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Date Posted:03/12/2018 2:38 PMCopy HTML

About a year or two later I got the job of Apartment Manager in a large, sprawling complex of about 20 buildings and over 100 apartments.
Breaking down a woman's car was easy. There was assigned parking and I knew what apartment went with each car and who drove them. In the beginning I used this information to find who drove the crappiest cars in the complex.
The previous manager even had a "slim Jim", a device used to unlock older cars. Although technically  illegal to possess, he had it to hep tenants who got locked out of their cars. Their was a private road the lead to the buildings, then each building had its own parking lot. The place was huge.
I found a Chevy Celebrity that looked like it was in bad shape and checked the apartment, it was in a woman's name. I went there during the day in one of our work trucks and parked it in her spot and walked back to the office.
I waited for her and sure enough she stopped by around 6 and told me someone was in her parking spot. I told her we were doing work over there and that the workers might have left it there by accident. She had dirty blond, curly hair that went down her back and she was wearing business dress clothes. A brown dress, nude pantyhose and brown pumps.
I told her it might be one of our work trucks and asked her if she would drive me over so I could get it and bring it back. Her car had an excellent view of her feet and legs working the gas pedal. It had a bench seat with an open dashboard, no center console. The ride to the parking lot was awesome. We talked and introduced ourselves to each other. I found out where she worked and asked her if she liked the job, and if it was long hours. She said she did and that it was a typical 9-5 job, so I figured she left the complex around 8:30.
About a week later I disabled her car at night, then I drove over to her building the next morning around 8 and pretended I was looking at the gutters on the building. I saw her walk out wearing a light blue dress with flowers, tan pantyhose and while pumps.
I heard her repeatedly try to start her car, waiting until the battery was sounding weak. At that point I walked over and tapped on her window.
I asked her what was wrong and she said she didn't know, just that her car would not start. I asked her if that ever happened in the past, and she said sometimes when it was very cold out. I offered to give her a jump start and she thanked me and said yes, so I drove my truck over and hooked up my jumper cables.
She tried to start the car a few times, gently pumping the gas pedal. I told her she might have some bad fuel, and that she should pump the gas pedal quickly while she cranked the engine. She did, and I just stood there watching her try it multiple times. I told her to wait, and I went under her hood and reconnected her coil wire and removed three of the four wires. 
I told her to try it again and give it a lot of gas. She did and was pumping with her are around the steering wheel. The engine would sound like it was going to start but would not. I told her to wait again, and replaced her wires but removed her coil wire again. Now it only cranked and she was aggressively pumping the gas pedal. She did it over and over until I replaced the coil wire. She got the car started and was very thankful. I gave her my business card and told her if it happened again I would come over and give her a hand.
She thanked me again and drove off.
Two weeks later I did it again, I went there at night and removed her coil wire. The next morning I waited in my office, hoping she would call me. I got hard imagining what she was going through. Sure enough around 8:45 my phone rang. She asked if I could come over and take a look at her car. I asked her what happened and she told me it would not start and that her battery was dead.
I drove over to her apartment, it took only a minute or two. I saw her sitting in the car. When she saw me she got out as I pulled over my truck. She was wearing a dark blue business suite with a light blue blouse, nude pantyhose and high heel sandals. He skirt had a slit in it and when she got in her car she was showing a lot of leg.
I hooked up the jumper cables and then got in the passenger side and sat down next to her. I told her to show me exactly how she tried to start her car. She said okay and started to crank the engine, holding the gas pedal down. I told her that would flood her engine and that she should pump the gas pedal while she turned the key. She obliged and tried a few more times to get it started. After a while I told her to let it sit a while. As we were sitting there I asked her when she had a tune up last. She laughed and said, "What's a tuneup?". I laughed back and said that her car would not be very reliable if she didn't get a tune up, and I offered to do it for her. She asked how much it would cost and I told her about $50 in parts. She said "Really? I was told it would be at least $200 dollars". I told her that garages marked up the prices on parts and also added on labor. She said ok when can you do it. I told her this weekend. Then I told her to give it another try. She tried if a few more times, pumping very fast and getting frustrated.
I got her car started and she thanked me and drove off.
I went back the next night and removed 2 of her spark plug wires, and left her coil wire loose. The next morning I got another call. She told me her car was hard to start but she got it started, but it was running rough and when she backed out of her parking spot it died. Now her car was in the middle of the parking lot and it was blocking other cars. I told her I would be right over. When I got there sure enough her car was blocking other cars. Her battery was not dead and she was in the car trying to get it started. As I got closer I could see her bouncing in her seat. I went up to her car, watching her cranking and pumping, and saw she was wearing a white top, a black mini skirt, and black pumps. I stood there and watched her try to start her car, offering little help, just watching. Occasionally I got a peek of up her skirt.
Her battery was getting weak and I told her to open her hood and got my jumper cables. At the same time, a man came out and her car was blocking his, so he had to wait in his car. I replaced the coil wire very loosely but left the two spark plug wires off. The car started but was shaking badly. I told her to rev the engine and she did, but it was very rough. I closed her hood and told her to pull up a bit so the other guy could leave. She put the car in drive and it went a few feet and stalled-the coil wire fell off because the engine was shaking so badly. She did get the car about ten feet so the other guy was able to pull out, but she was cranking and pumping the gas pedal very quickly. I went opened her passenger side door and she said this was just what happened earlier. I told her to open her hood and I replaced her coil wire, still leaving it loose. She got it started and it was running very rough. I got in the passenger side and told her to drive around the parking lot. She did and we drove around, the car shaking badly. The parking lot wasn't in great shape, and she soon hit a bump and her coil wire fell off, and the car died. 
"It died again" she said, and then she threw it into park and tried to get it started, pumping the gas pedal very fast. After about five minutes I told her I was going to get my truck, and that I would be right back. She said okay, and as I was leaving I told her to keep trying. As I walked away I was listening to her engine cranking. When I got back with my truck she was still trying to start it. Her battery was getting weak so I told her to open up her hood and I attached the jumper cables. I kept her there about twenty more minutes.
At some point she asked if we could do the tuneup today. I said yes, and asked if she wanted to leave the car with me and I would take her to work. She was very thankful. All we had to do was to get the car over to my office. She said okay and told me she would call in and tell them she was going to be late.
I repeated the same process of leaving her coil wire loose, and told her to take it to my office and I would follow her. She made it out of the parking lot but the car died on the driveway back to my office. I sat behind her in my truck watching her bounce up and down as she tried to start her car. After a while I got out and asked her to open her hood.
Same thing, left the coil wire loose and she got it started. I followed her a little more and her car died when she pulled into the parking lot near my office. She was at it again, trying to get her car started but it would not start.
We made it back to my office around 10:30. I had kept her cranking for about 2 hours. Once there she used my phone to call the office and told them she was having car trouble and that she was going to be late..
I gave her a ride back to work and asked what time should I pick her up, she said 5:00.
I tuned up her car with new spark plugs (they were worn and filthy) and a new air filter (also filthy). Later on I drove her car to her office and waited outside.
She came out and walked over. I got out to greet her. She asked me how it was running and I told her it was running a lot better. I handed her the keys and got in the passenger side. Before she started her car she asked me if she should pump it. I told her not at first, only if it didn't start after a few times. She turned the key and the car started. She drove us back and was very happy that her car was running so well.
This was just one of the many women from the apartment building who had car problems. I will tell as many as I can.
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Re:Apartment Manager

Date Posted:03/12/2018 4:07 PMCopy HTML

 It pays to be a manager but that was so wrong to do to a Tennant lol But a cool true story though I would have probably done the same being I have auto mechanic skills!
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Re:Apartment Manager

Date Posted:03/12/2018 10:01 PMCopy HTML

 Thanks! It was a great time, there were dozens of women there who worked in various office jobs and drove really bad cars. I have so much more to share. Too bad the job itself sucked, but it had some great fringe benefits. I would love to read some of your stories, you must have had steady customers who called you when their car wouldn't start, if you get my drift.
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Re:Apartment Manager

Date Posted:03/14/2018 10:11 PMCopy HTML

its been a long time hearing from you glad you are writing stories again I need to tell some I have a lot more stories I can tell if you want me to  and have you had any women smoking and cranking  
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Re:Apartment Manager

Date Posted:03/15/2018 4:13 PMCopy HTML

 Thank you! I will write some more that include smoking. Please write some more stories, I think some of the stories I read here are the best anywhere, such an awesome collection!
There are some great memories being shared her, I hope more people contribute. While I may be gone from time to time I will always be back. This place is very special to me.

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