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Date Posted:11/25/2018 5:00 PMCopy HTML

Now back to the occupants in the still stalled-out Chevy station wagon at the stop sign.

When Mrs. Smith went at it one more time in a serious of cranking attempts, finally after another 5 minutes she was able to get her Chevy wagon started again. Although for the most part she held the gas pedal down completely to the floorboard, a bit annoyed that this still was not producing the desired results, Mrs. Smith to herself said, “The heck with it”.  On that final attempt, she again resumed pumping the gas pedal and about 15 seconds in the Chevy’s engine finally caught.

Still pumping the gas pedal for several seconds, she did so to prevent another stall out.  Soon letting the engine settle down, Mrs. Smith just lightly pressed the gas pedal with her right foot.

Very much to Jasmine’s liking, Jackson had the fingers of his left hand on top of her right leg, mid-thigh area, and was to keep it there until they finally arrived at the park.  Jasmine eventually put her right hand on top of his left hand and slowly guided it up and down her right leg.  Mrs. Smith fully well seeing what was going on between the two thought to herself that no harm was being done.

Secretly she hoped that Jackson and Jasmine would remain as a semi-serious boyfriend/girlfriend despite the difference in schools that they would be attending in the fall.  Just nothing beyond what they were doing now which was akin to their metaphorically going to 2nd base. Mrs. Smith also knew that regarding sex, Jasmine and Jackson were years away from engaging in that activity, or even going to 3rd base, (fingering each other). Along the way if their relationship grew, she still would have a talk with Jasmine about the “birds and the bees”.  Perhaps in several months as early as this coming fall.

With the engine now idling normally to her liking, Mrs. Smith eventually put the gear into drive.  Carefully waiting for traffic to pass on the road that they were about to go on, when a clearing came, Mrs. Smith made that left turn and off they were again to the state park.  The group had been stuck at that stop sign for about 40 minutes, a good part of the time with Mrs. Smith not making any attempts to get the car restarted after she knew quite clearly that the engine had become badly flooded.

Unlike what happened to Emily earlier, Mrs. Smith’s car also manufactured by Chevrolet did not stall out on her to potentially block traffic coming from both sides.  15 or so minutes later they would arrive at the state park without a further incident. 

At the entrance as Mrs. Smith had to pay the attendant a $1 for parking, he could not help but stare at her in her bikini.  The guy in his late teens was working at the park in the role of it being a summer job.  He also noticed that Mrs. Smith was in her bare feet, the right one on the brake pedal.  After she handed him the dollar bill, she transferred her right bare foot to the gas pedal, after thanking the guy, (knowing full well that he had been staring at her with lust) pressing it down as they continued into the park.

A quick thought passed briefly through Mrs. Smith’s mind as she was well aware that the kid probably wanted to have sex with her but in all likelihood wouldn’t have a clue in how to go about pleasing her. Wouldn’t it have been something if her station wagon stalled out right at that spot, Mrs. Smith thought to herself?  While re-starting it would not present the problems that had occurred back at that stop sign, nevertheless in this scenario it would be required of Mrs. Smith to put in 5 or 6 cranking attempts before the engine fired and she was pumping the gas pedal with her right bare foot repeatedly right in front of that attendant. The result would be that she would have absolutely zero problems in successfully being able to get this poor kid thoroughly aroused. 

Pimply faced and lacking any distinguishing features that would have had girls his age climbing all over themselves to get his attention, perhaps watching a woman about 12 years or so older than him trying to start up her ill-running car, pumping up a storm bare foot on the gas pedal, accompanied by she bouncing in the seat sexually might have been the only excitement that the young man would have all summer.  Poor kid, thought Mrs. Smith.

Within seconds after Mrs. Smith drove off heading to their destination within the park, as a matter of fact the guy having attained a complete erection began leaking semen out of his control into his underpants all done and no one coming into the park following Mrs. Smith because he started playing with himself.  He thought to himself, “Wow, I’d like to get in between her legs, although she’s probably a bit older than I am and definitely out of my league.  Her husband most be so lucky to have her lying in bed next to him every night.  If it were me, I’d have sex with her every night and twice on Saturdays”!

Dream on kid, you’d have not a prayer of a chance with Mrs. Smith.  Indeed some 14 years older than the 19-year-old college age boy, she was completely out of his depth.

Everyone involved had a great time at the park.  Although not attending a camp and being provided swimming lessons as was the case with Jackson, nevertheless, Mrs. Smith’s 3 kids could still swim.  At times alone together in the water, Jackson and Jasmine kissed several times including what turned out to be their first, real French kiss which lasted about 45 seconds. The kiss was done with much more intensity compared to the several times previously while sitting in the Chevy together during their pretend “date” trips where Jackson and Jasmine just very delicately touched the tips of each other’s tongues with their mouths slightly open.

The lunch that Mrs. Smith had taken such lengths to in fixing for everyone was excellent. And yes, as promised purchased at a food stand, Mrs. Smith bought Sophia the large Hershey chocolate with almonds candy bar.

By 4 pm, and when arriving back home, Jackson had already been invited to have dinner at their house they walked back to the Chevy sitting in the shade part of the parking lot with the intent on leaving.  Everyone was still in their swim suits. Or at least they tried to head back home. 

You see, there was one minor problem: Mrs. Smith could not get the Chevy started.

After more than 30 failed cranking attempts, Mrs. Smith after releasing the latch to allow her to pop the hood; once outside the car after popping the hood still in her bare feet looked into the engine again absolutely clueless as what to look for.  Truth be told Mrs. Smith now was a bit angry at all of the trouble she had had throughout the entire day in her attempts to complete what should have been an easy chore: Starting up her car!

Mrs. Smith asked Jasmine to slide behind the wheel to see if she could start it up, the young girl quite eager now to do so.  Having to sit near the edge of the seat in order to reach the pedals, wisely holding the gas pedal to the floor instead of pumping it a few thousand times as her mother did initially, Jasmine still could not get the car started.  Jasmine like her mother was to put in another 30 cranking attempts. The still relatively new battery was doing its job at least for now.

Soon out of partial anger Jasmine determined for the car to obey to her will, she began to pump the gas pedal mercilessly with her bare right foot, again as part of her technique for her small height using the ball of her right foot and toes to work on the upper half of the floor-mounted gas pedal.  Jasmine was pumping with such vigor that everyone still inside the car – Jackson, Sophia and even way in back Aaron could hear the sound of the gas pedal thumping up against the floorboard with each time Jasmine’s right foot pounded up against it.  Jackson again felt a boner growing quite quickly in his pants. 

Jackson so badly wanted to reach over and for a change of pace place the fingers of his left hand on Jasmine’s middle right thigh area and stroking it as it bobbed up and down quite aggressively.  He would bet that Jasmine would not mind at all and Jackson would have been correct.  But with Jasmine’s younger sister and brother in the car, Sophia now staring over the top of the front bench seat at Jasmine’s right foot and what she was doing with the gas pedal, Jackson knew that the form of petting that he was now fantasizing about could not take place at this particular time.

Still, despite seemingly putting all of her might into it, Jasmine did not even come close to starting up the station wagon in another 10 failed starting attempts.  The car not even giving the faintest hint that it was going to start up.  Not a sputter, nor a split second when the engine caught but quickly died out again.

Once and something that she had never done before while trying to start up the Chevy, in frustration after a failed starting attempt, Jasmine hit both of her hands up against the sides of the steering wheel. Jasmine then said, “Will you please start up, you stubborn car?  What’s wrong with you?  Why are you doing this to Mom and me today? Just start!”

 Right after that extremely unusual tantrum display put in my Jasmine, Sophia then adding in “Yeah car, just start up will you, please?"

Jasmine immediately reached for and twisted the key in the ignition. Lifting her bottom off of the seat seemingly for added leverage, with one loud thump Jasmine pounded her bare right foot onto the gas pedal holding it there as if trying to put it through the floorboard.  She held the key to the “start” position in the ignition for an extended 35 second starting attempt.  About 20 seconds in seeing that holding the gas pedal to the floor wasn’t working, Jasmine went back to pumping it as fast as she could. Releasing her right hand from the key, Jasmine flexed it a little as her wrist was becoming a little sore.

Jasmine then said, “Oh you dumb car, I suddenly hate you”!!  Jasmine then looked at Jackson with a helpless look etched across her face. Jasmine then pushed herself back in the front seat so that her back was up against the support cushions.  No longer able to reach the pedals, Jasmine then resumed a new sitting position by bringing her left foot and leg on to the bench seat and placing both of them underneath her right leg. 

Mrs. Smith staring into the engine still with nothing but her bikini on and of course in her bare feet should have detected something usually distinct that was now missing.  She touched a bunch of wires in the engine, just testing them to see if they were loose.  Everything was fine there, still, she asked herself  "Why won't this damn car just start up?" 

A more knowledgeable individual who had an understanding about cars would have recognized what was part of the issue involving a component located inside the engine.

Jasmine still sitting in her new position on the front bench seat was for the time being anyway not about to try to start up the car for a few minutes, her right bare foot suspended in the air several inches now not even close to the gas pedal.  Jasmine also swung her right leg and foot a little back and forth in the air. She thought that she had badly flooded the car’s engine although no foul gas fumes could be detected inside the car anyway.


Now slightly frightened, (along with Sophia and Aaron) Jasmine finally asked Jackson to move closer to him.  In fact, realizing that she was nowhere near to their home, as Jasmine began to panic thinking that everyone would be stranded here, tears slowly started to well in her eyes as would be the case to any girl still several months away from turning 13 years old. 

Soon taking her left foot and leg out from underneath her right leg and moving forward to the edge of the front bench seat again which allowed her to be able to reach the pedals with her bare feet, Jasmine put in another half dozen cranking attempts, again not even close to having the engine catch.  By attempt #5 Jasmine was crying now non-stop. She actually was not even touching the gas pedal with her bare right foot putting it flat on the floorboard, in a sense giving up hope.

After attempt #6, again her right foot not on the gas pedal as she turned the key in the ignition, Jasmine was no longer willing to even try and start up the car. Jasmine looked over at Jackson with the most helpless expression tears still streaming down her face. To Jackson it was as if Jasmine was 8 or 9 years old again and trying to read sentences written in a comic book that they held together which she simply could not do.

Politely sobbing through tears, she asked Jackson to slide over to his former sitting position in the front seat of the Chevy.  After he had moved, Jasmine then slid her body on the front bench seat, bare feet included to the other side of the center hump on the floorboard over next to Jackson and back to her original sitting position.  Jasmine took his left hand in her right hand and held it tightly.  Jackson with his free right hand wiped the tears from off of Jasmine’s face as best as he could and also kissed her lightly on her lips.

What happened here, now miles away from home was not the case with the car being unable to get started in the Smiths’ driveway still at home.  The distance in walking back inside their house was all of about 25 feet. 

Even further, looking earlier when the Chevy had previously stalled out at the stop sign.  There if Mrs. Smith had been unable to get her car started, everyone if need be still could have easily walked back home covering the relatively short distance of a couple of miles, aided by the fact that the very first part of their journey would have been all downhill.  Plus, everyone did have a form of footwear enabling them to not have to walk on the side of the road and later sidewalk in their bare feet considering the relatively hot day it was outside.

In this case though the car not giving the slightest hint that it was going to start up for either Mrs. Smith or Jasmine the situation took place at the state park located some 10 miles from home.  It was the powerful reason why Mrs. Smith’s kids including Jasmine became incredibly frightened.

In the meanwhile, a good Samaritan male about 25 years old both after hearing the sound of the Chevy’s engine just spinning over before Jasmine gave up; but more importantly noticing how stunning Mrs. Smith looked in her two-piece bikini, barefoot, as the car was parked in the shade and staring helplessly into the engine without thinking came over to help.

With Mrs. Smith’s permission he got behind the wheel of the Chevy himself to give it a go. Everyone not familiar with the guy and in fact a little uncomfortable being in the car with him got out.  It was Sophia now who was bawling with tears also having welled up in Aaron’s eyes and slowly streaming down his face.

By now, Jasmine and Jackson her face still wet with tears, although not crying as hard as before were holding hands standing outside and staring into the engine as Mrs. Smith still was completely clueless as to what had gone wrong. Jackson was not at all aroused as this was a serious matter. The good Samaritan could not get the car started either. 

Over about 10 minutes of repeated attempts, the guy pumping up a storm on the gas pedal at one point that would have made Mrs. Smith, (and Jasmine) proud, managed to successfully drain the fairly new battery dead.  Apologizing profusely, he then volunteered to get his car and offer a jump start in order to get Mrs. Smith’s car started.


Behind the wheel for a second time and initially not pumping the gas pedal, Mrs. Smith failed yet again in a number of repeated attempts despite the juice being applied to the Chevy’s battery coming from that guy’s vehicle.

When she eventually began pumping the gas pedal again, now quite rapidly it was actually Jasmine looking into the engine who noticed the linkage connected to the carburetor rapidly moving back and forth matching what her mother was doing behind the wheel with her right bare foot working the gas pedal non-stop.

Jasmine amazed at seeing this for the first time pointed it out first to Jackson and then Sophia and her younger brother Aaron.  Sophia briefly started laughing a bit.  However, she became agitated again when the car was not starting up as in one cranking attempt, Mrs. Smith twisted the key to the “start” position in the ignition for almost 60 seconds straight before once more finally releasing the key.

By now even extremely frustrated Mrs. Smith’s eyes had begun watering, tears soon rapidly falling down her face. The guy even revved the engine in his car quite aggressively at one point trying to get all of the juice as possible into Mrs. Smith’s battery hoping that this would help her could get the Chevy started.  Nope, it did not happen.

Part of the culprit was the carburetor, the one that about a month earlier Mrs. Smith’s church friend suggested that she get replaced.  Something in the mechanism had broke and if they could have taken notice with no foul gas fumes ever being detected coming from inside the Chevy’s engine, it never reached a state of becoming flooded with clogged gas.  Mrs. Smith and later Jasmine unable to help herself late in her turn behind the wheel each pumped the gas pedal to death. No gas was being fed up entirely into the engine even though the tank was about three-quarters full.  Also, the fuel pump had broken. Two bad things happening to the Chevy at practically the same time.

What was to save the day was something that Jackson’s parents insisted that he bring along with him on the trip as they each knew how unreliable Mrs. Smith’s car could be. That something would be 10 cents. A dime.  In fact, Jackson’s father gave him a handful of change – nickels, dimes and quarters which upon setting out from his home he had put into his backpack. With pay phones very much in existence back in 1971, they soon found one nearby in the parking lot where the Chevy had been sitting and not starting up for anyone.  By then, thanking the Good Samaritan anyway, Mrs. Smith had given up any hope in successfully getting the car started today.

It was a call home to Jackson’s house, made by him using one of the dimes that had been given to him that got his father climbing behind the wheel to the family’s 1968 Buick station wagon to come pick everyone up and drive them back home. 

Initially if Mrs. Smith had been able to get her Chevy started, she was going to allow her kids to not bother changing out of their swim trunks.   Mrs. Smith would not have changed out of her bikini as well.  She was planning on making no stops, like for instance at a grocery store knowing that walking into such an establishment wearing nothing but a bikini would have been seriously frowned upon, especially she being an adult. Otherwise Mrs. Smith would have had no issues being behind the wheel of her Chevy in the same outfit as earlier when making the trip to the state park only going straight home.

Instead not quite comfortable having to be inside a car with a man who was not her husband in such a skimpy outfit, Mrs. Smith psychologically convinced everyone to change into their other pair of clothing while waiting for Jackson’s father to arrive.  They went into the separate male and female rest room facilities, even using them some for the 3rd time before emerging with their more appropriate 2nd pair of clothing on their bodies.  Everyone had also put on their footwear – sneakers for the guys, flip-flops and Dr. Scholl’s sandals for the girls and Mrs. Smith.

Having some spare change herself and knowing that her disabled Chevy needed to be at least towed back home, Mrs. Smith after changing out of her bikini placed a second call on the same payphone used by Jackson to AAA being a member of that organization to take have the car taken care of.  Indeed, with all of the issues that Mrs. Smith had had with her car, first it was extremely smart of her to have invested money in joining that group.

Second, despite unbelievable odds considering all of the problems that Mrs. Smith had in getting her car started mostly trying to leave home the past several years, while coming close a few times, (mostly after choir rehearsals and church services when it took a while to get the Chevy started) up until this day she had never needed to call AAA when the possibilities were that otherwise she, (and her kids) would have been left stranded with her station wagon disabled miles from home.

By the time Jackson’s father arrived everyone had changed into their other non-swimsuit outfits including his son.  Mrs. Smith especially thanked Jackson’s father for coming to their rescue.  Twice, she offered him money for gas but Jackson’s father would hear nothing of it.  He stated, that is what good neighbors do for each other.  Help out in a time of need.  And Mrs. Smith, her three kids, and Jackson definitely were in need of help.

After waiting another 20 minutes for the tow truck to arrive and then hitch the disabled Chevy to the back of it, the group then headed home.  Mrs. Smith simply asked the tow truck driver to follow Jackson’s father home in his Buick as they were next door neighbors and the Chevy simply could be left in her driveway.

Before the Chevy had been hitched to the back of the tow truck, the driver asked her if she wanted to try starting it, he could supply a battery boost if needed.  Mrs. Smith politely declined saying that she, (leaving out Jasmine) had tried enough times to get her Chevy started and at this point she simply wanted to take her children home. 

On the way home in the Buick the earlier thought that briefly popped into Mrs. Smith’s head while the car sat stalled out at the stop sign on the trip out to the park now filled her mind completely!  

End of Part 11.

Thank you for reading it!

So, what was that thought that now was swirling around inside Mrs. Smith's head?  Stay tuned as it will be revealed in the final part of this fantasy story in Part 12.  It will be posted tomorrow along with a short epilogue that will tie the end of the fantasy story to what actually took place all of those years ago involving Mrs. Smith and her eldest daughter Jasmine.

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