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Date Posted:11/24/2018 6:57 PMCopy HTML

                                                       Billy finally mamnaged to push the dead Thunderbird in Sandy garage.Billy was amazed at the numerous amount of cars that were in it .Sandys house was very large daddys trust fund helping pay for the some of the bills.Sandy got out of the car and opened the hood so the Thunderbird s battery can be recharged. Sandy said this is pretty impressive isn't it Billy? I don't think you have ever been down here."

                                                         BIlly said "no i haven't \>All these cars are beutiful."

                                                          "I have my favorites" said Sandy as she showed him around. There was the model T they drove on Halloween and old 1950 chevy pickup and from his eailer days the Ford pickup they drove to camp as well as the 1941 Chevy she had at the car show.And then Sandy showed Billy a special car to her. A 1970 plymouth Duster Gold colored with hot rod wheels."this is a special car to me Billy."

                                                           "how speical is it, Sandy?"

                                                         "I was actually born in this car".

                                                          Billy had a mind blown look on his face.

                                                            Sandy continued, "story goes my Dad was taking my mother to the hospital he was speeding very fastand it stalled on him. He couldn't restart the car. then two polcie officers came by and help. I really wasn't going to wait.So my mom gave birth to me in the back seat. The top cops delievred me. Then we went to the hospital in the poilce car. The police woman just bought on of those car seats tso thats what i rode in.

                                                           "Wow Sandy Incredible story"

                                                           "I know i think that is how my fetish was born. me being turned on by my stalled car that won't start."

                                                           "wow is this car still running?"

                                                          "well lets find out"

                                                           Both Billy and Sandy procedded to the Duster Sandy of course got into the drivers side while Billy got into the passangers side.There was no middle console so Billy got full view of Sandys feet and the pedals. Sandy pumped the gas twenty times white white flat clad foot."she might need a lot of Gas Billy I haven't started this car in a while."

                                                           Then sandy took the , which was already in the ignition when they got in and turned it>

                                                            REEERR RERRRR  RERRRRRR RUUH RUUH RUUUH RUUUH RUUUH RUUUH RUUUH RUUUH RUUUH RUUUH

                                                           "come on Dusty wake up for us" Sandy pumed five more times and continued with a slow pumping motion


                                                          "well billy her battery is so weak I wilol givew it one more try.


                                                        "I got the magic touch nyou know."

                                                        I looked like billys engine started as well with the growth in his pants. sandy saw it and just smiled.Then Billy rememered the gift he brought with him.He grabbed it from the Thunderbid and gave it to Sandy.


                                                        Sandy opnend it and saw something really beautiful. A pair of white strappy sandals with a four inch stiletto heel. "Billy i love them" "now i got to give you your gift>the greatest show i can give you.

                                                       The greates show what could sandy mean?


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