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Date Posted:06/05/2017 8:36 PMCopy HTML

All-I don't mean to "hijack" this forum, but I started a subreddit for our small community: Now what's neat about Reddit is the social democracy tools. Do you think a comment is salty? Down-vote it. Do you think a comment contributes to the community in a positive way? Up-vote it. Down-voted comments are hidden if they meet a certain threshold. Also, as a mod, I have the ability to "shadowban" user accounts. What this means is that a user will be silently banned, but they do not know they are banned, so any posts or comments they make are never seen by anyone else. Also the search and categorization tools are off the charts.
I'm tired of seeing the inflammatory remarks made by a few people on this board (you know who you are, or you know who I am referring to). I will mod this sub-reddit every day. Also, if and when we've established a little history, I would like some other trusted partners to mod as well.

Again, I'm not trying to steal anyone from this forum because I know CCC has a great legacy here-but as far as forum tech goes, reddit is far better as a social gathering place in that everyone has a voice. 

Kind regards
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Re:Alternate forum-all welcome

Date Posted:06/07/2017 12:39 AMCopy HTML

This is wonderful news and I am glad to see another forum appear to help promote our community.   Of course, I understand there are no "hijack" intentions.   Always plenty of internet room for another venue.   Back 10-15 years or so, there were 4-5 forums all going strong at the same time, so again, we all can succeed together.   Sam's pedalpumping forum has been around for a few years now and still seems to be doing well also.   I like the management tools which you'll have at your disposal.   The shadowban option is intriguing.   Should keep any troublemakers far away.

Speaking of such, to your comment on inflammatory remarks in this forum; I prefer to believe that is largely a thing of the past around here with the user(s) responsible having either vacated or stood down due to the now continuous moderation of all posts.   Since this forum has been transferred to my ownership, I vowed to make a visit here an enjoyable experience for everyone.   Still a ways to go, but I believe steps have been taken to reach that goal.

In any case, my sincere best wishes for your new forum.  Welcome.
esse quam videre
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Re:Alternate forum-all welcome

Date Posted:06/07/2017 2:16 AMCopy HTML

So far, we seem to be way more civil on this forum.

Let's keep it this way.   I haven't seen anything dumb here lately.

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