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Date Posted:05/29/2018 11:05 PMCopy HTML

Even though cars today tend to start fairly easily, I still enjoy seeing women start their cars when I'm out in public.

I like the startup to be an 'event' - something she has to focus on while she's doing it. I love watching a girl lean over, put the key in the ignition, grip the wheel with her other hand, and sit forward in her seat with her face set in concentration as she listens to the starter.

Lately, I've been seeing women in new cars with push-button start, where all you have to do is jab the button with your finger, and the car starts itself. This technology has made it so that the woman doesn't have to make any real effort to get the car going, and I've seen girls rummaging through bags, chatting to passengers etc. while the car starts, without her having to pay any attention to what it's doing.

Looks like this is going to wipe out candid starting/cranking experiences. Is anyone else concerned about this?
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Re:Anyone else hate push-button cars?

Date Posted:05/29/2018 11:43 PMCopy HTML

 I hate them passionately.

The essential elements of my fetish are either gone or are being phased out.

First they eliminated carbs. With that went the need to pump the pedal to start the car. Then they worked and worked until starting problems were nearly a thing of the past. Did they eliminate flat tires? Dead batteries? EVERYTHING else on a motherfuckin' car still breaks, but they have nearly eliminated hard starts and crank / no starts. I cannot tell you how frustrating this is to me.

I guess it only makes sense that the key start is being phased out as well. And soon enough cars will be all-electric and driver-less.
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Re:Anyone else hate push-button cars?

Date Posted:05/30/2018 9:45 AMCopy HTML

Here I am. I don't like start buttons either. Even those rare cases of old carbureted cars with push buttons, I like them a lot less than cars with the classic key.

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Re:Anyone else hate push-button cars?

Date Posted:05/30/2018 10:04 AMCopy HTML

I totally disagree but perhaps it is a matter of age (79).  I had a 51 Chevy and 49 Ford both of which had push button starters to the left of the steering wheel.  I also put a push button starter in my 68 Opel which was much easier on the girl's fingers.  My favorite is a floor mounted starter like I had on my 39 DeSoto.  It's all a matter on individual taste.
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Re:Anyone else hate push-button cars?

Date Posted:05/30/2018 6:40 PMCopy HTML

My Mom had a 1950 Ford Custom very similar to Bill's '49 except hers had the straight 6 which very few others bought apparently.   My Mother was afraid of the whopping 5 extra horses of the V8.   I do not remember much else about it except that she had to hold the button in, sometimes for a long time, until the car started.   Not like today where you basically tap the button, immediately release, and the car is running.  I took my wife to a vintage auto show last summer and showed her a 1948 (I think) Pontiac with the floor starter.   I told her I would love to see her try to start such a car.   She made a weird face and walked away.
esse quam videre
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Re:Anyone else hate push-button cars?

Date Posted:05/30/2018 7:24 PMCopy HTML

The Buicks up until about 1960 had the starter incorporated into the gas pedal.  Some years ago, Spike asked me if I had ever seen a clip of a young lady cranking such a car.  I sent him the link to a pedal_lady clip of what I think is a 59 Buick, which was exactly what he was looking for.  The early Studebakers also had an unusual starter location.  It was under the clutch pedal and looked just like the dimmer switch on most of the older cars.
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Re:Anyone else hate push-button cars?

Date Posted:05/31/2018 8:59 AMCopy HTML

Yea hate it from the bottom of my heart as well. The thing is it is much less of a manual thing. The more the manual elements are there, indicates greater the attention/control/effort required for that beast of a machine..which makes it seductive. Stick shift, manual choke, key ignition...these elements make it all that much better! It's a shame carbs are a thing of the past long ago.
Ideal scenario:

1) Carburetor car
2) Manual choke in/out action
3) Sputtery cranking
4) Smoke pouring from exhaust
5) Pedal pumping in heels and stockings with polished long nails
6) Bouncing with strong verbal action
7) Starter grinding
8) Gear shaking (Also love it when she puts her hand on the stick while cranking/revving)
9) Leaky tail pipe - phallic symbol (Gas dripping while cranking/revving/reversing) - makes it looks very sexual lol..
10) Applying Makeup in front mirror

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Re:Anyone else hate push-button cars?

Date Posted:07/10/2018 3:35 AMCopy HTML

Saying I hate it with a passion is an understatement! I wish fuel injection and even more so, the automatic transmission had never been invented.

I don't believe the original poster was talking about push-buttons which directly engage the starter. I believe he meant the automated starting systems which have replaced the classic ignition key which must be held as long as the starter must turn. Press the brake pedal, press and release the switch, the ECU does the rest. Press the button again to turn the engine off. Zero drama. I have a push-button car, and the novelty and laziness of watching it start itself got old before the first week was out. Those systems also manage to start the engine in the briefest time possible, really minimizing any cranking. But the worse thing about them is what the manufacturers call "anti-stall" (another classic marketing misnaming scheme), which works like this: If the car stalls, simply press the clutch pedal, the engine restarts without further intervention. Blasphemy! I remember seeing a young blonde learning how to drive. She stalled in the best place possible, right in front of me as I was on a side-street. I could see both her hands on the steering wheel, she lurched again and stalled for the second time as the instructor next to her probably mentioned going through the motions at a slower pace, and she did a much better job the third time around, but what a complete waste of what could have been an exciting moment. I felt a strange sense of loss, it was possibly the first time I did not get excited from seeing a young woman stall her car in traffic. Sigh.

If they have any saving grace at all, it's that when the ASS (Automatic start-stop) feature is turned on, even in an automatic car, it (kinds of) looks as if the woman stalled when stopping :) But that's a very tiny consolation.

Whether the cranking is done with a key or a push-button which directly controls the starter, it's sexy. I prefer finger-based starter operation to foot-based like on the older cars.

It has become too easy... And it's only going to get worse with electric cars and eventually driverless cars. Hang on to your videos and memories.


The sexiest women drivers are naturally-clumsy with 3 pedals and a shifter ;)
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Re:Anyone else hate push-button cars?

Date Posted:07/10/2018 8:52 AMCopy HTML

Hello All

This is a great discussion!

They say youth is wasted on the young, and I guess that's true in my case. I grew up in the 50's and 60's and well-remember the cars with personalities. I expected carburetors would last forever and always looked forward to the many times each month I would hear the slow 6 volt grinding of a starter motor trying to turn a large high compression V8 of the early 50's. Even as electrical systems evolved to 12 volts designed to turn faster, the sexy sound of rolling and lagging of a balky engine was incredibly arousing. How many times would I see young damsels hunched over steering wheels in parking lots as they struggled once, twice, three times and more trying to get their vapor-locked or flooded engines to catch. It was even better when I went to work in a gas station in college!

My preference is the same as BV in the fact that I used to love (and drive a car with) a push button starter. Certainly these weren't the kind we see today where you simply punch the button once, but rather the kind that you would have to hold in order for the starter to crank the engine. These were used at a time when 6 volt electrical systems were the norm (in fact I'm not aware of any traditional push button arrangements other than BV's Opel modification used in 12 volt systems). Kudos to BV for thinking to do that!

I also really like floor starter pedals which were the norm pre-1950 (and in trucks until about 1960). Again these actuated 6 volt starters and I often saw/heard old trucks struggling to start with the drivers pushing back and lifting up in their seats as they pressed the button on the floor. This would rarely occur with a woman driving the vehicle, though as you might imagine I vividly recall the few instances where it did! Generally these pedals were located next to the gas pedal and slightly above and to the right or directly above the top of the accelerator. Apparently this was an ergonomic arrangement designed so that the driver could simultaneously press the starter and gas while cranking the engine. If the engine didn't fire right away, the driver could pump the gas with her heel while her toes continued to press the starter. This action created an exaggerated bounce in the seat as viewed from outside the car.  If she had the parking brake engaged and gear shift in neutral, she could use her left foot to pump the gas while standing on the starter.

One arrangement I witnessed as a small child riding an ancient 30's something bus to kindergarten was the starter "button" mounted on the floorboard to the left of the clutch, similar to what BV describes on old Studebakers. As I recall, this button was a small silver device much like a high beam actuator found in most cars from the era. In fact I'm not sure the make of that bus I rode in 1952. I presumed looking back it was a Ford, but not sure. The advantage of that arrangement was that the driver could press the button using the left foot while pumping the gas with the right. And believe me it was necessary, as the old bus was chronically reluctant to start if it had been sitting more than a few minutes and would seem to stall at every other intersection.

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Re:Anyone else hate push-button cars?

Date Posted:07/10/2018 12:34 PMCopy HTML

Sadly having grown up to the turn of the century it seems like I've missed out on quite a bit of the 'glory days' of women cranking cars.  That being said after looking through membership sites and such, I have to say the pedal starter cars and having to start the engines with a key are certainly entertaining. Although I find modern car  push button starting rather dull, it certainly seems like any of the three were a sight to behold!

Granted I have seen a few instances of women in broken down old classics. 
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Re:Anyone else hate push-button cars?

Date Posted:07/24/2018 11:48 PMCopy HTML

Push starter vehicles are no fun,turning a key is much hotter and interesting when it comes to female pedal pumping!

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