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Date Posted:06/23/2018 2:43 PMCopy HTML

It was a rough week. I wanted to go over a friends house on Friday night but my mom thought he was a bad influence on me so she refused to allow it. As we left the school we were still arguing. I remember being angry about not being allowed to go.
On the way to the parking lot she met a teacher friend of hers and they started talking. The woman asked me how I was doing and I said alright and my mother, sensing I was angry told me to go wait in the car and went back to talking with her friend. I got in the car and watched them talking and laughing, thinking they were talking about me I got even angrier. So I decided to flood her car. I started pressing her gas pedal over and over while they were talking. This went on for a while until they said goodbye and she got in the car.
She turned the key and the engine just cranked. She stopped and pumped the gas pedal a few times and tried it again but it just cranked. Again she stopped and gave the gas pedal a few more pumps and tried it again. This time while the engine cranked she started slowly pumping the gas pedal and then held it to the floor. The car still wouldn’t start for her. She tried it again and at first continued to hold the gas pedal down, but then started pumping faster for an extended period while the engine cranked. I was enjoying her frustration, watching her try to start the car with a perfect unobstructed view.
After a while her battery started to sound weaker and the car was showing no signs of starting. A teacher who was leaving walked over and asked what was the matter and my mother told him it does this from time to time and tried it again but her battery was very weak and he offered us a jump start.
He pulled his car up and hooked up his jumper cables and told her to try to start it. She did, many times with no luck. We were there for a long time until she finally got it started. It was a great show but I was still upset.
We stopped at the store on the way home but that is another story.
If anyone else has a similar story please post it!
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Re:After School

Date Posted:06/23/2018 10:12 PMCopy HTML

Great story... Eheheheh...
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Re:After School

Date Posted:06/25/2018 6:12 PMCopy HTML

 Great  story, waiting for the incident at the next stop. This has happened to me too, my mom and I have fought several times in the car, although I haven't disabled the car but the car acted itself on her, which made me feel good :-) 
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Re:After School

Date Posted:06/26/2018 10:53 PMCopy HTML

 Great story.  Can you add what type of shoes she was wearing if you remember.  Thanks.
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Re:After School

Date Posted:07/01/2018 12:02 PMCopy HTML

 White pumps, suntan hose and a yellow sleeveless dress.

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