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Date Posted:06/10/2018 10:44 PMCopy HTML

We were on our way to school in moms Nova. She was wearing a black skirt with a light blue top, tan pantyhose and black heels. 
We were on a busy road that had left hand lane turn arounds when a car cut in front of us before a light and she had to slam on the breaks. We didn’t get hit, but her car stalled.
She cranked the engine but it would not turn over. She tried again, holding her foot al the way down while the engine cranked. After a few seconds she started pumping the gas pedal quickly but the engine would not start. Cars were getting backed up and people were honking. She tried again, with another extended crank, bouncing her leg up and down. “Come on, come on” she said as she tried to get her car started. She was desperately trying now, bouncing in her seat, pulled up against her steering wheel.
The engine just cranked with no signs of it starting. She was getting close to tears. We were blocking traffic and no one was stopping to help us.
As the battery was getting weaker and weaker she pumped it faster. When the battery was just about dead, she started to cry.
After her battery died we sat there waiting for help.
That is a day I will always remember.
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Re:Almost an Accident

Date Posted:06/11/2018 9:23 AMCopy HTML

Very nice story! :-)

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