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Date Posted:11/29/2018 6:29 AMCopy HTML

 Arur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur...thump thump thump thumpthumpthump...Arur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rurururururururururururusputsputsputsputsputchugchugchugchugrounnnnn....

As i had already paid for the coffee at the counter, it was easy for me to rise from my table and start walking toward Bertha's truck. She had already resumed cranking. My gaze was now fixated on her head movements as they indicated the vigor of her pumping-induced bounce. This last episode which began after her short break was highlighted by a vigorous up-down bob indicative of Bertha putting her whole body into it.

As I approached the old truck, my nostrils caught a whiff of raw gas and I noticed puffs of white smoke spewing from her tailpipe. She had flooded the engine.

Bertha had been looking straight ahead and eyes seemed to be fixated on her dashboard or foot. I was within about 20 feet when she caught my movement in her peripheral vision, drawing her attention. It took only a fraction of a second for her to process this and she lifted her foot from the starter pedal. Cranking ceased. She was now focused on me and a faint smile of recognition creased her lips. I approached from the passenger side and she reached over to roll down the window. Raising back to the seated position and looking at me she shrugged.

"Hi, Bertha"

"Hi Billy"

"I was having a capuccino at the coffee shop and couldn't help notice you've been having trouble getting your truck started."

"Oh, yeah. Nothing out of the ordinary for me."


"Yeah. I've had this thing for years. It was my husband's before we got married."

My heart sank, as I was strangely becoming attracted to this less than glamorous woman clearly older than me.

"He drove it every day. Then, when he left me for another woman, I had no transportation."

Things were looking up, and once again faint hope flickered.

"The divorce was quick and he gave me most of what I asked for including the truck as I couldn't afford to buy a car yet needed transportation. It's served me well and very seldom let's me down, but it takes a lot of time each morning and afternoon to get the old girl to wake up."

"Wow, you must enjoy driving it to put up with this. You've been at it for over five minutes."

"Yeah, it is a nuisance but I really don't mind. In fact I enjoy the way it drives and it's personality. I actually look forward to the challenge!" She was smiling broadly now and winked at me in a knowing way. I was becoming hard again.

I was looking directly through the opening in the passenger door now that Bertha had lowered the window. The truck had four pedals available to her. Starting on the left was the clutch, then the brake, then the rubber gas pedal, then, just ot the right of the gas mounted even with its uppermost edge was the starter pedal. It resembled a large mushroom with a slender stalk on which was mounted a rubber knob. I remained silent as I watched Bertha closely.

Still looking at me with a pleasant half-smile, she stabbed the gas pedal ten times bouncing in sync as she did so. She next placed her right foot on the starter pedal in such a way that the knob rested just under the ball of her mule-clad foot. Her foot slipped ever so slightly backward in her mule so that toe prints now were clearly visible and very prominent, having been accentuated and dampened by the last few minutes of pumping. Her right foot was angled so that her heel rested midway up the gas pedal. She pressed the starter, pushing back into her seat as she did so. Simultaneous with pressing the starter, she began pumping the gas pedal with the heel of her right foot in such a way that the starter served as the fulcrum for the to an fro movement of her foot. As she pumped the gas with her heel, the mule would momentarily drop away from the heel of her foot and then would slap up against it as she pressed her heel toward the gas pedal. This created a "slap-thump" effect as she rapidly and repeatedly pressed and lifted her heel on the gas pedal while holding the starter pedal down with her toes.

Arur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur...thump thump thump thumpthumpthump...Arur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rrrrrrrrrrrsputsputrounn

She lightly hit the steering wheel with the palm of her left hand in mock frustration and again sighed. "Every day...."

"And you really don't mind?"

"Not really. It's a quirky truck with its own personality. I'd probably spend a lot less time trying to get it started if I had the time and money to get it serviced by a competent mechanic. My boyfriend tried to help me, but it really didn't make a difference and I don't think he really knew what he was doing."

My heart was on a roller coaster...this sent me on the downslope. Then, as if to read my mind, "But we're no longer together, I kicked him out for drinking too much and being verbally abusive several months ago."

Now it was my turn to nail this issue once and for all: "So are you by yourself now?"

With raised eyebrows as if to say "Why, are you interested in me?" instead she matter of factly said "Yes." But clearly the last question seemed to change the way she regarded me.

Next I said, "Well, it doesn't sound like it has any intention of starting soon, and it's getting dark. I know you're used to all this, but I wouldn't feel right about letting my newly discovered favorite barber sit here in her old truck stranded." This clearly was taken as a mild "Come On."

With a broadening and welcoming smile she said, "OK, then, come on in and have a seat. I can't let you stand there in the dark!"

Arur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur...thump thump thump thumpthumpthump...Arur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rrrrrrrrrrrsputsputrounn


Arur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur...thump thump thump thumpthumpthump...Arur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..

Arur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur...thump thump thump thumpthumpthump...Arur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rrrrrrrrrrrsputsputrounn

"Maybe she's flooded," I offered.

"Probably, but I find I usually have to keep pumping and pumping even when I smell gasoline until she finally decides to turn over."

"Well, I'd offer you a ride, but my car is in the shop. I had the same trouble you've been having but it kept getting worse until finally I couldn't get it started at all!"

"Oh, too bad! How did you get here?"

"I took the bus and walked a couple blocks from the bus stop."

"Hey, Mister, I'm just going to have to give you a ride home!

"You're so sweet. I don't want to trouble you. You're already having enough trouble as it is!" With that we both found ourselves chuckling.

"No trouble, and I kinda like having a Knight in Shining Armor here when I'm in my distressed damsel mode."

Arur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur...thump thump thump thumpthumpthump...Arur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..

Arur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur...thump thump thump thumpthumpthump...Arur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rrrrrrrrrrrsput.

Arur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur...thump thump thump thumpthumpthump...Arur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rrrrrrrrrrrsputsputrounn

She sat back and sighed again. Turning off the ignition, she had decided to give it a rest. She fully slipped her feet out of her mules, then absently slipped her bare feet in and out and intermittently dangled her shoes off her toes. I was becoming hard again.

It was her turn to ask me a few questions.

"Where do you live?"

"South St., about 5 miles from here."

"Yeah, I know where that is. Is anyone expecting you?"

"No, I live alone." I could easily detect a peaked interest with this last answer. She became bolder...

"Are you 'attached'?"

"No. I broke up with my girlfriend a few months ago."

"Sorry to hear that."

"Oh, don't be. It had become a toxic relationship and I find I'm better off alone until I find the right person."

We sat in silence for awhile. Her breathing had somehow changed. I detected her cheeks a tad more flushed and her lips fuller. Nipples could be seen erect through her blouse. I could smell her faintly musky perfume as my state of arousal continued to rise.

Placing her feet in the mules she twisted the ignition to "on" and again pumped hard ten times in a rapid fashion, bouncing as she did before hitting the starter with her right foot.

Arur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur...thump thump thump thumpthumpthump...Arur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rrrrrrrrchug sput rounnnnn

Bertha was breathing deeply and clearly getting aroused now, as was I.

Arur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur...thump thump thump..Arur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur...thump thump thump..Arur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur..rur...thump thump thump

Withi each new press of the starter our arousal heightened in synchrony and, just as the engine whinnied and stumbled to life we both climaxed in unison. Bertha, though fighting mightily to hold it back began to softly moan as her torso spasmed in sexual ecstasy. Holding my hands over my crotch, i could feel the dampness oozing into my underwear as I gasped uncontrollably.

The engine idled roughly threatening to stall as we sat in silence catching our breaths. We avoided looking at each other until we had regained composure. It was Bertha who broke the silence, whispering "Thank you!"

After a few seconds I replied, still somewhat breathless, "For what? I did nothing."

"Well, you didn't need to come over here to try to help me but you did. And even though you didn't open the hood, I feel your presence just made my daily chore more fun and interesting. You are very easy to talk to and I'd like to get to know you better."

Left unsaid was the notion we might share a secret to our sexuality that neither had ever discussed or perhaps even realized. How is it possible that two people unfamiliar with each other sitting in a stalled truck could have climaxed simultaneously?

"Well, Sir, let me get you home."

With that she pushed in the clutch, shifted the column mounted gear shift into first, released the parking brake, punched the gas while letting the clutch out slowly and began to move the truck toward the parking lot exit, engine stumbling greatly but not stalling.

I thought to myself..."This is going to be interesting!"

Part 3 on the way....


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Re:Bertha the Barber, Part 2

Date Posted:11/30/2018 12:43 PMCopy HTML

I found myself Absolutely riveted in anticipation with every sentence that you wrote in this part of the story, Pedal Pusher. The obvious heat and level of arousal built up within, (and between) both Bertha and Billy allowed me to easily fantasize what was clearly taking place inside the pickup truck. I am sure that part 3 will include other interesting things regarding sexual innuendo taking place between the two occupants! Thank you for sharing this work of art that you created Pedal Pusher! Oldvwbuglover

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