly popped open during the cranking.Billy was sweating too.

                                            "thanks for the shoes Billy I think they helped" sandy said anyhting else you want to give me?

                                           Billy answered that with the most passoniate kiss he gave anyone in his life. Sandy kiss him passionalty back.Their tongues wrestled with each other knowing they may finally make thier relaitionship whole.

                                           "Do you want me, Billy?"

                                           "yes Sandy mroe than anything?"

                                           "then take me"

                                             Sandy and Billy passio9nelty made out some more then headed to Sandys Bedroom. They took each others clothes off and made out some more. Billy nestled and kissed her breats Sandy kept playing with his Buddys and then the most passionate willis of loemaking started. Billy thruted himself inside her and Sandy moaned with each thrust. billy and Sandy knew this would not last long beacuase most of thier foreplay happened in the Monte carlo.

Billy said "sandy IM Close and she said "Let it Go Billy" Do It' Give me all of you" and Billy let his love flow right inside Sandys innards. They both smiled and kissed each other both knowing this was real and this was forever.

                                          Duirng Aftertglow ther was one more gift that Billy gave Sandy> An engagemnet Ring. Sandy did noit hesitate when she said yes!

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Re:Billy and Sandy A pedal pumping love story Chapter 9

Date Posted:12/23/2018 11:41 PMCopy HTML

Love it when she cranks....pins the gas pedal to the floor arching her footl..makes me so hot I want to burst...

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