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Date Posted:11/22/2018 8:02 PMCopy HTML

Jasmine and Jackson take their first "trip" in the 1963 Chevy station wagon!

Some two hours later after the friend had left,  Jasmine, with Jackson still over the house and the two watching together on the living room sofa a baseball game on television, (holding hands unabashedly) asked her mother if she could not only go outside to start up the car again but as she already have been given permission to do so, drive the car the short distance back and forth in the driveway.


At first doing it with her mother in the car, soon Jasmine had been given permission to do it without direct supervision, although Mrs. Smith from inside the house still on occasion looked out through the dining room window at how she was doing. A few times, Sophia sat in the front bench seat with Jasmine acting as her passenger; of course, after Jasmine had to battle at it first in getting the Chevy started.  She usually flooded the engine first, pumping the gas pedal too much but after long waits and more cranking the car eventually obeyed to Jasmine’s will. And yes, a few times watching from his usual perch in his bedroom Jackson saw what was happening in the car.

So, this day of course, Mrs. Smith had no issues in giving her permission in allowing Jasmine to drive the Chevy up and down the driveway. She even told Jackson that Jasmine was a pretty good driver, albeit in a very confined space.  Grabbing the car keys that had been put in their usual place in the small kitchen, Jasmine fairly skipped out, dragging Jackson with her.  Mrs. Smith reminded Jasmine to only use her right foot when stopping the car on the brake pedal. Jasmine ever so polite and respectful towards Mrs. Smith said, “Yes mom”.

Mrs. Smith although noticing that while going outside Jasmine had the same pair of Dr. Scholl’s wooden sandals on her feet, (the buckle white in color) also, unnecessarily added in, “Please keep your sandals on your feet Jasmine until at least you get in the car”. 

Jasmine again said, “Yes mom!” Soon both Jasmine and Jackson were out the back door in a flash, he aroused simply at the thought that he was to be the passenger for the first time in a vehicle driven by, to be honest as he thought, his best friend in the world. 

They each climbed into the car entering inside from both front doors.  With the front bench seat never having been pushed back to its normal place with Mrs. Smith behind the wheel, it was not necessary for Jasmine to scrunch forward placing her rear end towards the front part of the seat to allow her to reach the pedals. Instead, Jasmine was able to sit with her back up against the seat support.  Her knees were right up against the edge of the seat, flat up against it and directly underneath the steering wheel. 

Within seconds after adjusting herself, Jasmine reached down to take the Dr. Scholl’s wooden sandals off of her feet and again hand them to Jackson. Sitting scrunched up right next to Jasmine he placed her shoes to his right up on the seat.  Just as before, Jackson’s left leg was in contact right up against Jasmine’s right leg.


Before inserting the correct key into the slot in the ignition, Jasmine rubbed her right hand up and down Jackson’s left leg several times.  The boner that already had formed in Jackson’s pants got a little larger, although Jasmine still averted her eyes from looking down at that spot.  In turn, Jackson stroked his left hand up and down Jasmine’s right leg, finger scratching lightly on her middle thigh area for about 10 seconds, (just as she had done to him a few hours earlier when the car was being fixed) before he brought it down to eventually find the same spot as before in cupping her right kneecap.

The key soon inserted into the ignition by Jasmine, Jackson reminded her to first prime pump the gas pedal.  Copying her mom, Jasmine pumped the gas pedal 10 times, Jackson feeling the movement of her right kneecap bobbing up and down rapidly through his left fingers.  As before, Jasmine pumped the gas pedal with the ball of her right bare foot and toes on the upper half of the pedal, the heel of that foot suspended in the air off of the floorboard.

Jasmine then twisted the key and the engine spun over.  From inside the house in the dining room, Mrs. Smith saw all that was going on, also of course hearing the Chevy’s engine being cranked.  Sophia meanwhile was upstairs in the bedroom that she shared with Jasmine.  Looking out the bedroom window that was directly across from Jackson’s window, Sophia looked down through the sloping front windshield of the station wagon. She easily saw Jackson’s left hand cupped around her older sister’s right kneecap just below Jasmine’s right hand twisting the key in the ignition. For the second time that day, the thought came into Sophia’s head that hopefully reaching Jasmine’s age she would have boyfriend who would touch her in the manner that Jackson was willingly allowed to do by her older sister.

Fifteen seconds into the attempt, her right foot only lightly depressing the gas pedal, Jasmine started pumping it non-stop.  The car almost started up just before, thinking she had put in a long enough first attempt Jasmine, (truthfully not at all disappointed that the car did not start up) released the key with the engine silent.  The failed starting attempt had lasted for about 45 seconds.  Undaunted, Jasmine after 5 seconds tried it a second time. Only this time before reaching for the key in the ignition leaning slightly forward to do so, Jasmine with her left hand and arm encircled them around the steering wheel. 

Determined to show Jackson how good she was at bouncing in the seat while trying to start up the car, just as before Jasmine continued to pumping the gas pedal non-stop and at a very quick cadence. Jasmine put on a tour de force bouncing performance that truly excited both of the occupants in the car, Jackson’s bulge, quite large inside his pants.  Jackson could easily feel the vibration of the bench seat that the two shared between them with Jasmine’s up and down movement of her body. Jasmine even looked directly at him with a mischievous smile as well as a similar twinkle in her eyes that her own mother had given to Jackson several times. 

Jasmine was in a state of arousal herself as already entering puberty she had already experienced things that caused excitement within her body: such as her many failed cranking attempts to get her mother’s car started. Jackson did not care that once again right in front of Jasmine he exploded into the inner pair of underpants out of two that he put on underneath his cut-off shorts attaining yet another orgasm for the day.  That inner pair of underpants, no doubt stained beyond any future washing including bleach in a machine designed to clean them would soon be tossed into a trash can himself, less one of his parents notice how soiled they were and furthermore wonder why.

Jasmine on her part, obviously ignoring the instructions provided by her mother’s friend who truthfully, she believed he did not know what he was doing, continued giving the gas pedal a severe workout as well as her right bare foot. 30 seconds into that attempt in somewhat of a miracle the Chevy’s engine finally came to life.  By all rights even on that second attempt as by then she had pumped the gas pedal perhaps a good three hundred times, Jasmine should have flooded the engine already.

Instead as she got lucky in starting up the Chevy, Jasmine continued to pump the gas pedal, still bouncing in the seat in revving the engine for about 5 seconds.  Following that she settled back into the seat to at first gently rev the car, bare right foot lightly pressing the gas pedal before satisfied that it would not stall out, Jasmine took her right foot completely off of the gas as the engine continued to settle. 

From three different vantage points: Jackson and Jasmine inside the car, Mrs. Smith looking out from the dining room window, and directly above her on the second floor Sophia in that shared bedroom all clapped enthusiastically. Jackson then said to Jasmine that she was just as good as bouncing in the car seat while trying to start it up as her mother. 

To herself looking outside into the car, Mrs. Smith said, “You know Jasmine is pretty good at imitating what I do”!  With that she chuckled.

Sophia upstairs also seeing Jasmine put on her performance while trying to start up the car said to herself, “Maybe in a few years mom will let me get behind the wheel to try and start up her car.  I’ll probably have a hard time turning on the engine.  That looks fun in what Jasmine is doing bouncing so much in the seat while pumping the gas pedal millions of times”.


Sophia began laughing at her own joke although if one can remember from that trip that the group took to the Friendly’s restaurant and afterward Mrs. Smith could not initially start up the car, all three females including Sophia imitating her mother were all getting in a bit of exercise bouncing in the Chevy’s two bench seats.    

Back inside the car in response to Jackson’s appreciation of Jasmine’s bouncing talents, she replied, “Why thank you Jackson.  I do believe that I learned from the best in my mother”!  The two then shared a laugh.

Jasmine let the engine warm up for about five minutes, even leaning back to somehow cross her left leg over the right one both underneath the steering wheel, swinging it to and fro.  Jasmine also made sure that her left bare foot came into contact with the lower half of Jackson’s left leg with each movement of her left leg.  Jasmine then stopped the left leg movement to rub her left bare foot up and down part of Jackson’s left leg, including scratching a bit with several of her toes. 

Another somewhat smaller orgasm attained by Jackson was simply achieved through what Jasmine was now doing to his left leg. Waiting it out besides all of the petting forms of petting that Jasmine was doing to Jackson they again held hands.  Eventually releasing the hand holding, Jasmine uncrossed her legs to place her feet back into their normal position on the floorboard.

Satisfied that the engine had warmed up enough sufficiently, Jasmine then began to follow the steps taught to her by her mother in eventually moving the car from a stand still.  First, Jasmine placed her right bare foot, (remembering not to use her other foot) on the brake pedal depressing it.   With her left hand she reached down to release the lever that controlled the emergency brake.  Even thinking to put on her lap seatbelt, Jasmine did so. Jackson managed to find the one in the middle and put it around his lap as well.

Jasmine then reached forward, her right foot still depressing the brake pedal and put the gear located on the right side of the steering wheel to “R” reverse.  Then turning part way around to look in back, Jasmine slowly lifted off of the brake pedal with her right bare foot to transfer it to the gas pedal. Pressing it down very lightly, the heel of her right foot Jackson noticed still suspended slightly in the air and pressing down halfway up on the gas pedal again with the ball of her foot and toes, the big car started moving backward very slowly.

Jasmine knew from practice exactly where she had been told to stop the car in the driveway, not allowing any part of the vehicle, most importantly the back end to be out in the street.  The car now at a complete stop, the rear end barely on the sidewalk, Jasmine with her right bare foot depressing down on the brake pedal, put the gear into “D”, drive.  She then transferred her right bare foot onto the gas pedal, depressing it ever so slightly to get the car moving forward. 

Truthfully, she never went above 5 mph. At all times, as taught by her mother, Jasmine kept her hand position at the 10 and 2 o’clock positions. Jackson was completely impressed that his girlfriend, still not even a teenager for another 4 months could drive a big car so well, albeit very slowly. And with no adult in the car!

Eventually seeing that Jackson had not put his left hand back on top of her right kneecap, (he thinking in his head that he did not want to disturb her concentration) Jasmine asked him to do so.  Jackson first asked Jasmine that if in touching her in that manner would it distract her.  Jasmine said “no, not at all”.  Taking her right hand off of the steering wheel as at that point they were back down near the end of the driveway, Jasmine took Jackson’s left hand in hers and placed it back on her knee, he soon cupping her right kneecap as before.  His left hand remained on top of Jasmine’s right knee for the next 20 minutes as back and forth they pretended to take a little trip in the driveway.

When done and the car back in its normal position in the driveway, Jasmine turned off the motor.  She then turned to Jackson and the two did a long-lip lock kiss.  They each had their hands all over the other’s legs although Jackson was careful not to go anywhere near Jasmine’s upper thigh area near the bottom of her cut-off shorts.

After the kiss, Jackson who, as mentioned before truly had been impressed by his girlfriend’s driving skills this time verbally told Jasmine that fact.  Jasmine said that when old enough to get her license that she would be all too happy to drive the two of them out on dates and in the Chevy.

 Jasmine promised Jackson that unless it was cold outside, she’d always drive the car in her bare feet.  Or while wearing a dress/skirt with a pair of pantyhose on, Jasmine adding in that by the time she would have turned 16 perhaps her legs would not be so itchy requiring her to finger scratch all the time, (the two laughing) still, no shoes would be on her feet.  In a joking mood, Jasmine added in that if it was “something like 10 degrees outside” she’d be forced to put on a pair of shoes. However. in that instance Jasmine doubted that she’d be able to get the car started “with the engine totally frozen” in her words.  The two laughed together before again sharing a long kiss.

In fact, the past few winters, at times quite cold especially during the month of January on many an occasion Mrs. Smith never came close to starting up her car with the then old battery dying on her more than once.  Having a special slow battery charger purchased by Mrs. Smith and through a long 40-foot extension cord which she bought at the same time connected to the outside electrical socket located on their back porch it allowed her to hook up the charger for hours to the car’s battery. 

Still in a handful of cases when it was really cold outside, temperatures in the teens, (Mrs. Smith never ventured outside when it was single digits outside for any reason), even charging her car’s batter didn’t help.  You see among other problems, besides old engine parts, the fuel line leading up from the tank in the rear of the car to the engine up front was often frozen when it was something like 12 – 20 degrees outside for several days in a row. On those days, pumping the gas pedal relentlessly with her right foot inside a pair of warm, thick boots and at least two pairs of socks as she turned and held the key in the ignition, (her hands covered up by warm mittens) Mrs. Smith didn’t have a prayer of a chance in getting her Chevy started.

Jackson’s father recommended that Mrs. Smith buy herself some dry gas and put it in the fuel tank. He also recommended that she keep the fuel tank as full of gas as possible. Sometimes this helped but at other times, with the car’s engine becoming more out of tune by the month even that did not work. Mrs. Smith learned that when she got lucky in getting her car started on certain days and the roads drivable, she often would buy several weeks of food for the household in one trip to the grocery store.

In the cold weather once arriving back home, it often meant as much as 12 - 15 trips back and forth from the car into the house carrying dozens of bags of groceries.  It was a good thing that the family had a second refrigerator/freezer unit downstairs in their semi-furnished basement.

Yet the trips to buy all of those groceries at once was worth it Mrs. Smith told herself as she never knew what could happen the next time she set out to do some sort of chore in her car.  It could be a case where Mrs. Smith got behind the wheel of her station wagon, prime-pumped the gas pedal a good 35+ times, (that much she felt to be necessary when it was well below freezing outside) turned the key, still pumped the gas pedal non-stop and was greeted by the sick sound of the engine spinning over so slowly not even coming close to starting up.  In fact, the battery close to dead. Time for the slow battery charger once again!

One thing had not occurred with the Chevy this afternoon Jasmine behind the wheel chauffeuring Jackson, something that the two occupants in the car actually discussed and had a joke about it.  The Chevy at least given a temporary, quasi-tune up by Mrs. Smith’s church friend did not stall out on Jasmine even once as she drove it very slowly up and down the driveway.  Jasmine told Jackson that she was a bit disappointed that for once as far back as she could remember, the Chevy was in a very cooperating mood. 

Jasmine even told Jackson that a thought crossed her mind once during a part of their “excursion” up and down the driveway. Done deviously by her, Jasmine would bring the car to a stop, turn off the engine, pump the gas pedal a hundred times or so and then try to re-start it playing a game that she was now blocking traffic with a suddenly stalled out, flooded-engine vehicle that she could not start up. The two got a laugh out of that although Jasmine said, “You never know Jackson, perhaps the next time that will happen.  I’ll need some strong looking man like you are to help me out”.  After saying that and Jasmine leaning over to kiss Jackson on the lips he replied, “Well as long as you don’t want me to get out and push this monstrosity out of the way of any vehicles, I’d be your man”.

The two got a good laugh out of that before Jackson again retrieving Jasmine’s Dr. Scholl’s where earlier he had placed them on the right side of the front bench seat after she had brought her bare feet up onto the seat as a sign that she wanted him to put them on for her for the second time today performed this “gentlemanly” task.  The two then shared a long lip-lock kiss with Jasmine at her small height able to put her entire body on the front bench seat, part of her legs and feet tucked underneath her. They also gently parted their lips open to lightly touch the tip of other’s tongues although not yet ready to plunge them into the other’s mouth.

The car running semi-well would last for several weeks anyway. By mid-June however again both Mrs. Smith and Jasmine when given her turn to start it up soon began to experience slight difficulties in doing so.  The third time that Jasmine was given permission by her mother to drive the Chevy up and down the driveway with Jackson as her passenger, this time going out on a pretend date to McDonald’s, she had a devil of a time getting it started.  Especially as promised midway through their excursion, Jasmine turned off the car’s engine, saying to Jackson that inexplicably the Chevy had stalled out on her. She then proceeded to prime pump the gas pedal close to one hundred times, followed by Jasmine repeatedly twisted the key in the ignition and in an honest effort, (not continuing to pump the gas pedal while cranking over the car’s engine) it took her a good 15 minutes to re-start the car.   Jasmine as part of the game told Jackson that the stall-out occurred while she was in the drive-through lane at McDonald’s with 50 “cars” behind her waiting to get their food orders.

Mrs. Smith came out of the house after hearing her car’s engine repeatedly spinning over in failed cranking attempts put in by Jasmine.  Jasmine was careful not to mention to her mother that she purposely sabotaged the car with the pumping that she put in after purposely turning off the engine.  She also had managed to badly flood the engine, not that much of a surprise considering the amount of gas Jasmine was putting into the carburetor with her excessive prime-pumping. Jackson also kept quiet not at all even thinking about ratting out on his girlfriend. 

Eventually Jasmine, the gas pedal pinned the entire time all the way down to the floor by her right bare foot in a handful of cranking attempts, got the car started again.  To herself, Mrs. Smith said, “Gee perhaps I should have taken my friend’s advice and had a new carburetor put into the engine”.  It would be a very prophetic statement as it turned out to be.

All culminating in what should have been a simple trip to go swimming early in the summer.

The grand finale on the day when Mrs. Smith takes her 3 kids plus Jackson to go swimming in her Chevy will be posted in 4 parts. I promise you that the ending will have a fitting conclusion.  They will be posted over the next 4 successive days beginning tomorrow!

Thank you for reading this fantasy story up until this point!  The 4-part conclusion I promise will be worth your while!


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