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Date Posted:12/08/2018 7:44 PMCopy HTML

                                                  Today was the big day Billy and Sandy are getting married! It was three months when Billy proposed to Sandy on Christmas Day after a day of passinaote lovemaking.Billy and sandy made all the plans and here it was on a gorgoues spring day.The Groom waited patiencly at the alter with his school buddies with him >They ragged him for amrrying thier teacher but they knew that this was true love for Billy.Billy never thought that one day a crush could become so real.

                                                  Sandys mother was in attendance.She almost looked like her daughter some slight diffeneces here and thier. She was more of a blonde and the dark brown hair Sandy had.she talked to billy and she was so happy for her daughter marrying the love of her life. Then it stated to get quiet and the the Wedding march played on the organ.

                                                Sandy looked beautiful as she was headed down the alter in her wedding dress. Much different than most She wore a strapless off white top and a off white pencil skirt just above the knee. she wore off white stockings and some pure white ankle boots with a tie up. Granny boots they were called at one time.

                                                 Then the wedding began it was so sweet Billy and sandy stared lovingly at each other as the preacher gave them thier vows. When they said thier I dos They meant it. And when Billy kissed the bride, it was long and passonate.Then they took a limo to the reception. Billy and Sandy basically danced the night away.Then when it was over soemtimes in the afternoon they were getting ready to go on their honeymoon and yes Sandy was going to drive saying Billy was going to get another pleasant surpise. Sandy and Billy still in thier wedding clothes were about to board one of SAandys cars. A 71 Ford LTD convertible cherry red.Billy and Sandy got in with ssandy in the drivers seat.

                                              "are youe ready for this Billy?"Sandy said with a grin.

                                                "ready as i will ever be.Billy said.

                                              Sandy pumped the gas three times in the LTD with her granny boot clad foot. Maybe she wore such ashort wedding skirt so billy can see her fett on the pedals. Sandy turned the key and to Billys surpriise the car started quickly.Sandy revved the engine and they were off.

                                                 It almost becfame night time when Sandy was driving on a dark road Sandy looked at billy sleeping away Then sandy thouyght this is the spot and hit a switch at the bottom of the dash.Then the car sputtered and coughed and died. Sandy pulled the LTD to the side of the road.

                                                  Then she woke up Billy He noticed the car was not movinbg. "sandy what happened?"

                                                  "its ok Billy the car stalled No biggie just give me a minute"

                                                  Sandy pumped the gas three times slowly and purposely witha slight bounce then she turned the key

                                                   ERR-ERR-ERR ERR-ERR-ERR ERR-ERR-ERR ERR-ERR-ERR-ERR

                                                 Sandy pumped three more times and turned the key agian pumped so slowly and seducltly.

                                                ERR ERR ERR ERR ERR ERR ERR ERR ERR (PUMP)pump) ERR ERR ERR ERR ERR (PUMP)(pump) ERR ERR ERR ERR ERR ERR ERR ERR ERR ERR

                                                Sandy continued to pump the car with a sexy conviction that Billy never saw before If it was she stalled the car on purpose just to turn Billy on. Sandy pumped cranked and sexlily cooed the car to start

                                                 "come on honey don't leave us stranded"

                                                "come on honey please start for us"

                                                 Then she turned to billy while the longest cranking and pumping session for about two minutes the battery was weaking and Billy got as hard as a rock.

                                                 "Does this turn you on Billy"

                                                   "god yes"

                                                  "my car won't start billy What do we do now?

                                                   Then one more cranking attempt


                                                    "Billy the battery is dead"

                                                  "how can i help Sandy?"

                                                   Then Sandy took unfastened Billys pants and his ridgdi member sprang free.Sandy then took off her pencil skirt revealing that she wasn't wearing any underwear. Sandy already wet from the cranking slid on to Billys shaft.Both moaned in ectasy as Sandy rode billy for all he was worth.Oh Oh Oh Oh Sandy cried as billy just tried to keep in pace in the moaning department. he sandy said "Billy.....Im (sigh) coming...huh huh"

                                                     "Then ....come on my dick like a good girl"

                                                    Sandy came and moaned the loudest moan she ever did She practuacally shook.Then she said the craziest thing.

                                                   "Billy you know what it means when I come?"

                                                    What does it mean".Baby

                                                    "my womb is open > My eggs are waiting. Give it to me billy Put your baby inside me."

                                                     You want to get pregnant?

                                                     So Bad, Billyt!

                                                    Then ....oh ...god you will   have...the most...beautiful  in the world.....Your having ......that       RIGHT .......NOW!

                                                  Billy exploded in climax like he had never done before.He probably had more than that time in the comet on thanksgiving.Once it was over Sandy got off of billy and the odor of love was all over the car."tank You Billy sandy said and she kissed him lon the lips >Then Sandy hit the switch of the car and attemped to start it She pumped three times.

                                                     ERRRR......ERRRRR........ERRRR.......(floor) ERRRRR......ERRRRR.......ER.....ERRRERERERERERERERERERER.   vroom!

                                                    "NOW FOR THE REAL HONEYMOON"

                                                    Billy and sandy lived comfortablky in her home with all her cars. and Nine months after that LTD tryst Sandy gave birth to a baby girl. Her name was Linda Thomas davdison.....LTD

                                                      Three years passed and Sandy conitmed to make money on hger cars Billy conitied to work at school.They now haave another baby on the way.

                                                           Cliched as this sounds they lived ahppliy ever after.

                                                       THE END!


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