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Date Posted:12/04/2005 9:15 PMCopy HTML

I had an unexpected little bit of fun last week. An old school friend of mine Emailed me out of the blue and wanted to get together for a bit of a reunion - we hadn't seen each other for about 8 years - so she invited me over for a coffee with some of her other friends on the Wednesday. She had to give me fairly lengthy directions because she and her husband live out in the middle of the Forest which is close to my area. Well I accepted. I left at about 10.00 am expecting about an hours drive - but it took a lot longer because there was a long deluge of torrential rain - and the roads were really flooded. It has been raining for about 2 weeks now and the ground is very damp again. I could tell the roads were quite dodgy when I came to a "T" junction on quite a steep slope and I had to turn right. After coming to a stop, I held it on the clutch for a few seconds and then pressed on the gas giving it a good rev to get up the hill. I let out the clutch and I felt my rear tires really break loose and they skidded hard as I did a massive wheelspin on the spot - and didn't move. I revved again and this time decided to give a real go to get going - so I pressed my high heels HARD on the gas - and I crept forwards with my tires spinning wildly on the greasy pavement - but I DID get going, and I skidded off up the road....................!!!! When I eventually got to my friends road I was a bit late and the driveway was full of 4x4's and BMW's and a couple of Jags - all neatly and deliberately parked on the gravel. My old Merc ( sadly now passed away ) was in spotless condition and always has admiring glances - but today there was no room to park up and show it off. I reversed out into the lane again and crawled up and down splashing through puddles to find somewhere to park up. I finally spotted a patch of lush grass under some big trees on a slope down away from the road so I nosed onto the verge - being careful because it was REALLY wet. I began to go down the slope and then I felt a SSsssssssssssssss! from my rear wheels as they started slipping quite badly. I realised that the verge was very soft and squishy, so I stopped and left my car - with two long brown wheelspin marks behind my back tires. I tippy toed up to the road 'cos I didn't want to get my lovely new stilettos muddy - and went in. We had a good time - I was there about three hours. I had to laugh though! One lady - a bit snobby for my tastes - was loudly telling us about her new Shogun that her husband had bought her - and she was regailing us with this clever trick he had found on the internet called "Spray-on Mud"!! Apparently it's like party paint - and you spray it on the wheel arches of your precious 4x4 to make it LOOK LIKE you've been off-roading, then wash it off with water!!!................( HOW SAD IS THAT??!!??). I thought she just didn't know what she was missing - but she's one of those women who think the World is ending if she gets even a HINT of her tires spinning. It doesn't bother me - as long as I don't get stranded in a risky situation. Anyway - 3.00pm came around and most of us decided to leave. I walked out to my car and left a gaggle of chattering ladies trying to untangle their shiney vehicles from each other in the driveway - and this loud woman was giving them all instructions and yelling " No No - not on the grass - it's all wet and you'll get stuck in the mud!" I got into my car and fired it up. I leant around to see where I was going and stretched my toes to reach the pedals. I put it in reverse and increased the revs - then let out the clutch, and Ssssssssssst!....................nothing! I tried again and heard the tell-tale Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz as my fat tires spun in the muddy grass. I revved again and this time the noise was much louder as I gassed it to try and budge - Zzzzzzzzzzztt!!!!!!!!! I was going nowhere - and decided on a different tack as I guessed I was digging my tires into the soft wet ground. I turned my wheels to go right and do a U turn, put it in first and....Ssssss! Oh dear! I'm stuck!!!!! I did it again......ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! Drat! Thwarted by wheelspins! I turned my wheels back and opened the door - leant out and tried backing up again. I gave it a good stiletto heel full of gas and...........I just sat there watching my drivers side tire spinning uselessly in the sloppy mud underneath. Just then - the loud woman pulled out with a friend in her Jaguar and I heard " Oh look - the silly woman's parked on the mud - and now she's stuck!" And with that - they drove off!! Well - it took me a good 20 minutes of forwards and backwards wheelspinning before I gave it a huge amount of welly and slowly inched forwards out of the ruts I'd dug myself into - and then I span and span my back tires as I inched around and crept up to the road with the engine revving and my wheels flying round and round in a blur of whirling tires and spraying mud!! I dug out two HUGE skidmarks in the verge - and they're still there a week later so I've been told!!! Quite often some of the best stucks are the accidental ones!
Oooops! - I"m stuck!! My tires are spinning in the mud!!!!
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Re:Accidents can happen!

Date Posted:12/05/2005 8:46 PMCopy HTML

yeah that lady is a snob. at least i would had stayed there to watch (haha) kidding, what happen to the car? and i agree realistic events are better then planned accidental ones. as long as you made it or you get help then it isn;t too bad.
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Re:Accidents can happen!

Date Posted:12/09/2005 8:11 AMCopy HTML

Well now!!! Look what I have been missing!! Whew!! I like the part where you had to stretch your toes out to reach the pedals!!! Sexy!!!
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Re:Accidents can happen!

Date Posted:12/18/2005 9:46 PMCopy HTML

Cool "accident!" Mercedes are very nice rear drive cars to get stuck - don't come out of the mud without lots of tirespin!
"Mini-skirt,high-heels - spinning her rear wheels!"

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