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Date Posted:11/20/2018 7:23 PMCopy HTML

Jasmine's turn to start up the Chevy Impala station wagon all in front of Jackson watching her for the first time!

Sunday morning – 8 am. - The day after the ice cream trip

Jackson was already for church and hoped for one thing: That there would be time for him to watch Jasmine at it below behind the wheel of her mother’s car.  Jackson closed and locked his door not wanting any unexpected interruptions.

Sure enough at 8 am on the dot on what turned out to be a sunny day, (mid-50s regarding the temps) Jasmine came bounding out from the rear porch door to their house.  She was wearing a plaid-colored mini-skirt and blouse outfit underneath a warm jacket.  Jasmine had on a pair of ballet flats and nude tone pantyhose on her legs. Jackson would be able to tell as once behind the wheel, Jasmine tugged at the pantyhose which sagged a little on her legs, having no issues knowing that he was watching her and of the upskirt view that she presented. Jackson noticed that she had on a pair of pink panties.

Jasmine lifted her rear end off of the seat to position the pantyhose properly on her legs, rear-end and private area.  She also finger scratched a few times at itches, not yet quite used to wearing pantyhose that formed on her legs, also knowing full well that Jackson could see everything that she was doing.

 Jasmine, briefly standing outside the Chevy before climbing into the driver’s seat had even looked up and waved at Jackson as he looked down at her.  Once inside the car, Jasmine looking up through the front windshield waved at Jackson a second time, also smiling.  Jackson waved back smiled but also noticed that he already was becoming aroused although Jasmine at this point had not even placed the key into the ignition switch.

It was also the time, beginning in a few paragraphs listed above that Jasmine, (perhaps done so on purpose just for Jackson?) had to do that little chore involving her pantyhose not being properly placed on the lower half of her body when earlier she was in her bedroom along with Sophia getting ready for church.

Jasmine who was a good 5 inches smaller than her mother, at most 5 feet tall in height had to sit up closer to the edge of the front bench seat in order to reach the pedals. Done deliberately to make sure that Jackson would notice, Jasmine reached down and one at a time, took her ballet flats off of her nylon-encased bare feet, waved them in her hands while looking up again through the front sloping windshield before finally placing them carefully on the front bench seat next to her.  

Jasmine for a fourth time, again looking up at Jackson lifted her legs and bare feet from underneath the steering wheel and floorboard to wiggle them in the air, having to sit back in the front bench seat momentarily.  Jasmine wanted to make it crystal clear to Jackson that she would now be working at least the gas pedal in her nylon-encased bare right foot.

Then grabbing the car keys which she had placed next to her, Jasmine found the right one, inserted it into the ignition switched, pumped the gas pedal rapidly 10 times, her entire right foot pounding the gas pedal with much less panache than her mother and twisted the key to the “start” position.

Unlike what Mrs. Smith had done just the day before on her first starting attempt after priming the engine, here Jasmine immediately continued pumping the gas pedal non-stop in a 30 second starting attempt. It was 30 seconds, according to the clock inside Jasmine’s head as she counted to that number out loud to herself.

Jackson looking down from above immediately exploded into his pants.  Jasmine when pumping the gas pedal could do so as fast as her mother.  The sight of her right leg bobbing up and down, just below her light brown skinned fingers of her right hand holding the key to the “start” position in the ignition accompanied by the all-too familiar cranking cadence sound of the Chevy that he had come to know so well in 3 years of watching Mrs. Smith sent a seismic rush of oozy semen gushing out of his penis all completely out of his control.

Jasmine was to try it 3 consecutive times in total one-after-the-other with only a brief pause in between attempts.  The car did not start up and in fact, Jasmine was well on the way to flooding the carburetor.  She then released her hand from the ignition key and to further cause excitement to Jackson staring intently from above, Jasmine performed the identical same movement as her mother often did which involved the fingers of her right hand being cupped around her right kneecap.

Looking down from above, Jackson said to himself, “Holy smokes”.  Jasmine also scratched at itches that soon formed first on her right kneecap, then the left one and finally on both of her upper thighs, lifting her skirt up slightly to do this chore. She then looked up at Jackson through the Chevy’s front windshield and waved at him for a fifth time.  Jasmine also shrugged her shoulders as if to say, “Gee, I wonder what’s wrong with this car”?

Jasmine went at it three more times, all failures and each lasting a bit shorter – 20 seconds as despite the battery supplying plenty of juice, she was worried about draining it dead.

Along about then appeared Sophia who eventually got into the car sitting in the row just behind where Jasmine was now sitting in the driver's seat.  To Jackson it appeared as if Jasmine was a taxi driver and her younger sister Sophia her passenger.  That is if the car could be started!

Jasmine tried it two more times, now not pumping the gas pedal but instead holding it to the floor.  Jackson could tell as her right leg was still throughout, except near the end of the second attempt when the Chevy’s engine almost caught.  Jasmine proceeded to wildly pump the gas pedal but could not quite get the car’s engine over the hump in the start-up procedure.

Sophia was leaning forward in the seat as if coaching her older sister. In fact, unheard by Jackson right about the time on that second attempt when Jasmine almost got the Chevy started, younger sister Sophia said, “Pump Jasmine, pump the gas pedal”.  Jasmine did so, but that attempt failed.

Choosing to rest again, this time knowing full well that Jackson was still watching from above, Jasmine sat back in the seat, now unable to reach the pedals.  Jasmine proceeded to cross her left nylon-encased leg over the right one. She made sure that Jackson could see her left bare foot and started swinging that leg to and fro even wiggling her toes a bit.  Her toenails as the day before were still painted in a red polish. Jasmine reached down to smooth the pantyhose on her left foot.  

Jasmine once that chore was done also lifted up her skirt for about 15 seconds to scratch at an itch that had formed on her left thigh with the fingers of her right hand.  Jasmine hoped one day to finally get used to wearing pantyhose.  Mrs. Smith had first allowed Jasmine to begin wearing pantyhose only the month before. This morning ever since putting on the nylons, her legs were quite itchy. 

Still somehow Jasmine knew that Jackson able to see her repeatedly finger scratching all over her legs, and completely unabashed the few times that she lifted up her skirt to reveal the upper portion of her still somewhat skinny legs that the chore that she was being forced to perform regarding the pantyhose encasing her legs would turn him on.  Jasmine was 100% correct.  

Again, Jasmine looked up at Jackson. Soon she could be seen by him finger scratching both kneecaps at the same time. Eventually stopping what she was doing to her legs,  Jasmine waved once again up at him. Sophia noticing this moved over to the right side of the seat she was in and looking up through that window also waved at Jackson.  He waved back at both sisters.

Just about then out came Mrs. Smith and Aaron.  He was wearing his Sunday best, underneath a warm jacket a suit and tie on.  Mrs. Smith underneath her warm jacket had on a knee-length skirt and blouse outfit, light-beige tone pantyhose encasing her legs and in dark blue h.h. pumps on her feet that matched the color of her skirt.

Seeing that Jasmine still had not started up the Chevy, Aaron climbing into the car and sitting in the far back of the vehicle, Mrs. Smith did not ask her eldest daughter to move over to the front passenger seat.  Instead as a great teaching tool, Mrs. Smith encouraged Jasmine to keep at it.

Suddenly after something was said by Jasmine to her mother, Mrs. Smith for the first time ever looked up to Jackson still sitting on his perch looking out of his 2nd floor bedroom window and waved up to him saying “Good morning, Jackson”.  It also occurred to Mrs. Smith that perhaps not nearly for the first time he had previously been watching her at it for years now on many days when she was at it trying to start up her car.

It took Jasmine 7 more attempts, pausing two more times each around 3 minutes before she was able to start up the car.  It involved Jasmine holding the pedal down, mixed in with a bit of pumping before the Chevy’s engine came to life.  Together, Jackson from above, Mrs. Smith, Jasmine, Sophia and Aaron all clapped. Aaron then asked a stupid question to his mother wondering if Jasmine would drive everyone to church although truthfully it was only about a 3-mile ride.

Mrs. Smith provided him with the obvious answer, “No, Jasmine has to turn 16 before she could get her driver’s license enabling her to legally drive a car out on the roads”.

Just about then, Jackson’s mother noticing that his bedroom door was closed for some strange reason yelled up to him to get a move on, as it was time to go to church.  He quickly changed out of his soiled underpants into a fresh pair.  Eventually coming downstairs and with his mother and sister out through the front door, Jackson noticed Mrs. Smith backing the Chevy out of their driveway, as everyone inside the vehicle was waving at him. Meanwhile, Jasmine sitting up front next to her mother, (and unseen by Jackson having put her ballet flats back on her feet) had the most mischievous smile on her face, much as if she knew that she had Jackson wrapped like a string around one of her fingers.

Wouldn’t you know it though.  Just as the back of the Chevy was aligned with the sidewalk, the car stalled out on Mrs. Smith.  She then had massive issues getting it re-started.  Of course, Mrs. Smith’s h.h. pumps had been placed in their normal position while she was in the car up on the front bench seat next to her pocket book. She was going at it with her nylon-encased right bare foot getting in a workout pumping the gas pedal.  Mrs. Smith’s toenails this morning, had Jackson had the opportunity to view them easily seen underneath the fabric of her pantyhose, were still painted with the same coat of blue polish as the day before when going out to the restaurant for their ice cream sundae treat.

Jackson heard the tell-tale, well known audible cranking cadence of the Chevy’s engine spinning over as Mrs. Smith put in repeated 15 second attempts to get it re-started. She failed.  Jackson so badly wanted to run next door and at least stand outside the right passenger door to stare into what Mrs. Smith most likely was doing:  Her right nylon-encased bare foot repeatedly pumping the Chevy’s gas pedal.

Instead Jackson’s mother ordered him into her car sitting up front next to her.  Jackson’s eyes glued to what was happening next door, his mother easily got her VW Bug started. She backed the small car out of the driveway and onto the street.  The whole time, Jackson was powerless in taking his eyes off of Mrs. Smith, now rhythmically bouncing in the seat during another long failed starting attempt.

Rolling his window part way down, Jackson could easily hear the Chevy’s engine just spinning over but not starting up.  Mrs. Smith was still at it bouncing in the seat, a sure sign that she was also pumping the gas pedal.  A steady plume of whitish-blue exhaust smoke came out of the rear tail pipe as the engine was spinning over.  It stopped when Mrs. Smith released the key the car not having been started.  In fact, the engine was flooded.

Sophia, Jasmine sitting up front next to her mother, (also wanting to volunteer to get behind the wheel and start up the Chevy once again for her mother) and Mrs. Smith all waved at Jackson as the Bug passed behind them.  Pausing for a few seconds, Mrs. Smith tried it again. 

The last image that Jackson saw, looking through the right passenger side rear view mirror was the sight of Mrs. Smith still bouncing in the seat and that same tell-tale light whitish-blue steady stream of exhaust smoke coming out of the Chevy’s tail pipe as the engine trying to start up for Mrs. Smith just could not complete this action due to it being clogged with too much gas as she was at it constantly just pumping the gas pedal.  

 It would be some 10 minutes, five of it patiently waiting behind the wheel of the car and Mrs. Smith cupping the fingers of her right hand up against her right nylon-encased kneecap during a lengthy pause before she finally was able to re-start the Chevy and then head off to church with her 3 kids.  


Mrs. Smith was also determined once she arrived at church to locate the male friend who knew some things about car engines to ask him if would be at all possible one day to come to her house and look at the Chevy.  Lately, her station wagon was becoming harder for her to get started, including frequently stalling out when trying to leave home and before she could even back the car completely out of the driveway.

Part 7, to be published soon will deal with the first half of the day, some 6 weeks later in mid-May of 1971 when Mrs. Smith's unreliable car  gets a fix - although quite temporary.  Someone besides Mrs. Smith gets a turn behind the wheel.  Will the car start up easily?  You'll just have to wait and see!

Thank you so far for reading this tale.  There are around 4 more parts to the story including what I feel is a very appropriate ending that will be posted all upcoming quite soon.  A second car featuring another gal of college age who also has issues getting it started will be featured before this fantasy story's fitting ending. 

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Re:A tale involving Mrs. Smith, her eldest daughter, and a 1963 Chevy Impala station wagon - Part 6

Date Posted:11/21/2018 1:38 PMCopy HTML

Wow. Jasmine obviously is channeling Jackson! She somehow knows exactly what it is that turns him on and is willing to showcase that knowledge. Now, whether genetic or experiential, I wonder whether Jasmine has the same wiring as Mrs. Smith and how aroused she was getting as she pumped and cranked the old car in front of Jasmine. And I wonder what the newly-found knowledge imparted to Mrs. Smith when she discovered Jackson at the window did to her arousal levels during her daily struggles. Thanks for these great segments, Jackson. Pedalpusher
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Re:A tale involving Mrs. Smith, her eldest daughter, and a 1963 Chevy Impala station wagon - Part 6

Date Posted:11/21/2018 3:44 PMCopy HTML

Thank you again for posting your thoughts, Pedalpusher. In real life as I remember so many years ago now, the daughter, (I called her "Jasmine" in the fantasy story) shyly admitted at least one thing to me one day then 16 years old that I'll always remember. To be revealed in an "epilog" following the end of the fantasy story, it was one day after I taught her how to properly start up a carburetor-aspired engine car and one that further more was a bit out of tune. My close next door neighbor friend stated that she had learned to pump a vehicle's gas pedal while cranking the engine simply by watching her mother, ("Mrs. Smith" in the fantasy story) do the same thing so often while struggling to start up the 63 Chevy station wagon that she owned for years. As stated in the first part of the story, the Chevy towed after it could not be started by the mother who represents Mrs. Smith in the fantasy story, it was long gone by the time the daughter had gotten her driver's license and over a period of several years the second vehicle - a used late 1960s VW Bus started acting up as well. One other thing - the daughter simply loved driving a car/vehicle operating the pedals in her bare feet. Again, like mother like daughter! The next part of this story will be posted in a few minutes. I hope that everyone who reads this fantasy tale has been enjoying it. I still believe that the best is yet to come! As the conclusion taking place in one day's time in the story is somewhat long, (not being able to help myself I added more "incidents" to part of that story) it will be broken up into shorter parts instead of cramming it into 1 or 2 long parts. I've now settled on the fact that the entire fantasy story will be either 11 or 12 parts long - depending on how I divide that final day as it appears in the story. Part 7 is next!

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