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Date Posted:11/24/2018 5:58 PMCopy HTML

Back to the events taking place in the car, it not yet having been started up by Mrs. Smith

Now getting back to that gorgeous, sunny, warm day when the group had the intent on heading out to the beach, that is if Mr. Smith could get her car started, Jackson saw something being done by Jasmine as she sat next to him in the middle of the three sitting up front.

Almost as an involuntary act that Jasmine might not have been aware that she was doing, she began pumping an imaginary gas pedal with her right bare foot, in sync with her mother pumping the car’s real gas pedal.  Jasmine, because of her short height and the fact she was sitting up against the back of the front bench seat while she could reach the floorboard, if there were actual pedals placed  in front of her in a normal position on the floorboard where she was sitting, her bare feet would have been nowhere near them.

Day dreaming and also staring at her mother’s right bare foot rhythmically pumping the car’s actual gas pedal, at the same time Jasmine not fully aware of what she was doing was pumping her imaginary gas pedal with the heel of her bare right foot suspended slightly in the air.

Jackson boldly placed the fingers of his left-hand cupping Jasmine’s right kneecap as it bobbed up and down. He asked Jasmine was she aware of what she was doing?  Shaken out of her reverie, Jasmine in all honesty remarked that she was completely unaware that she was imitating her mother. 

As a joke right after the 10th failed attempt and because of the remark made by Jackson in that her daughter was pretending to start up the car sitting in between the two, Mrs. Smith then asked Jasmine if she wanted to trade places with her and start up the car herself. All 3 occupants in the front seat were now laughing.  

Jasmine just remarked to her mother that in her opinion she was doing quite fine.  However, by attempt #25 if the car still had not been started as Jasmine added to that thought, perhaps she’d take her mother up on her offer.  The laughter was now joined by everyone in the car.  Sophia then said, “And if Jasmine can’t get your car started by attempt #50 mom, then it will be my turn”.

More laughter with Mrs. Smith adding in, “Well in that case most definitely you could sit behind the wheel Sophia and give it a shot.  Why not?  You would probably have just as much luck as Jasmine or me”!

On attempt #18, Mrs. Smith did succeed in getting the Chevy started. Sophia from the seat just behind the front row and who ended up being one number off in her guesstimate, (Sophia predicting 17) said, “Yippee, I win! Can you buy me a Hershey’s chocolate bar with almonds mom at the park as I guessed right”?

 Mrs. Smith replied, “You’ve got it Sophia.  One candy bar coming your way later today”!

Sophia gleefully clapped her hands.  Although she was by herself in the seat directly behind the three sitting in the front bench seat, Sophia had to share space with all of the backpacks that contained the extra clothing articles, including beach towels for everyone except for Aaron who had his stuff placed in his space in the rear of the car. 

Mrs. Smith had also put the large picnic basket of food plus the large drink cooler in the rear of the car as well near Aaron.  Mrs. Smith had her flip-flops placed right next to her on the front seat right near Jasmine’s.  Sophia not as neat as the others had her pair of Dr. Scholl’s strewn on the floor somewhat next to her feet.

As for everyone’s predictions on how many times it would take for Mrs. Smith to start up her car it went like this:  Aaron lowering his prediction a little said it would take his mother 100 attempts to get the Chevy started.  Jasmine predicted it would take 25 attempts, Jackson 24, Sophia the winner again predicting 17 attempts while Mrs. Smith herself guessed 22.

By the way the very, neat special part of the game, a rule invented by Mrs. Smith herself went something like this:  If she was the winner, able to correctly predict how many attempts that it took to start up her car, (or out of the group the one who came the closest which was the case today with Sophia being one attempt off) everyone in the vehicle would get their own treat.  Including Mrs. Smith herself.  That actually happened several times. 

For a fact, Mrs. Smith was an unbelievably great mother.  Her kids all loved her to death as well as respected her as a role model. In turn she loved her 3 kids equally as well. And even though she was not Jackson’s mother, still Mrs. Smith loved him as well.

The car finally started successfully, (along the way done partially to excite Jackson, Mrs. Smith at it bouncing in the seat during the last 5 starting attempts with her left hand and arm encircled around the steering wheel), the group then set out on their trip, about a 10-mile journey to a neighboring town where the state park was located.

Despite his now girlfriend sitting next to him, Jackson noticed plenty of times just how gorgeous Mrs. Smith was in that bikini. She had an ironing-board flat tummy, breasts that swelled underneath the fabric of the bikini top and for the first time able to see the upper part of her thighs just below the bikini bottom, how her entire legs were of a quality that he had never seen before on a female.

The afternoon before in what was a "manicure-pedicure party”, (hours before Jasmine and Jackson went outside in the driveway on their “date”) Mrs. Smith, Jasmine, and Sophia had fun painting each other’s finger and toenails to match the color of each other’s bathing suits. To match her bikini outfit, Mrs. Smith had chosen red polish for her finger and toenails, while Jasmine had chosen a medium dark blue polish for her finger and toe nails.  Sophia who had a purplish colored bathing suit on, (that being her favorite color) had her finger and toe nails done up by Jasmine in a purple nail polish.

On the way over to the state park during that 10-mile journey, Mrs. Smith ran into a little bit of trouble. In reality, more than just a “little bit”. If there was a proper English phrase to describe the situation, one could have called it a “lot of a bit”.

On a back road going up a fairly steep hill which ended at a stop sign, Mrs. Smith then having to make a left turn to get onto the road that would eventually lead straight to the park covering the remaining 7 or so miles of the trip, suddenly the Chevy stalled out on her just at the stop sign.  She had already put on her left turn blinker not anticipating the problem that appeared out of nowhere.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Smith had quite a hard time trying to re-start her car and noticing that the turn blinker was still on during the first 3 failed attempts she turned it off thinking that perhaps the Chevy would not be going anywhere for a period of time. Mrs. Smith would be right. 

Seen especially by Jasmine and Jackson sitting in the front bench seat as well, Mrs. Smith again went at it in about 12 failed starting attempts each about 20 seconds in length and during the entire time she was rapidly pumping the gas pedal with her right bare foot.  Her right leg was bobbing up and down on the front bench car seat rapidly in sync with what her bare right foot was doing to the gas pedal.

While resting in between failed car starting attempts, of course and noticed by Jackson, Mrs. Smith cupped the fingers of her right hand around her kneecap, part of her usual involuntary habit that had also been copied by Jasmine whenever she was behind the wheel.  A handful of times Mrs. Smith was seen by Jackson rubbing as well as lightly scratching absentmindedly at a bug bite on that spot on her leg that was causing slight itchiness.

Sitting next to Jasmine, Jackson also caught her doing the same thing to a bug bite that had left its mark on her left kneecap several times. That tingling sensation that Jackson already was feeling in his penis due to what Mrs. Smith was doing as she was already unable in a handful of attempts to get her car re-started was becoming more pronounced by the second.

Resuming her efforts to get her car started again during more failed attempts, this soon was accompanied by Mrs. Smith bouncing in the seat as she ended up encircling her left hand and arm around the steering wheel. Not only did Jackson become sexually excited, but Jasmine did as well as by now she so badly wanted to have a chance to get behind the wheel to try and get her mom’s car re-started.  In fact, twice Jasmine almost asked her mother if she could give it a go but somehow, she stopped thinking that her mother would say no.

Soon detecting the scent of foul gas fumes coming from inside the engine after the 12th failed car re-starting attempt, Mrs. Smith said to Jasmine and Jackson, plus Sophia who now was leaning forward in her seat, “Oops, I think that I flooded the engine once again.  I better let it rest for a bit”. 

All the while, Jasmine had been rubbing her bare right leg up against Jackson’s left leg up and down slowly much as if once again she was pumping an imaginary gas pedal with her bare right foot. Which in Jasmine’s mind this time well aware of what she was doing, she was fantasizing that in fact it was she who couldn’t get the Chevy started.

The stimuli of Jasmine performing a mild act of petting, rubbing her right leg up against his left leg as her right kneecap bobbed up and down, combined with Mrs. Smith actually pumping a real gas pedal at times quite rapidly and throwing in a sensual bouncing act to boot; together all three caused thick, oozy leakage to come out of the tip of Jackson’s penis uncontrollably inside his swim trunks as he attained a moderate-sized orgasm. Jackson mildly chastised himself for not putting on a pair of shorts over his swim trunks. 

Jackson’s hands were placed on his lap doing a very poor job in hiding his erection as the other problem was that a growing wet spot had formed on his swimming trunks.  Jasmine on her part by glancing sideways and down below Jackson’s hands did notice that he had become quite aroused.  

With Mrs. Smith in the seat a mere several feet away from him Jackson, more due to her presence as opposed to Jasmine sitting right next to him became very embarrassed at the lump and slight wet stain in his pants.  Although really Jackson should not have been as bothered by what had happened to him metaphysically.  Mrs. Smith was now well aware that a female, including her own daughter having problems getting a car started excited Jackson.  It all was quite harmless and furthermore she was highly aware that certain things that Mrs. Smith did in front of, or to her own husband also got him very aroused as well; just before the two, (although not quite as much compared to earlier in their marriage) exchanged bodily fluids in the act of having sex in their downstairs bedroom. 

Something happened to Jasmine sitting in between her mother and Jackson. Today for the first time ever she experienced an almost overwhelming and powerful sensation of arousal as it formed in between her legs.  The stimulus for the excitement that was now coursing through Jasmine’s body was due to the fact of how plain it was to see how large Jackson’s penis had grown, plus that wet spot that had appeared on his swim trunks where his penis was located inside. For the first time in her life, Jasmine wondered exactly how it would feel to have sex and a guy’s penis, (Jackson’s) inside of her private parts.  This would definitely, without question NOT be acted out between the two kids however.

On her part, Mrs. Smith was highly aroused as well, “extremely horny” in her words.  Pretending to finger scratch at a make-believe itch with the fingers of her left hand high up on the inner part of her left thigh, Mrs. Smith unable to help herself made her way to the crotch area of her bikini bottom to fondle/lightly pat at it with the fingers of left hand her for about 20 seconds, right above where the opening of her vagina was directly underneath the fabric of the bikini bottom. Luckily for her, neither Jasmine or Jackson each preoccupied with what was going on within each of their own beings looked over to notice what Mrs. Smith was doing. 


Mrs. Smith after a 10-minute pause went at it again trying to re-start her still slightly engine flooded Chevy wagon.  In another 15 failed attempts, and for the most part keeping the gas pedal floored with her bare right foot she came close a number of times.  In those brief seconds, Mrs. Smith changed to pumping the gas pedal.  Jasmine and Jackson had their eyes glued on Mrs. Smith’s right bare foot. 

Once again, when at times Mrs. Smith had the gas pedal pinned all the way down to the floorboard for great lengths of time, Jackson marveled at how she wiggled the ball of her foot and all five toes on the pedal, heel completely suspended in the air, seemingly trying to find that magic spot that would help release all of the gas clogged in the carburetor to help get the car started.  Watching this with Jasmine’s eyes trained completely on her mother’s right foot, Jackson almost involuntarily started rubbing his still engorged penis underneath his swimming trunks with a few fingers of his right hand.

A bit concerned, Sophia sitting one row behind the 3 also leaned forward to stare over Mrs. Smith’s right shoulder, her eyes glued on her mother’s right bare foot.  Twice, Sophia as the car was coming close to starting up exhorted her mother by saying, “Pump the gas pedal, mom. Pump, PUMP”!

A slowly growing level of frustration was building inside Mrs. Smith. She was beginning to get annoyed at how often her car was uncooperative.  Her church friend had done all that he could in trying to fix the Chevy’s engine.  Apparently, the problem was much bigger than even he could diagnose. Now sitting at this stop sign the car stalled out, Mrs. Smith was not all that convinced that she could get it re-started. Suddenly an idea was beginning to form inside her head.

Throughout this incident, to the luck of Mrs. Smith, cars periodically coming up the road approaching the stalled Chevy from behind were easily able to go around the group. The Chevy as it stalled out was over to the far-right side of the lane.  Still seeing each vehicle as it approached, Mrs. Smith had her left arm and hand outside of the open driver’s side window signaling the driver to just go around her.  She did not want the driver of the car to stop directly behind the Chevy and soon wonder why it was not moving. 

Mrs. Smith thought about releasing the latch located just below the far left of the dashboard and then getting out of the car to raise the hood, a sure signal to everyone coming up behind her that the car was temporarily, she hoped, disabled. However, Mrs. Smith of course in her bare feet while behind the wheel was too lazy to put in the simple act of putting on her flip-flops and then hopping out of the car to raise the hood over the engine.  She was well aware that she would not do so in her bare feet coming in contact with the broiling hot pavement. So, Mrs. Smith stayed put in the driver’s seat continuing to wave whatever car that came up the steep hill from behind, signaling for them to go around the stalled Chevy.

For a third time, Mrs. Smith resumed putting in a handful of cranking attempts, again failing.  Becoming more frustrated by the moment, and not wanting to show the kids in the car any sign of panic on her part, she again went back to pumping the gas pedal thinking “Why not? Perhaps I’ll get lucky”.

Mrs. Smith also started bouncing in the seat again thinking perhaps even that might help.  The vibrations she caused by her rhythmical movement of her body up and down on the front bench seat was easily felt by Jasmine and Jackson.  Once again to herself Jasmine said, “Wow is mom good! She can easily bounce in the seat without the need to put her left hand and arm around the steering wheel for added balance.  I know that I can’t do that.  I’ll need to practice on it.” Jasmine chuckled silently at that thought.

Soon at exactly failed attempt #11, a young 20-year-old woman also wearing nothing but a bikini and driving a 1961 red-colored Chevy Corvair convertible, (in her bare feet as well) pulled up next to the Chevy station wagon as Mrs. Smith was putting in a long cranking attempt.  Mrs. Smith released the key to be met by complete silence coming from the engine, after it failed to start up yet again. The young and very friendly woman who revealed her name as “Emily” now took the opportunity to ask Mrs. Smith if she needed help.

Now with the two cars in one lane, any vehicle coming up the road would have been forced to veer into the other lane.  Emily did not care however.  The vehicle, even if it was a truck could just go around her. Emily was just trying to be a Good Samaritan, similar to what just a while little earlier someone was gracious enough to do for her.  More on that in just a bit.

Mrs. Smith replied back to Emily, barely out of her teens that she had badly flooded her car’s engine after it stalled out on her, but that eventually she believed that she would get the station wagon started again. Or so, Mrs. Smith hoped chuckling a bit.

Not that Emily who earlier that morning had a massively hard time starting up her Corvair, badly flooding the engine twice along the way, could really have helped or provided car-starting advice.  Emily a cute, looking brown-haired girl with long hair flowing down to her waist in back, (similar to the length of Mrs. Smith and her daughter Sophia) knew even less about car engines compared to Mrs. Smith.  The reason why I say that Emily looked cute was that although she just had turned 20 years old several days before, no longer a teenager, facially she looked all of 15.

Emily was about 5’4” in height with a beautiful skin complexion, slightly tanned.  She had a gorgeous body which consisted of full breasts, a flat tummy, nicely developed thighs as part of her legs, a cute rear end and finally beautiful feet.  Emily had an ankle bracelet on her right bare foot.

Emily stated that she believed the same thing happened to her earlier that morning.  After a lengthy time, of around 20 minutes that it initially took to get her Corvair started, Emily was able to back it out of her parents’ driveway. The small car then stalled out in the street but she was able to get it started on the first attempt.  Emily made it up the street without further problems.  However, at a stop sign, the Corvair stalled out on her yet again less than 2 minutes later following that first stall out.  This time Emily was unable to get the car started again.


Emily again as before when initially trying to start it up still in her parents’ driveway pumped the gas pedal probably around a thousand times in failed starting attempts numbering more than 20. For the second time that day, the first being in the driveway and the car not yet started up she managed to flood the Corvair’s carburetor with too much gas. Emily’s car’s engine was just as out-of-tune as was Mrs. Smith’s car, also manufactured by the Chevrolet company.

An aside: Anyone remember that old early/mid 60s’ commercial jingle which advertised that model car?  It went something like this:

“See the U.S.A. in your Chev-ro-let!” The final “t” in the word “Chevrolet” of course being silent, it allowed the “le” to rhyme with the “A” in the first half of the jingle -  “U.S.A”.

Only regarding both Emily’s and Mrs. Smith’s two brands of Chevrolet that wasn’t happening! You can’t “see the U.S.A”. if your “Chev-ro-let” can’t be started easily!!! Both vehicles, using a word that Jasmine knew but would not say out loud, ran like absolute shit!

Emily, as she recalled in verbally re-telling the incident occurring less than 20 minutes earlier to everyone in Mrs. Smith’s car, began to panic as unlike the present position in the road that station wagon was in, the Corvair was blocking traffic coming up from behind, the road being narrow.  Emily knew for a fact that she flooded the engine after the stall out at that stop sign as she easily could detect a strong foul gas smell coming from behind her and where the car’s engine was located.

 Joking as she told this tale to everyone inside Mrs. Smith’s car, Emily said, “I have a bad habit especially when I get frustrated with this car of mine not starting up immediately to then begin pumping the gas pedal non-stop. Do you do that, mame”?

Mrs. Smith now laughing quite hard, as was Jasmine who especially if allowed to would have told Emily that she was guilty as well said, “Yeah, Emily. That’s me!  Pump, pump, and pump away hoping by some miracle that one magic pump of the gas pedal will do it.  By the way, Emily please call me Beth”.

Emily said, “Oh hi, Beth and the rest of you in the car”.

Slowly, Mrs. Smith introduced everyone.  “Sitting next to me is my daughter Jasmine.  And next to her is our next-door-neighbor Jackson who I also believe is my daughter Jasmine’s boyfriend. Right you two guys?”

Jasmine and Jackson now holding hands both looked at each other first and then within two seconds together said, “Right, yes we are”!

Continuing Mrs. Smith in introducing her other two kids said to Emily, “Behind me is my younger daughter Sophia. Way in the back and doing his best to behave today is my son Aaron.”

Everyone said, “Hi” enthusiastically to Emily. Waving enthusiastically back at them and again saying “hello”, for her part and raised by parents who did not have a racial bone in their bodies, Emily did not bat an eye at the fact that Mrs. Smith was white, while her 3 kids, fairly light/medium brown skinned were black.

Getting back to the problem of her Corvair stalled at the stop sign its engine flooded, Emily said that getting the hint she eventually was forced to just sit and wait it out for 10 minutes. Emily occupied her time by constantly looking into both the left side and center console mirrors at cars coming up behind her and then using her left hand asking them to just go around her.

After the 10-minute pause Emily resumed again but still could not get her Corvair re-started during another failed 20+, (she admitted to losing count) cranking attempts. Emily admitted that occasionally during these attempts she still was pumping the gas pedal. Emily also bashfully admitted that she began crying out of sheer frustration and embarrassment.

Finally, a Good Samaritan guy who, attracted by the sight of a college-age girl in a string bikini behind the wheel obviously having car starting issues and as he soon was to find out in her bare feet as well, volunteered to get behind the wheel of the car after watching her a couple of times still completely unable to get her car started, his eyes glued on her right bare foot still pumping away on the gas pedal in sync with her gorgeous right leg bobbing up and down as he stood right outside of the driver’s side door.  

It was he who actually started the Corvair up for Emily. Given a chance to get behind the wheel as by then Emily was completely frustrated, unlike what she was incorrectly doing with the engine still badly flooded he did not repeatedly pump the gas pedal but instead properly held the gas pedal all the way down to the floorboard in a number of starting attempts before the engine finally caught.

He thought of getting Emily’s number but thinking better of it as he was 35 years old and married, to be honest he admitted that he was too old for the gal, just judging by her young facial features.  Remember that Emily actually was older than she appeared although still just 20 years old.  Something that he would never know, Emily was taken and as a matter of fact had been heading over to her boyfriend’s house, a guy that she met and attended college with a few towns over.

The Good Samaritan also grudgingly admitted to himself that Emily, she providing him with her name, was in a league quite above his wife in the looks department despite her young age.  Sadly Marge, his wife was at best average looking having put on weight after giving birth to their 3 kids and later being unable to take it off again, (unlike Mrs. Smith). Oh well he thought to himself, I bet some guy is getting in between Emily’s legs.  He would be right as Emily’s journey that morning was meant to do exactly that. Fornicate with her boyfriend.  And more than once!

Back to what was happening at the present: Mrs. Smith replied back that Emily probably had the same habit as she had:  That is a propensity in pumping the gas pedal too much in trying to start up her Corvair.  Emily replied back that on some days, (like today) she just could not help herself if, after failed attempt #3 the car had not started up for her yet.  It’s time to start the gas pedal pumping!

So now laughing and to be joined in by Mrs. Smith, Jasmine, Jackson and Sophia also listening, Emily admitted that she loved pumping a car’s gas pedal while twisting the key in the ignition.  Even if she knew that sometimes it would not necessarily lead to the desired results that she intended on having – her Corvair actually starting up.

Before heading off, wishing Mrs. Smith the best of luck, also asking if perhaps she needed a jump start with the cables that Emily’s father had left in the front storage area as an emergency, Emily joked “Well keep pumping the gas pedal, mame.  Most of the time in the end, it works out for me.  That is except for today after my car stalled out at the stop sign minutes after I left my parents' house.  Perhaps I did not my car warm up enough after I finally got it started still in my parents' driveway although today is a gorgeous day and plenty warm enough outside”. 

They all agreed about the weather it was absolutely spectacular.  Next, after again asking if Mrs. Smith needed any help to which the reply was that instead the occupants in the station wagon would just wait it out, after saying "goodbye" and giving her car horn a quick toot off went Emily. The next unexpected problem to appear was that Emily was able to move her car not even 15 feet before you-know-what again happened to the young gal.

The unfortunate thing noticed by Mrs. Smith, Jasmine, and Jackson was that in getting past the stop sign and making a left turn that hopefully they would eventually do in the station wagon, Emily’s car suddenly stalled out in the middle of the intersection.  Perhaps in a stroke of luck for Emily, no cars at least initially anyway, came from either direction as the Corvair now blocked any traffic with its position squarely in the center of the road albeit still at an angle.  The Corvair’s engine went dead on Emily before she could get into the proper lane after completing that left- hand turn.  

Emily, the Corvair within about 12 to 14 feet in the middle of the street from Mrs. Smith’s stalled station wagon, put in a first cranking attempt which lasted about 35 seconds.  Nothing.  Emily then tried it a second time, lasting again 35 seconds but she failed to get her Corvair re-started that time as well.  Emily wisely then let the Corvair’s engine rest for about 30 seconds before trying it again.  This time, attempt #3 Emily did manage to get the Corvair restarted again, a puff of darkish smoke coming out of the rear tail pipe. 

Within the first two failed starting attempts, both semi-long, Emily had already managed to partially flood her car’s small engine.  Then again, and something that clueless Emily was completely unaware of, historically Corvairs from the early to mid-60s were notoriously known for their engines in becoming flooded very easily; also within a short time period.  Particularly if the driver was like Emily – pumping the gas pedal nearly to death while simultaneously twisting the key in the ignition during repeated cranking attempts. 

All the 3 occupants sitting in the front seat of the station wagon, Sophia as well sitting one row behind them, noticed that Emily immediately began bouncing rhythmically in the seat almost from the very second after first pulling up the hand brake and putting the car into neutral, (Emily’s Corvair was a manual shift vehicle).

This bouncing in the seat act put in by Emily began the instant the car’s engine began spinning over in response to her twisting and holding the key in the ignition to the “start” position during that long and what turned out to be first failed re-starting attempt. Emily kept her left bare foot as first taught to her by her father pressing the clutch pedal down while at the same time pumping rhythmically  with a heel/toe technique on the gas pedal with her right bare foot.

Emily, following the first two starting attempts, briefly looked back at Mrs. Smith and company taking it all in from a close distance as she let the engine rest briefly.  Emily laughed a little out of embarrassment and also shrugged her shoulders as if to say, “Oh no, Not again”!  Emily then tried that third time still bouncing away in the seat before she managed to re-start her Corvair about 20 seconds into that attempt.

In fact, right at that point, two vehicles approaching from opposite directions approached Emily, the car still sitting in the middle of the road blocking traffic.  Both, one of which was a medium sized tractor- trailer truck on the way to making deliveries to a supermarket down the road just a ways had to brake to a halt.  The truck driver had his hands in the air as if saying “What the hell?  Move that car young gal”!

Just then Emily’s car fired.  The Corvair now successfully started up, Emily continued pumping the gas pedal rhythmically to keep the revs up.  Emily then turned around again and waved at the 5 sitting in the Chevy station wagon, ignoring for the time being the two other vehicles now at a dead stop and the late 20s age female driver of the other vehicle, a 1960 Ford Falcon now blowing her car horn.

 That lady a bit rushed to get to her destination because she had car starting issues herself was annoyed that Emily was now possibly going to delay her arrival.   The young woman was unconcerned that not even 5 minutes ago she was in the same predicament when her Falcon had stalled out at a traffic signal and was blocking other vehicles benind her. It took this woman almost 10 minutes to get her stalled, and eventually engine flooded car re-started.  Like Emily, Mrs. Smith and Jasmine she was a gas pedal pumper as well although in her car, unlike all of the others who were bare foot, she was wearing ballet flats on her feet.

Emily released the hand brake, continued pumping the gas pedal lightly with her right bare foot to prevent another stall out, and with her left foot still depressing the clutch pedal, she put the car into first gear, easing the clutch pedal up simultaneously to pressing down on the gas pedal to gain momentum moving forward. 

Passing by the small 14-wheel tractor-trailer, Emily waved in a gesture of apology to the guy who upon seeing her from a higher vantage point dressed in nothing but a bikini suddenly had the anger built up inside of him disappear in the flash of an eye.  He waved back at her getting in a leering look at Emily’s body, especially staring at her legs, (also just managing to see that she was driving barefoot) as she drove past him in the opposite direction. A tingling sensation quickly appeared in his manhood region as he fantasized getting in between the young lady’s legs.

As for the lady in the Falcon going in the same direction as she was, soon, picking up speed and shifting into 2nd gear, Emily left her behind as truly she had somewhat of a lead right foot. Just prior to that Emily in tooting her horn back towards Mrs. Smith and company still sitting in the stalled-out Chevy station wagon it was the one final signal as in fact she was saying “goodbye” to all of them.  Right after that Emily disappeared over the crest of the little hill.  Everyone inside the station wagon waved back at Emily.

Mrs. Smith then told Jasmine especially, “Oh, she’s pretty good at bouncing in the seat Jasmine don’t you agree”?

Trying to be funny, Jasmine said, “Yep she’s okay.  Just not as good as you or me, Mom. Emily needs to learn how to wrap her left hand and arm around the steering wheel to gain more leverage. You know, bounce with a little more flair”. Jasmine demonstrating by bouncing in the seat in between her mother and Jackson, placing her left hand on the dashboard in front of her for that added “leverage”.  Sophia trying to be funny put her left hand up on the back of the front bench seat and started bouncing in her seat as well.

All 3 occupants in the front seat turned around to see what Sophia was doing.  Mrs. Smith laughing said, “Hey, Sophia. You’re pretty good at bouncing yourself.  Why don’t you come up here and try to start up this car for me?”

Sophia now suddenly shy and unsure that she could get her mother’s car started said, “Ah no thanks Mom.  I’d get very embarrassed in front of all of you if I could not get your car started.  Remember, I’m only 8 years old and I doubt as I’m smaller even compared to Jasmine that I could even reach the gas pedal with my right foot to pump it hundreds of times”.  All of the occupants in the car, including Aaron way in back who was rather quiet today all laughed.

Continuing on the subject of Emily and her ill-running Corvair, Jasmine said, “Oh, one other thing about what clearly every one could see regarding Emily.  It had to be with all of the bouncing that she was doing just now, Emily must have been pumping the gas pedal up a storm! Didn’t she learn the first and also second time when her car also stalled out at a stop sign, and as Emily admitted she ended up badly flooding her car’s engine? And that second time similar to our little problem we’re having now mom, Emily could not on her own get her car started again”?  Mrs. Smith, Jackson and Sophia started laughing. 

Jasmine then added to this thought by then saying, “I wonder if she was in her bare feet, the right one pumping away on the gas pedal”?

The answer as stated much earlier would be a resounding yes!  As it turned out, indeed Emily’s Dr. Scholl’s wooden sandals, brought along for the occasion had never been on her feet at all earlier that morning.  In fact, Emily never had anything on her feet after waking up in bed, taking a shower, having breakfast to enjoy the day to be spent well into the evening with her boyfriend. 

Along with having to make two trips to put various things into her Corvair, Emily had walked outside on trips to her car barefoot those times, the second trip the Scholl’s in one of her hands along with her car keys and a small pocket book that contained her driver’s license and assorted other things including a new recently purchased six-pack of condoms just in case her boyfriend did not have any. Emily then returned to lock the front door to her parents’ house again walking along the pavement in her bare feet before retreating her steps to climb into the car and not get it started immediately.

Emily was not going to the same state park destination wearing nothing but a bikini as were the 5 occupants in the stalled-out station wagon.   Emily was actually going to her boyfriend’s house, located a further away in distance compared to the state park, (about another 5 miles) to go swimming in his parents’ in-ground pool, frolic about in the water, have lunch and once finished having sex with him as his parents were at work until sometime early in the evening.  And if she had her way spreading her legs for him in a number of different positions while the two thrusted together in perfect rhythm leading to the perfect sexual climax on each occasion.

The young college-coed while on route to her boyfriend’s house was now suddenly quite horny as she had earlier seen Mrs. Smith bouncing in the seat replicating sex.  Emily loved being in the top position while banging her boyfriend. As she continued to drive the Corvair, Emily began to feel a slow growing, tingling sensation taking place in between her legs. In fact, her temporary issue just moments earlier as her car stalled out in the middle of the road requiring her to pump the gas pedal with her bare right foot over 200 times as it turned out drove Emily’s libido to an even higher state.

Emily taking her right hand off of the steering wheel with the car in 3rd gear to instead put it on her bikini bottom where her vagina was located underneath the fabric and began tickling herself.  That was followed by Emily working several fingers of her hand inside her bikini bottom and slowly stroking the area just outside her vagina.  Emily soon began moaning.

A small part of her wanted to still be there trying valiantly to get her car started.  Emily thought to herself how crazy it would have been had she not been able to get her Corvair started again leaving two stalled-out cars within less than 15 feet from each other; both engines flooded at the same time with clogged gas inundating the carburetors, and unable to be started by their drivers?

Emily liking Mrs. Smith a lot during their brief encounter hoped that eventually she would be able to get her car started.  Emily also thought what was up with these crappy, piece-of-shit Chevrolets that stalled out seemingly on a whim yet all of the gas pedal pumping in the world could not easily get them started again?  Emily also wondered if as she was now doing, could Beth, (Mrs. Smith) also be driving her car in her bare feet?  Dear Emily:  The answer would be a definite YES!

Along the way, aroused at the effort it had taken to try and get her car started that morning, including the several times after it had stalled out, Emily went on to partially pull down at least the front part of her bikini bottom. Still steering the car with her left hand, Emily began the act of masturbating, a couple of fingers on her right hand working their way first outside her vagina, lightly scratching that part which years ago she found really stimulated her, soon following that up by working her way with a couple of fingers inside her vagina. 


Emily quickly found her clitoris and with much practice put in by her during the years, knew just what to do to stimulate herself to glorious heights even as she was driving her car. With all that she was doing to herself in the act of masturbation adding to the rapidly ascending level of arousal that was taking place within her being, just the simple feel of her right bare foot pressing the gas pedal about halfway down to the floor added to her pleasure. 

Emily thought that whoever was the first woman, probably more than 50 or 60 years ago, (remember this is the year 1971) who drove a vehicle in her bare feet should have had a gold statue erected in her likeness.  The habit of many females driving cars barefoot Emily thought definitely had been passed down from generation to generation. Heck, Emily learned to love driving a car at the age of 14 in her parents’ driveway and in this same Corvair simply because her own mother drove cars in her bare feet as well.  Like mother, like daughter!

All of this going through her mind on second thought as Emily told herself, she would entice her boyfriend to have sex with her immediately within minutes after she pulled her car inside his parents’ driveway.  The swimming could come later.  Emily now in a high state of arousal, moaning and the fingers of her right-hand sopping wet told herself, “What the fuck, let me have an orgasm even before I reach Stan, (her boyfriend’s) house.

Briefly taking the fingers of her right hand out from inside her vagina, Emily shifted into 4th gear and with that done, mashed down on the gas pedal with her right bare foot even harder, (toenails painted in an aqua blue shade of polish) bringing the Corvair up to a speed exceeding 45 mph, (the posted speed limit only 35 mph).  Emily then put the same fingers of her right hand back inside her vagina and began playing with herself once more.  Emily briefly glancing down noticed that the gear shift lever was wet with her love juices that were on her fingers as she just then had put the Corvair into 4th gear.  She actually started laughing at the sight of the slightly gooey wetness now adhering to the shifter.

Able to keep the car perfectly in the center of her lane operating the steering wheel again with just her left hand and her eyes squarely on the road, even while she was heading towards a powerful sexual climax, Emily continued fondling herself with rapid thrusts of her fingers a bit rough now in contact with her clitoris, (in fact at points squeezing it with her fingers).

 Emily also remembering the feeling of pumping the gas pedal with her bare right foot initially hundreds of times even while trying to start up her Corvair in her parents’ driveway, (not counting the thousands of times she pumped the gas pedal following that unfortunate stall out at the stop sign) combined with what she was doing to herself inside her vagina within the next two minutes she attained an incredible orgasm. She squealed with delight to accompany the sexual climax that she had just achieved.

Still with her left hand on the steering wheel, Emily stuck the fingers of the other hand that had her thick love juices adhering to them and put them in her mouth enjoying the taste. Emily said out loud “Stan here I come.  I’m ready for round #2 only with your engorged dick pumping away inside my vagina!  And trust me Stan, with what I plan on doing to your penis with the fingers of my hands it will become quite large in a matter of seconds!” 

All of this said in a conversation with herself, Emily now practically floored the gas pedal with her right bare foot, heel off of the floorboard and toes mashing down on the pedal holding it there as despite just attaining an orgasm she was aching to have another one that did not involve her having to masturbate.  Emily was soon going close to 60 mph. At the end of the road, needing once again to make a left turn, the Corvair stalled out on Emily yet again, but this time right at the stop sign and not with the car blocking half of the intersection. As Emily looked through the center rearview mirror to see a car quickly coming up from behind, she started to panic.

Loudly saying “DAMN IT”, Emily this time managed to get her Corvair re-started on the first attempt, again pumping the gas pedal non-stop.  This time after about 25 seconds, the car’s engine came to life although starting to get frustrated Emily almost released the key just before she was able to start up the Corvair. 

The male driver of the car, a big late 1960s model Cadillac Eldorado did have to wait about 20 seconds as Emily was at it that first time trying to re-start her Corvair.  But at least he didn’t have to go around her in another scenario in which Emily could not start up her car on that first attempt and instead it would have taken a bit longer going into a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. cranking attempts.  By then, Emily would have ending up flooding her Corvair’s engine when, a bit stubborn she would have just kept up the gas pedal pumping throughout.

Arriving finally at Stan’s house some 10 minutes later, forced to slow down when she got behind some old woman doing 25 mph on the road, Emily did end up quickly seducing him to get between her legs.  This occurred some 8 minutes after she got inside the house.  They would end up making love three times that day, including once on the deck of the in-ground swimming pool, fenced in for privacy.  A bit earlier they were skinny dipping in the pool and while performing a great deal of heavy petting in the water, decided to not even bother walking back inside the house; Emily saying, “Stan why don’t we just do it right here”!

Emily might have looked around 15 the age of a high school sophomore.  However, her experience at having sex with Stan quite often allowed her to act exactly like the very horny, college-age coed that in fact she was.

End of Part 10 - and thank you for reading it!

A scenario however still has not been completed.  Remember, Mrs. Smith and her little group are still at that same stop sign, her Chevy stalled out and the engine flooded.  Will she get it started?  Stay tuned for Part 11, to be posted tomorrow.  

Following that will be the final Part 12 and a special short epilogue that will serve to put a bow on this fantasy story. That will be posted in a few days.

Thank you again to members of the community who have been reading this fantasy story!


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Re:A tale involving Mrs. Smith, her eldest daughter, and a 1963 Chevy Impala station wagon - Part 10

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Thank YOU OldVWBuglover for all the extraordinary work put into this long segment. Very sexy, indeed, that the three in the front bench seat became aroused simultaneously while stalled at the stop sign. The story behind Emily is also very arousing. Pedalpusher
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Re:A tale involving Mrs. Smith, her eldest daughter, and a 1963 Chevy Impala station wagon - Part 10

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Thank you again, Pedalpusher for your kind remarks, also taking the time to share them in your thread!   I have to be honest.  As you are well aware since the several year period (summer of 1968 through around mid/late March of 1971) when I witnessed "Mrs. Smith" having issues with her Chevy station wagon starting when I was 10 years old, it has turned into a scenario where I have fantasized so often being in the car as a passenger when she had difficulty getting the vehicle started.  This has even included having periodic dreams out of nowhere through the many years when I was sitting in the front seat of the Chevy next to Mrs. Smith. About 2 or 3 years ago, I had a powerful dream where Mrs. Smith was taking her 3 kids, plus myself having been invited as well to the very same state park to go swimming which I included as inspiration for the conclusion of this fantasy story.   I won't give it away yet if you have not read Part II, but in the dream trying to bring everyone home after a great day spent at the park, you can imagine what happened to Mrs. Smith involving her car.  Also, quite clearly I remember in this dream "Jasmine" sitting in the front bench seat in between Mrs. Smith and myself, then probably around the same age as I portray myself as "Jackson" in the story.  Yes, both Mrs. Smith and Jasmine  in this dream were in their bare feet, the former pumping away on the gas pedal trying to start up her stubborn vehicle. Unlike in the fantasy story where she's in a sexy, alluring string bikini, I still picture Mrs. Smith in this dream being in a one-piece bathing suit - similar to the first time that I saw her regarding the outfit that she had on back in the summer of 1968 and my noticing her being unable to get her Chevy started easily. And as she was to get out of the vehicle to look under the hood Mrs. Smith that day in her bare feet! My motivation for the Emily character is kind of based on that college coed who I have revealed in past conversations with you a number of times concerning facts that she also had very unreliable Corvair, similar to Emily's.  I was lucky enough to be the passenger sitting right besides this very sweet gal in her 1960 model year Corvair, including twice when she had major issues getting it started. As I wrote out that part of the fantasy story including the fact that both Emily and the coed had the same red-colored Corvair, the only difference between the two vehicles is that in the fantasy story, Emily's Corvair is a manual transmission vehicle.  The coed's Corvair was an automatic transmission vehicle. Still as I created her character for this story,  I purposely did no picture Emily as looking anything at all facially like the college coed that I dated for awhile. Their similarities lay regarding their techniques of what they did in starting up their Corvairs and not finding it an easy chore to accomplish - both were gas pedal pumpers. Both also loved doing it in their bare feet.  Both made the same remark, Emily revealing it within the body of the story while the coed told me on our first date after removing her pair of clogs off of her feet,  that driving their vehicles in that manner psychologically allowed them to become extremely "horny" just with the feeling of the sole of their right bare foot coming in contact with, pumping it while trying to start up their vehicles, the car's gas pedal. Pedalpusher, I hope that you will like the final 2 chapter parts to this story! Oldvwbuglover

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