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Date Posted:07/07/2010 6:27 PMCopy HTML

Hello Folks:

I hope everyone in America had a Happy July 4th weekend for 2010!  I just saw the movie BLACK MOON RISING (1986), starring Tommy Lee Jones and Linda Hamilton.  It was a great movie.  I have always enjoyed watching Linda Hamilton (she also starred in the first two TERMINATOR movies).  In this movie, her character, Nina, was a runaway juvenile delinquent until she got recruited by an automobile theft ring I believed to be associated with the mob.  What makes her hot is that she steals cars - particularly the Black Moon automobile itself - and drives it pretty well through the streets of Los Angeles, California USA while being chased by Quint (aka Tommy Lee Jones), as she unknowingly leads him to the headquarters of the car theft ring.  Nina was also good at picking locks and shooting guns, so I encourage you all to watch this movie if you can still find it.  The love/sex scenes are pretty good too.

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