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Date Posted:11/20/2018 6:58 PMCopy HTML

The second half of the ice cream trip

The time that the group had at the Friendly’s ice cream restaurant was enjoyable for all.  Mrs. Smith seen by Jackson as she crossed her legs, was performing an extraordinary dangling job as at one point she had one of her mules balanced delicately on several of her toes.  Jasmine, as she won the bet about the number of times that it would take her mother to start up the Chevy upon first leaving home also got to have an extra-large order of French fries, (which she shared with everyone) as a reward in addition to her Reese’s/Pieces large ice cream sundae.  Jasmine although just beginning to develop physically as a soon-to-be teenage girl was still skinny as a bean pole. Yet, she could still put away food as well.


Sitting across from Jackson at their booth table, Jasmine began playing footsies with him during one point of the lunch when managing to untie both of her sneakers, she then placed both of her bare feet, (toenails painted red) on top of his of his sneakers rubbing them back and forth. Jasmine smiled at Jackson flirting, while embarrassed not for the first, (or last) time that day he became sexually aroused. 

Sitting next to Mrs. Smith again but only with his left hand, (his right hand used for holding the spoon in his hands while eating) to do the task Jackson tried to cover up the boner that had again formed in his pants.  Jasmine for the most part was to keep her bare feet on top of Jackson’s sneakers for the entire time while at the Friendly’s restaurant.

Setting out to go back home, Mrs. Smith acting deviously decided to have a bit of fun, especially with Jackson.  Not bothering to follow his father’s advice provided by Jackson about prime-pumping the gas pedal, on the first attempt Mrs. Smith just turned the key in the ignition, immediately started pumping the gas pedal and kept at it for around a minute.

She looked at Jackson, shrugged and then reaching forward to grab the steering wheel with her left hand and arm, (not done upon leaving home that day).  Mrs. Smith proceeded to do a tour-de-force bouncing in the seat act for what turned out to be another failed, this time, 20 second cranking attempt.  Mrs. Smith smiled in a subtle way at Jackson.

Mrs. Smith then remarked that it was a good thing two weeks ago that she had purchased out of the family budget, (she did not work with her role being that of running the house completely) a brand-new Diehard battery.  Otherwise several days before, and even now the older battery that had been installed in the car in early March would have begun to fail.

Undaunted yet again, Mrs. Smith went at it still bouncing in the seat and Jackson easily able to feel the vibrations of the bench seat that he shared with her underneath him.

Suddenly both amused sitting one row behind Mrs. Smith and Jackson, her daughters Jasmine and Sophia began imitating their mother.  Turning around, Jackson saw them twisting an imaginary key in an imaginary ignition switch with the fingers of their right hand, pumping an imaginary gas pedal as the two could be seen their right legs bobbing up and down and also pretending to encircle their left arm and hand around an imaginary steering wheel to allow them to bounce up and down in the seat along with their mother.  

Jasmine was even vocally mimicking the sound of the Chevy’s engine spinning over but not starting.  Both young girls had even removed their sneakers off of their feet and were pumping each of their imaginary gas pedals bare foot. The two started laughing so hard that soon each began crying.  They were totally unaffected with the fact that once again their mother was having issues getting her car started.

Despite the fact that this attempt put in by Mrs. Smith again failed to get the Chevy started, everyone saw the humor being displayed in the car by the two sisters.  Mrs. Smith although truth be told  was pretending to have sex with her husband underneath her with the seductive looking bouncing she was doing in the seat.  She was able to achieve a mini orgasm as liquid oozed out of her vagina and onto her panties underneath her Farmer Brown jean outfit. Quite soon along with the two silly acting girls at that moment, laughter was heard coming from Aaron in the far back seat as well as Mrs. Smith herself.  Even Jackson who was about to have a major orgasm joined in on the laughter.

Calming down and being able to smell the hint of foul gas fumes it being a definite indication that the carburetor was flooded, Mrs. Smith let the engine rest for about 10 minutes talking with everyone in the car.  Eventually resuming and this time holding the gas pedal completely down to the floor, Jackson again as was the case several days before when standing just outside the passenger door noticed that with the ball of her right bare foot, (heel completely off of the floorboard) Mrs. Smith appeared to be trying to find that specific placement of her toes on the pedal as they wiggled to and fro on the gas pedal.  On the 2nd attempt, lasting just over 30 seconds she finally got the Chevy started.

The ride home was somewhat uneventful except for one question that was asked:  Jasmine wanted to know if her mother would let her start up the car the next day, Sunday morning before they left for church.  Mrs. Smith said, “sure, why not”.  Jackson filed that away in his head.

Later that night with the rain having ceased, Jasmine from her bedroom window, (it opened) that faced Jackson’s bedroom window, (also opened) had a conversation about starting up the Chevy’s station wagon the very next morning. 

In an unbelievably prophetic statement considering it was something that Jackson had been doing for almost 3 years, Jasmine remarked to him that if he was by his window at about 8 am Sunday morning, perhaps by looking down and out of his window and through the sloping front windshield of the Chevy, he would be able to see her at it trying to start up the car.  Jackson acting extremely dumb stated, “Good idea, Jasmine.  I’ll think that I will do that very thing”.  He was to wonder all night and become quite aroused at what it would look like to see his childhood, former sweetheart trying to start up what often was a very uncooperative car.

 Part VI is to take place the very next day.  Only it will be Jasmine's turn to start up the Chevy station wagon as members of her family set out for church on a Sunday morning.  At her invitation, you-know-who is to watch the entire proceedings that take place in the car!

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Re:A tale involving Mrs. Smith, her eldest daughter, and a 1963 Chevy Impala station wagon - Part 5

Date Posted:11/21/2018 1:27 PMCopy HTML

Jackson: It is amazing to me (and always has been) to think that there may be some women out there who actually have a PP fetish and enjoy the act of pumping and cranking their cars. Obviously Mrs. Smith was one of them and you've captured not only Jackson's reaction but her as well. For me, capturing what may be going through a woman's mind at such a time has always been a challenge. You've once again done a superb job. Thanks. Can't wait for more! Pedalpusher
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Re:A tale involving Mrs. Smith, her eldest daughter, and a 1963 Chevy Impala station wagon - Part 5

Date Posted:11/21/2018 3:26 PMCopy HTML

Thank you again, Pedalpusher for leaving your always supportive comments!   In my own life I know for a fact, (as I've told you in private) that definitely one gal who I dated in college, and to a lesser extent a second gal from high school both became aroused while struggling to start up an uncooperative car with ease. The second of two incidents with the gal who I dated in college involving her ill-running Corvair remains to this day the most arousing time by far that I have ever had the privilege in enjoying with a female together in a car.  The interesting thing about that second incident is that the car was not moved one inch, instead through repeated cranking attempts in which she flooded the crap out of the carburetor, (done on purpose by her I believe to this day) she killed her Corvair's battery.  It turned out to be EXTREME fun shared by the two of us - - if you catch my drift. Yes without question as she admitted in all candor to me later that day as I took her out to dinner to celebrate her 21st birthday, struggling to get a car started turned her on sexually to great heights.  Add in the fact that she loved starting up a car and later driving her old vehicle, (that is if she could get it started) in her bare feet, the right one up against the gas pedal, and repeatedly pumping it while twisting the key in the ignition caused her to become and I now quote some 40 years later straight from her own mouth, "horny". As for the rest of this fantasy story until of this story until its conclusion it will definitely be posted in the forum within the next several days. Thanks again, Pedalpusher for taking the time to post your thoughts in response to reading each part of this fantasy story.  It is now finished as I edited the very end of the story earlier this morning. It involves a very fitting conclusion!

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