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One Saturday in late June 1971 – a trip to go swimming!

With kids out of school for the summer, and Jackson home for the weekend not attending his day camp held each Monday through Friday, it was arranged by Mrs. Smith on the last Saturday in June for a trip to a neighboring town state park to go swimming.

Unlike that day back in June of 1968 when she wore a one-piece bathing suit, on this day as Jackson came over with several things that he needed, (most importantly a beach towel) and backpack with other stuff in it, Mrs. Smith had on a bright colored red and white two-piece bikini as he walked into the house.

Polite as always as taught to him by his parents to all adults, after greeting Mrs. Smith, Jackson told her how beautiful she looked in the bikini.  Mrs. Smith did a little twirl on her feet, (in a pair of rubber flip-flops but to be removed the second she got behind the wheel) and said, “Why thank you, Jackson”.  She had just had sex with her husband, twice, two evenings prior to today but still was in need of more if possible.  It was also that time of month when her hormones were raging!  Mr. Smith had gone away for the weekend on a business trip early Friday morning so Mrs. Smith, not too unusual considering his job was in charge of the household until he’d return back home late Sunday evening.

Besides except for occasionally Aaron, (more so due to his ADHD condition) who Mrs. Smith understood full well his nature and in addition to which she could handle him a lot better than her husband, she never had many discipline problems with all three kids.  Plus. as it was, Jasmine and Sophia never gave their mother any behavior of the bad type whatsoever.  They both were absolute jewels, the kind of kids that any parent would love to have as children.

Soon came bounding down the stairs were the 3 kids, all in bathing suits.  Jasmine and Sophia were in one-piece bathing suits, (Jasmine’s a dark shade of blue with Sophia’s swimsuit being purple her favorite color) while Aaron was in a pair of black swimming trunks.  Jackson could tell that Jasmine was just beginning to develop as a woman regarding her breasts.  Jackson also told Jasmine how beautiful she looked.  Jasmine did the same little twirl also in her flip-flops saying thank you to Jackson just as her mother had done a few moments earlier.

Ready within 5 minutes as Mrs. Smith had packed a huge lunch for all in a picnic basket the 5 went outside to get into the Chevy.  It was a gorgeous early summer day, temps expected to climb into the mid-80s by the afternoon.

In a complete change of pace, Jasmine was to get into the front bench seat of the Chevy sitting in between her mother and Jackson. Sophia sat by herself in the seat just behind. Aaron was in his usual position in the rear of the car.  All of the females in the car removed their footwear, flip-flops for Jasmine and Mrs. Smith, a pair of Dr. Scholl’s for Sophia to sit, (drive the car in Mrs. Smith’s case) barefoot in the vehicle. The boys, Jackson and Aaron kept their sneakers on.

It took Mrs. Smith 18 attempts to start up the Chevy to begin their excursion to go swimming at the state park.  This time Sophia won the bet. Despite the church friend’s request the month before when Jasmine was behind the wheel pumping the gas pedal and he told her to stop, habits were hard to break for Mrs. Smith.  In reality, that semi-tune up performed by this friend some 6 weeks before only served to mask the symptoms of what ailed the Chevy’s engine all along.  Like using a band-aid to stop the flow of blood on a serious wound that required a number of stitches.

Both Mrs. Smith and Jasmine when allowed to start it up, (now with much greater frequency) were each lucky to get the vehicle started in under 20 attempts. Today was such a day for Mrs. Smith who could have been at it twisting the key in the ignition on attempt #27, the car still not started up. Half of the time before succeeding along the way Mrs. Smith and Jasmine both ended up seriously flooding the car’s engine thus lengthening the time it took to actually get the Chevy started.  The Chevy’s carburetor among other parts was really messed up, in fact, barely functioning as it normally should have. 

What especially confused Jasmine was one time when she did somehow manage to get the car started rather quickly, it took her only 3 attempts to get the engine fired.  Throughout each rather long, 30 second length cranking attempt Jasmine, even priming the gas engine 10 times initially, was pumping the gas non-stop.  On that long third attempt Jasmine met with success. 

The very next day Jasmine did the same thing and it took her 35 attempts before finally succeeding in getting her mother’s car started.  On this occasion yet again badly flooding the engine out to such an extent, in watching her mother forced to do it several times Jasmine knew what she was needed regarding the front hood over the engine.

Sitting in the car prior to that moment, pumping up a storm on the gas pedal and doing her mother proud while bouncing rhythmically in the seat, Jasmine inside the vehicle and with at least the two front seat windows rolled all the way down soon could smell the foul odor of gas fumes that invaded her nostrils. Jasmine also said to herself, “Yuk, geez that gas smell is so nauseating”! 

On her own, Jasmine released the latch to the hood, got out of the car forgetting to put back on her flip-flops before getting out to walk to the front of the Chevy on the pavement in her bare feet and raised the hood over the engine to allow the foul gas fumes to evaporate into the air.  The front hood over the engine remained raised until Jasmine finally was able to get the car started.

For his part prior to the day that the group headed out to the state park to go swimming, Jackson had also noticed the problems that the Chevy once again was causing in his role as the “Peeping Tom”.  On one what turned out to be a very funny occasion, Jackson was joined by both Jasmine and Sophia who also were watching together from their bedroom window opposite his when, on that occasion, Mrs. Smith was at it behind the wheel trying to get to her church choir rehearsal.

The funny thing about the incident was that now well aware that Jackson often viewed the proceedings from his bedroom window, at one point, Mrs. Smith looked up through the front sloping windshield of her car, smiled and waved at Jackson after a failed cranking attempt. Then noticing that her two daughters were also watching from their shared bedroom window on the opposite side of the driveway, Mrs. Smith waved up at them as well. Although somewhat ticked off that her car was once again as unreliable as ever, at least on that occasion Mrs. Smith still found some humor in what was taking place with now 3 “Peeping Toms” taking it all in.

Problems in getting the Chevy started also occurred one Saturday in early June when pretending to take another “drive”, consisting of going back and forth in the driveway and Jackson sitting next to her, (the fourth "date" together and several days after Jasmine had purposely sabotaged her mother’s car) it took Jasmine some 15 minutes to get the Chevy started as during the course of many attempts she flooded the engine not quite yet getting the hang of when to pump the gas pedal and when not to pump.

Jasmine was to tell Jackson how one day apart from each other, first she was able to start up the car very easily needing only three attempts.  And the next day, as Jasmine continued in telling this story, “it took me, Jackson, a million times to get this sometimes junk, piece of you-know-what, (Jasmine never swore but had certainly heard the word “shit” in her life) car started”, she exaggerating just a little.  Jasmine of course did not pump the car’s gas pedal a “million times”.

Continuing, Jasmine added in, “Jackson I was doing the same amount of gas pedal pumping both days, although obviously much fewer on the day when the Chevy started relatively quickly. The next day it almost refused to start up at all, as if the car had a mind of its own.  I just can’t figure it out what exactly to do with the gas pedal as I’m turning the key in the ignition.  Neither can my mother”! That last sentence had them both laughing.

The day before, an experiment conducted by Jasmine and Jackson involving the Chevy

At around 5:45 pm, the day before the park swimming trip having to do more with a suggestion made by Jackson, both he and Jasmine went out on what was their fifth “date” in the Chevy; Jasmine driving the car back and forth in the driveway after eventually being able to start it up.


On this occasion they were pretending to go to the state park by themselves.  It was scheduled for 6 pm, but at the last minute, Jackson called Jasmine and asked her if he could come over a bit earlier.  Eagerly a bit excited herself, Jasmine replied, “Of course, I’m ready”.

Wolfing down his supper, and then excusing himself from the table to go upstairs and brush his teeth, Jackson ran out of the house to go next door.  Jackson earlier than usual had taken his shower and put on a fresh pair of clothes so that he would not look and smell sweaty to Jasmine from his day spent running around in camp.   

For their date, although the theme in mind was to go to the state park, Jasmine did not put on a bathing suit, saving the one that her mother had recently purchased for her, for the actual trip the next day.  Instead Jasmine wore a dark blue tee-shirt, white cut-off shorts and a pair of Dr. Scholl’s from her collection that had a blue buckle on them each, thus matching the tee-shirt that she had on.

Jasmine almost thought about, as a change of pace meant to flirt with Jackson by almost deciding to put on a pair of new pantyhose encasing her legs.  However, it had been very warm of late regarding the temperatures with it now being early summer.   In wearing nylons several times in going to church after being given permission from her mother to do so, Jasmine each time, including the time she put on a show for Jackson back in late March when she had a hard time starting up the Chevy station wagon, had issues in which her legs became quite itchy. 

She still was not yet used to wearing pantyhose and as the only resort she knew of to relieve all of the itchiness Jasmine would just start unabashedly finger scratching her legs.  Twice, after wearing pantyhose only for the first time being put on her legs, afterwards Jasmine had to throw them into the trash as she created ‘runs’ in them scratching so much.  This included that time in March, performing in front of Jackson as he watched from his bedroom window as she had a devil of a time starting up her mother’s car.  That day coming home from church later, by the time Jasmine took the nylons off of her legs there were 3 different ‘runs’ in them.  They ended up being tossed.

Still Jasmine really thought about wearing a pair on this evening, despite the fact that along with Jackson they would be only going back and forth, she behind the wheel in the driveway.  A thought also came to Jasmine’s head that she would ask Jackson when part of her legs, either one, became itchy that instead of scratching herself she would ask him to do it.  After all, she could not take one hand off of the wheel to attend to this chore as the car slowly was in motion. 

Jasmine now laughing to herself said, “It would be necessary to keep both of my hands on the steering wheel at the 10 and 2 o’clock positions that taught to me by mom when driving, Jackson”!

Nevertheless, Jasmine decided against putting on a new pair of pantyhose to help accentuate her outfit.  Maybe later on this summer when it might not be as hot, or else early in the fall.  Just for Jackson!

By deciding to wear the Dr. Scholl’s that Jasmine chose to at least put on her feet before actually being inside the car, she already knew for a fact that Jackson loved it when she had a pair from her collection on her feet.  Jackson even told Jasmine one day recently that he even liked the slapping sound that the shoe made when the bottom part of the Scholl’s came in contact with the ground with every step that she made.

Getting the car keys from her mother in their usual place hanging from a special plaque put on the wall for that very purpose, after Mrs. Smith said, “Have fun guys and Jasmine be careful of the traffic that you see on your way to the park”, (said to be funny); the two walked out the back porch hand-in-hand the short distance out to the driveway where the car had been put in its usual place the day before by Mrs. Smith coming home from doing a chore.

Well versed in performing the needed task of together moving the Chevy’s front bench seat forward to allow Jasmine in being able to reach the pedals yet sit normally in the seat, soon the job had been accomplished together by the two.  They then each climbed into the car with Jasmine, of course, behind the wheel.

Once inside the car after their first lip-lock kiss of the evening, the car keys still in Jasmine’s lap, she even mentioned to Jackson that she thought about wearing pantyhose on her legs for the occasion.  But Jasmine added in that it was too hot outside which would have caused her legs to become quite itchy throughout.  Now with a gleam in her eyes Jasmine made the strong suggestion that it would have been quite necessary for Jackson to have finger scratched her legs for her as otherwise, against her mother’s wishes she would have been forced to take one hand off of the wheel.


Jasmine now truly being funny said to Jackson, “And what would have happened if both of my legs became itchy at the same time, the pantyhose driving me crazy? That would have meant my using both of my hands to scratch my legs at once.  Suddenly out of my control with no hands on the wheel and my not quite taking my right foot off of the gas pedal quickly enough in time, the car would have crashed into something, Jackson! Like the gate now right in front of us, or the side of my parents’ house.  Then, boy would I be in trouble.  Not allowed to drive this car again until I was 40 years old”!

Both occupants inside the car began laughing for a while out of control.  However, Jackson had the last word, now playfully and lightly scratching Jasmine’s right thigh with the fingers of his left hand although that part of her leg was not at all itchy.

He said, “Well you know, I do have two hands Jasmine.  I could have taken care of that for you”! For emphasis, Jackson transferred the fingers of his left hand to begin lightly scratching Jasmine’s left kneecap while at the same time he did the same thing with his right-hand fingers working on her right kneecap.  Again, the two laughed their heads off.  When done Jasmine reached down and took the Dr. Scholl’s sandals off of her feet, handing them as usual to Jackson who had stopped his comedy/leg scratching routine.  He chose to keep one sandal each in one of his hands, just as before becoming excited just with the thought of holding them right after Jasmine had had them on her feet.

Now for what Jackson thought up for this occasion involving Jasmine hopefully having an easier time in starting up the Chevy which lately had given both she and Mrs. Smith real issues:

The suggestion by Jackson involving Jasmine’s ability to more easily start up the car, (hopefully) had more to do with the pattern in which she repeatedly twisted the key in the ignition during her cranking attempts.  Thinking it over the night before as he lay in bed before falling asleep, (admittedly becoming quite excited at the thought as yet again he pictured Jasmine trying to start up the Chevy and struggling in the process) Jackson came up with what he thought would be an excellent idea and one that would not have Jasmine flooding the engine even though she still would be pumping the gas pedal.

Jackson had wisely deduced, both in watching Jasmine and Mrs. Smith go at it many times that repeatedly cranking over the engine in long attempts consecutively without pause contributed mightily in flooding the Chevy’s engine.  Only pausing after every 3rd or 4th consecutive failed attempt simply was not enough as Jackson smartly thought.

Jackson’s suggestion, presented to Jasmine now as she listened to him intently was that she twist the key in the ignition, still following her usual 20 to 30-second-long cranking attempts.  However, after each attempt should she fail to get the car running, (hopefully not too many) instead of Jasmine immediately turning the key for another try, as part of his suggestion she should allow the engine to rest for a few minutes before making another attempt. 

When hearing this suggestion, Jasmine said, “But of course I will still be pumping the gas pedal, right Jackson?  The engine still needs gas”!

Jackson replied, “Sure, but let’s see if it will prevent you from flooding the engine of your mom’s car, Jasmine.  Plus, you never know.  Perhaps you’ll get your mom’s car started in less attempts”.

Well, it was a good plan anyway.  No, Jasmine never flooded the engine, at least to the extent that both she and her mother usually did when struggling to start up the station wagon.  Yes, with each long twist of the key Jasmine with her right bare foot pumped the gas pedal non-stop. 

For his part, Jackson had the fingers of his left hand cupped around Jasmine’s right kneecap as it bobbed up and down at times quite rapidly as she varied her pumping cadence.  They both had agreed earlier that especially with Jackson’s placing the fingers of his left hand on that part of Jasmine’s right leg as she was cranking over the engine with each starting attempt greatly excited each one.  Jasmine freely admitting to him that she became excited with the touch of his fingers on that part of her leg as he cupped it, almost, (although he wasn’t) guiding it up and down with each pump of the gas pedal that she put in with her bare right foot.

 The Scholl’s by then had been placed by Jackson in their usual place on the Chevy’s front bench seat, to his right near the passenger door placed neatly on that seat.

It took Jasmine 28 cranking attempts, often pausing several minutes in between repeated twists of the key in the ignition before finally she got the Chevy started.  They managed to while away the time inside the car with each rest in between cranking attempts put in by Jasmine by talking, flirting with each other through mild forms of petting, kissing and simply staring at each other with complete love for kids their relatively young ages.

At one point during a rest period, Jasmine crossed her legs, left over right, as she did before on a previous occasion having issues starting up the Chevy with Jackson acting as her passenger.  She then swung her upper left leg to and fro making sure to tap her left bare foot up against part of Jackson’s left leg every time.

Another time during an extended 5-minute rest period, Jasmine pulled both of her legs from underneath the steering wheel to sit crossed leg Indian style.   Turning her body slightly, the two ended up doing the longest kiss they ever had done on record, also lightly touching the tip of each other’s tongue with their mouths partially opened. Jackson while doing this with the fingers of his left hand reached over to play with the toes alternating back and forth on both of Jasmine’s bare feet. For the first time ever, again kissing at the same time, Jasmine began moaning. For still relatively young kids, it was clear that they had a great deal of passion for each other. Although again not even close to being ready to take it to another level.

After Jasmine, taking close to an hour before finally getting the car started during those 28 cranking attempts, they then took their usual drive on their date going up and down the driveway pretending to go to the state park.  The Chevy did stall out on Jasmine once, this time as she had the car close to its usual parking location in the driveway, and was about to put the gear back into reverse.  It took Jasmine, more so due to luck, only 3 attempts, (still pumping the gas pedal but also resting for a good minute in between attempts) to re-start the car.

When finished and later walking back inside the house, Mrs. Smith remarked to the kids that it really was a long date that they had been on.  Added to the driving that Jasmine did back and forth in the driveway, plus her unusual car starting technique coming from the suggestion of Jackson, (it did not work on this day) which ended up stretching things even further regarding time spent in the car; they were outside on their “date” for close to two hours! Especially considering the fact that Jackson arrived to their house almost 15 minutes early.

Because it was just past the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the sun in that part of the state did not set until around 8:30 pm.  So, by the time that Jasmine and Jackson had gone back inside her house it was going on 7:45 and plenty of light was still outside with the sun still shining brightly out to the west.  

Mrs. Smith did not mind at all the length that the two spent inside the car, although she was a bit concerned that going on 6:45 now as she looked at the clock, she could still hear the sound of her Chevy’s engine just spinning over as Jasmine had yet to get it started, (considering the long stretches of time spent by design in between each failed starting attempt).  Jasmine and Jackson as she strained to recall went outside to have their little fun time in the car at around 5:50 earlier than planned as he came over to their house before what had been the 6 pm., designated time.  Not that anyone, Jasmine especially minded one bit.

 Mrs. Smith also thought in the back of her mind that there was a long length of silence in between each failed starting attempt put in by Jasmine. 

Earlier Mrs. Smith had thought about heading outside at one point, mistakenly believing that the car’s still relatively new battery had somehow gone dead.  However, a couple of minutes later when still sitting in the chair she again heard the car’s engine spinning over but not starting up for Jasmine she just joked to herself, “Well at least it’s not the battery, but boy is my car really putting up a battle for Jasmine today!  And wow, is Jasmine being persistent"!

While still sitting in one of the two rocking chairs in the living room and watching tv, hearing the sound of the Chevy’s engine being cranked over by Jasmine repeatedly but not starting up, Mrs. Smith soon became slightly aroused.  Yes, her daughter was having issues getting her car started, but picturing herself behind the wheel instead of Jasmine, somehow it began to cause a powerful tingling sensation to begin quickly forming up and in between her legs. 

With her other two kids upstairs playing together and no one else on the first floor of the house who might have noticed, (her husband away for the entire weekend on his business trip) when Mrs. Smith again heard the sound of the Chevy’s engine audibly doing its tell-tale cranking cadence but not giving the hint that it was about to start up, (this was Jasmine’s 23rd attempt) she chose to pleasure herself. 

Mrs. Smith then reached down to unzip her shorts, pulling her bare feet up onto the rocking chair.  Counting to herself earlier in her head, Mrs. Smith came to the conclusion that Jasmine was twisting and holding the key in the ignition to the “start” position for around 30 seconds per attempt.  Then it seemed to her that Jasmine waited around 2 minutes or so before putting in another attempt.  Sometimes, (such as earlier when inside the car Jasmine suddenly chose to sit cross-legged Indian style on the front bench seat while waiting an extended time between cranking attempts) in Mrs. Smith’s head it was a slightly longer time period before Jasmine tried yet again to get the Chevy started.

Mrs. Smith maneuvered her panties out of the way and for a few minutes anyway began masturbating, two of her fingers making their way inside her vagina and tickling her already soaking wet clitoris until quickly she achieved a mini-orgasm.  This occurred just as Jasmine went into a 24th cranking attempt it too failing, Mrs. Smith moaning softly to the all-too and sexy audible cranking cadence of her car.   Mrs. Smith then came down from her high, while outside in the driveway Jasmine was putting in her 25th failed cranking attempt.

With that done, after yet another failed attempt put in by Jasmine, (#26) about two minutes later, Mrs. Smith now a bit concerned got out of the rocking chair and crossed the room to look outside the dining room window at what was going on, now hearing and seeing one more failed starting attempt, (#27).  However, on her next attempt Jasmine finally got the Chevy started just as Mrs. Smith was prepared to go outside.  Mrs. Smith went back to watching the news on television in the living room.  Sophia and Aaron meanwhile were deep into what was their 10th   game of checkers in his bedroom. Whoever won a 7th game would be declared the winner with Sophia now ahead 5 games to 4 for Aaron.

Still as Mrs. Smith thought about it, even more important than the fact that on this early evening Jasmine appeared to be having some real issues getting the car started, she also was well aware that Jasmine and Jackson were so good for each other and despite attending different schools each again during the past few months had become the other’s best friend. 

Similar to when they were younger and innocently pretended that they were married just before they turned age 10 for Jackson and 9 for Jasmine.  Why Mrs. Smith had even acted the role of being the minister, in a small ceremony in her backyard attended by Sophia, Aaron and Jackson’s younger sister. When playing together each day that summer, Jackson and Jasmine enacted the roles of being husband and wife.

The above short little story about the young couple getting married is 100% true! As it did in fact take place between my real self and the young girl who represents Jasmine in this story.  And yes, the real Mrs. Smith did act as our “minister”. As I recall, it took place sometime in the summer of 1967.

Back inside after the fun time in the car enjoyed by Jackson and Jasmine that evening, she even told her mother about the technique she used, all Jackson’s idea while trying to start up the car; one attempt at a time, always pumping the gas pedal followed by several minutes to allow the engine to rest.

Mrs. Smith who while inside as stated above had been at least partially listening at times while watching television after washing and drying the dishes following supper, (Sophia helping out) to the car repeatedly being cranked over outside in the driveway without starting up.

Mrs. Smith said to Jasmine, “Well it sounds like today that your plan did not work”, ending with a laugh.

Jasmine replied back, “Well the good thing mom was that I did not flood the engine as bad!  At least I don’t think so.”  All three laughed.

Mrs. Smith then said, “You know, I think that I’ll keep doing it my way.  Twist the key more in groups of three hoping that out of imploring my will on the car’s engine it simply will just give up and cooperate for me by starting up”.  Along with Jackson and Jasmine, together with Mrs. Smith all three again laughed at her last joke.

In Part 10, the trip to the state park continues.  Rest assured that "Issues" will appear along the way with the Chevy.  And involving more than just Mrs. Smith as a new gal will be introduced along with a second ill-running car!  It will be posted tomorrow!

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