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The Decision Made By Mrs. Smith:

Mrs. Smith before arriving home after the generous ride coming from Jackson’s father, although for now still keeping this thought to herself, had arrived at a decision in her mind while inside the Buick:

She had had it with that aggravating of hers! That was it with this 1963 Chevy station wagon of hers.  NO MORE! 

She was not going to drive her car, or even attempt to start the engine up ever again! Mrs. Smith when her husband arrived back home Sunday evening would demand that he buy her a car that would start up easier and run better. Mrs. Smith did have responsibilities in essentially running the household. 

This included getting into her car and buying groceries at least once every week. It also included buying clothes for their kids who still were growing as well as occasionally for herself.  It included going to choir practice weekly at her church which was very important to her, her only way of socializing with other adults, albeit it only for two hours each week.  It also included taking the kids to church. And finally, occasionally such as what was the plan for today, the act of getting the kids out of the house, taking them swimming so that they weren’t completely bored each summer day staying at home and doing nothing.

All of the above things required the use of a car driven by Mrs. Smith, and one that she could feel that was reliable. The Chevy was no longer reliable – not for the last 3 years.

Some 10 minutes after her husband walked into the house after his long business trip early Sunday evening, Mrs. Smith told him, “We need to talk, honey.  Right now”!!

After explaining what happened on that trip to the park on Saturday and all of the issues that she had in getting it started 3 times, the final time being unable to do so, Mrs. Smith also added in that she was thankful Jackson had come along as it was his father who came to the rescue.  Mrs. Smith told her husband that she had had it with her station wagon, that over last the two years or so she was unsure each time she got behind the wheel if she could ever get the car started.

As evidence to further drive her point across, Mrs. Smith brought up the incident back in March when attempting to move her Chevy that had been parked in their driveway overnight blocking her husband’s car, she could not get it started.

Mrs. Smith said, “Remember that, honey?  I came home and for some unfathomable reason instead of leaving your car out on the curb while I was at my choir rehearsal, upon returning home, (an older neighborhood girl briefly acted as babysitter for the Smith's 3 children that evening) you simply drove your car into my spot near the back gate in the driveway.  And by way as I remember what also happened that evening while trying to leave after the rehearsal ended, it took me 15 minutes to get my car started.  Luckily one of my choir friends volunteered to stay with me out in the parking lot until I finally got that junk car of mine started.  It was sort of a sign with what occurred the next morning when I could not start my car up at all wouldn’t you say?”

Continuing her speech Mrs. Smith said, “Well anyway that following morning, thankfully Jackson and his friend happened to be passing by. To strapping young men with muscles who were all too glad to help out. Otherwise it would have just been you and me trying to move that heavy car out of the driveway and onto the curb.  And I would have been behind the wheel steering the car, leaving the heavy moving to you!  Of course, we could have gotten our 3 kids to help although they were all inside getting ready for school.  Besides, I would have been not all that comfortable asking them to try and help to move that monstrosity of mine out of your way.” 

Mr. Smith on his part did not say a word.  He could tell that his wife had put her foot down and there was no use trying to argue with her. Mrs. Smith then demanded that her husband buy her a vehicle that did not require her, although keeping it to herself with the fact that she loved doing it – to have to pump the gas pedal hundreds of times during each attempt to get the car started.

Pretty much wanting to keep his wife happy with that, Mr. Smith made arrangements to have the 1963 Chevy Impala station wagon towed to the town dump two days later on a Tuesday.  He also immediately promised to look into getting her if not a brand-new car, at least one that was at most only a few years old and that ran well with low mileage on the odometer.  And most importantly, the new car being easy to start up!

Mrs. Smith had an idea of what kind of vehicle that she wanted, telling the desired choice of hers to her husband.  By Wednesday having visited a dealer the plans were already moving forward to get Mrs. Smith exactly the vehicle that she wanted.

Prior to that, and the battery for the final time receiving a charge from Mrs. Smith’s slow battery charger done earlier that afternoon for a few hours, Mr. Smith along with his wife and Jasmine went out to the Chevy sitting in its usual place in the driveway on Monday. Just to see if someone could get it started.  As Mrs. Smith had the intent of keeping her promise made the day before to her husband that it would definitely not be her behind the wheel. 

Despite becoming emotionally upset at the state park on Tuesday when like her mother she was completely unable to get the Chevy started, Jasmine readily volunteered. This time Jasmine fully understood that if she failed to get the Chevy started, it was really no big deal. She was also determined to put on a show, this time for her father. Plus, one more time in front of Jackson!  Yes, previously noticing Jackson when he arrived back from his day camp, Jasmine wondered if he was busy later that evening as once more, she would try and start up her mother’s car now sitting in the driveway where it had been since Saturday late in the afternoon.  Did Jackson have any prior plans say at around 7 pm, Jasmine asked?  What do you think that his answer was?

The one big difference that day with the station wagon now back in the driveway?

As it had been towed over the 10 miles trip from the state park, hooked up from behind to a tow truck after arriving in front of their house and after Mrs. Smith along with everyone else got out of Jackson’s father’s Buick station wagon, (Mrs. Smith and her 3 kids thanking Jackson’s father profusely) she walked up to the tow truck driver and told him to simply back her Chevy into the driveway.  Really it was the only way he could have gotten the disabled car into the driveway at all.

So now, the car was parked in the opposite direction from all of the times when returning home from a chore or church Mrs. Smith simply had driven it in.  The front of the car now pointed towards the end of the driveway and right beyond that, the street.

As he learned that Jasmine’s father would be there, (and sort of not liking him all that much) Jackson decided that it would not be wise if he sat in the front bench seat, alone in the car with Jasmine and right up next to her as if out on one of their “dates”. Meaning of all things, Jasmine’s bae right leg in steady contact up against Jackson’s left leg, even as she was pressing down on the gas pedal with her bare right foot going up and down the driveway very slowly.  That or else pumping the gas pedal, Jackson easily able to feel the movement of Jasmine’s right leg up against his as she was trying to start up the Chevy. Although Mrs. Smith had no issues with it, Mr. Smith might think otherwise.

 Instead, Jackson stood outside the car near the front passenger door looking in while Jasmine would be at it behind the wheel of the Chevy.   Jackson would be standing in the driveway closest to the Smith’s house. It was kind of appropriate as this was the exact position that he stood on the day back in March when he acted as Mrs. Smith’s “assistant”, while this same car was on the curb out in the street and it took her quite a while to get it started – plus teasing up a storm with Jackson.

Jasmine and her mother were both wearing white cut-off shorts.  Jasmine had on a pink tee-shirt while Mrs. Smith wore a blue-colored blouse.  Sophia soon to come out of the house was wearing a pair of blue-jean cut off shorts and a white-colored tee-shirt.

Right before Jasmine got behind the wheel and already well-versed in knowing how to do it, along with Jackson from the other side the two moved the front bench seat forward.  They already knew exactly where to re-position the seat, listening to the two clicks which told Jasmine and Jackson when to stop.  The seat now moved forward about 6 inches, it allowed Jasmine one last time to sit normally when behind the wheel to allow her to easily reach the pedals, back of her knees up against the edge of the seat and at the same time have her back up against the back of the seat cushions for added support.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith meanwhile for the time being anyway stood near the open front driver’s door, now closest to Jackson’s family's house.  Mrs. Green in fact, technically was standing in the small area of grass that was on the property of Jackson’s parents’ house.  For once while outside in great weather, Mrs. Smith on the grass was in a pair of new white nurse’s clogs that she had recently purchased for herself instead of going bare foot. 

At the time she also bought her children the choice of shoes that they wanted inside an inexpensive shoe store. For Aaron, his choice was a pair of new Keds’ sneakers. For Jasmine and Sophia, the former at least wearing them to go outside the house into the driveway on this evening, it was for each a pair of Dr. Scholl’s sandals however in a pink buckle, a new color scheme that had come out that season involving that type of shoe for women/girls.

Absentmindedly while standing outside, Mrs. Smith performed various types of shoeplay which involved mostly sliding her feet in and out of her clogs, rolling one clog around the ground with one foot outside of it, and finally grabbing it with several toes again that foot outside of the shoe and twirling it suspended a few inches off of the ground.

 With the hood over the engine already up with Jasmine releasing the latch at her father’s request as soon as she hopped behind the wheel, it was done as along the way he wanted to inspect the engine while his daughter was trying to start up the Chevy.  Truth be told, Mr. Smith knew as much about car engines as his wife – in otherwards next to nothing!

 For the first time ever seeing his eldest daughter behind the wheel of any car, her father had facts soon made quite clear to him that the Chevy was not going to start up for anyone. 

Jasmine boldly in her bare feet in front of her father, (although to think about it as he did, not much of a surprise as he was fully aware that his wife drove a car most of the time in that manner ever since he had known her) pumped the living crap out of the gas pedal, also showing him how good she could bounce in the seat.

With the broken fuel pump and the carburetor no longer functioning correctly, with every twist of the key put in by Jasmine which numbered 20 starting attempts, the car’s engine just spun over giving not the slightest hint that it was going to start up.   All of Jasmine’s car starting attempts lasted anywhere from 25 to 30 seconds in length with the appropriate pauses thrown in between.

Along the way after Sophia had came outside to join the group, soon her brother Aaron acted as the “Peeping Tom” by sneaking into his sisters’ shared bedroom unbeknownst to anyone down below in the driveway.  Aaron looked out of their bedroom window that faced towards the driveway, (and Jackson’s bedroom in his house) and down through the sloping front windshield at what Jasmine was doing. 

 For one of the few times in her life, Sophia actually got into the front seat of the Chevy to sit in it along with Jasmine behind the wheel.  Like her older sister, Sophia took off her flip-flops to sit in the car in her bare feet.

Watching from above and completely powerless to take his eyes off of what was occurring inside the vehicle, for the first time ever Aaron got a little aroused watching his older sister be completely unable to start up the car.  Remember with the car now backed into the driveway, Aaron now had the same perspective looking down through the Chevy’s front windshield as Jackson had always had with the car driven straight into that same driveway from the vantage point of his 2nd floor bedroom window, directly opposite Jasmine’s and Sophia’s bedroom window.

Aaron’s eyes caught Jasmine’s right leg bobbing up and down off of the front bench seat just below the fingers of her right hand turning the key in the ignition putting in long cranking attempts, even as sometimes she pumped the gas pedal at different cadences easily seen by the varying tempos of her right leg movement. 

Plus, Aaron saw Jasmine occasionally bouncing rhythmically in the seat to the exact cadence of the car’s engine just spinning over, her left hand and arm wrapped around the steering wheel.  Aaron could also easily see Jasmine’s brand, new pair of Dr. Scholl’s sandals with the pink buckle placed very neatly on the front bench seat right next to her. This told Aaron that as usual, Jasmine was pumping the gas pedal many hundreds of times throughout her failed car starting efforts with her right bare foot.

Furthermore in between cranking attempts, Aaron saw Jasmine put in the same habit of cupping the fingers of her right hand around her right kneecap while she let the engine rest, just as his mother often did.

With Jasmine somehow thinking that she still was not getting enough gas into the engine with the fingers of her right hand still cupped around her right kneecap, Aaron from his perch above saw that leg of Jasmine’s begin to bob up and down again rapidly non-stop, even though in the moment quite clearly, she was not trying to start up the car.  Jasmine was prime pumping the gas pedal with the fingers of her right hand still on her right kneecap shortly before taking it off to reach for the key in the ignition to begin yet another car starting attempt.  

On the other side of Aaron’s older sister’s Scholl’s pink-bucked sandals that had been put on the front seat as he observed, sat Sophia.  In way Aaron wished that it was he sitting where his younger sister was several feet away from Jasmine at it in futile attempts trying to start up the Chevy.

It was funny that Aaron never experienced this suddenly strange feeling coming over him considering all of the times he was in the car and his mother was the individual behind the wheel struggling to get the same vehicle started.

But for some reason that Aaron could not even begin to understand with his older sister Jasmine, even taking into account that he also had seen her before on occasion struggling to start up the car, all of a sudden now it was another thing entirely.  Without question it had to do with the new vantage point that Aaron was taking it all in from above. 

One thing was certain though: Like Jackson several years earlier when it happened to him as a 10-year-old when watching Mrs. Smith, (coincidentally on the day that she was also taking her kids to the same start park to go swimming – and that time in a one-piece bathing suit); suddenly Aaron, 9-years old had acquired the same female cranking/pedal pumping fetish caused by his older sister not being able to start up the same car. 

This was evidenced by the fact that for the first time in his life, Aaron’s penis very much out of his control became large.  Involuntarily he also touched it a few times as well with the fingers of one of his hands because the tingling sensation for the first time in his life excited him.

Because of this Aaron as he thought about it, he realized that it had been better off that he had chosen to watch the proceedings after sneaking into his sisters’ shared bedroom instead of being in the car and sitting next to Jasmine in the front bench seat.  Everyone would have noticed the lump that still was in his pants that he now wished would go away soon.

Back down in the driveway standing beside the Chevy and to be noticed this time by both Mr. and Mrs. Smith, she remarked, “It’s funny that by now Jasmine should have flooded the engine. Yet, I don’t smell a thing” as again the entire time the hood over the engine had been raised. Normally foul gas fumes would easily have been detected with Jasmine deviously, (the thought kept to herself) trying to flood the engine just to prove to her father what a piece-of-crap car that the Chevy had become.

Mr. Smith replied back to his wife, “Neither do I smell anything. Not a thing. Something must be wrong with the carburetor”.  Gee, you think Mr. Smith?

Jasmine behind the wheel of the car putting on her performance for everyone around her, (including her younger brother who she was unaware was staring at her through her own bedroom window from above) suddenly remembered seeing the linkage connected to the carburetor in the engine moving back and forth rapidly the other day while her mother back at the state park could not get this same car started.  As the other day Jasmine had pointed out that part in the engine to everyone who at the same time was also standing outside the car including Sophia, she now made a remark to her younger sister.

Jasmine said, “Sophia, do you remember that funny looking thing in the engine moving back and forth the other day when mom was trying to start it up.  I bet right now with all of the pumping that I’m doing on the gas pedal that it’s doing the same, exact thing!  Both girls started laughing.

Jackson meanwhile standing right outside the closed passenger seat door, (and less than a few feet from Sophia who was sitting in the front seat) overheard Jasmine’s remark about the linkage in the engine. Briefly moving his position towards the front of the car but still to the side of it and peering into the engine, Jackson found the linkage. 

At the time as Jasmine was putting in a few starting efforts while rapidly pumping the gas pedal non-stop, Jackson saw the linkage moving in perfect cadence to his girlfriend’s barefoot doing a dance on the gas pedal.  Combined with the audible cranking cadence of the car’s engine and also the fact looking through the front sloping windshield from ground level where he was standing which also enabled him to see Jasmine’s right leg bobbing up and down from this angle, Jackson who already was aroused began to feel leakage slowly oozing out of his control from his penis and staining his underpants.

Mrs. Smith during the course of her daughter’s failed number of attempts in trying to get the Chevy started had moved back and forth between standing outside the open driver’s door watching Jasmine at it behind the wheel to walking over to stand near her husband who was peering helplessly into the engine trying to figure out the problem mechanically with the car.

Mrs. Smith kept hearing the by now well-known audible cranking cadence of her car’s engine just spinning over repeatedly without the hint that it was going to start up.  She also saw the linkage connected to the carburetor move back and forth at different tempos depending on how fast or slow Jasmine kept pumping the gas pedal literally over a thousand times during her starting efforts.  Mrs. Smith also saw Jasmine bouncing up and down in the seat almost as well as she ever could.

Despite the trauma of what had occurred two days ago when she was unable to get the car started which left them stranded miles from home at the state park and while absentmindedly still performing shoeplay in her clogs, Mrs. Smith picturing herself instead of Jasmine behind the wheel of the Chevy became a little aroused.  No, very aroused as she also planned on seducing her husband later that evening when the two were alone in their bedroom, (children put to bed for awhile and hopefully sound asleep) to get in between her legs.  Mrs. Smith’s hormones were still raging and in need of her participating in sex.

Eventually after what turned out to be failed starting attempt #18 and Jasmine allowing the car’s engine to rest a bit, Mrs. Smith walked back over to the side of the open driver’s door to tell her daughter to try starting up the car only a couple of more times and then call it a day.  Mrs. Smith felt that her car was absolutely, positively not going to be started by anyone today.  Or in the future.

So, in obeying her mother, Jasmine did make two more starting attempts the last one lasting around 45 seconds.  By then and despite the slow charge that had been applied earlier that day to the battery, now quite rapidly it was beginning to to lose juice.  By the end of Jasmine’s final starting attempt, the cranking cadence heard in the engine had become considerably slower. 

After failed attempt #20 taking the car keys out of the ignition, Jasmine then got out of the car in a sense now giving up.  Her Dr. Scholl’s sandals in the hand that was not holding the car keys, Jasmine carefully placed them on the ground allowing her to simply just slide her bare feet back into them one at a time.   Sophia also got out of the Chevy from the passenger door putting her flip-flops back on her feet as she had taken them off while in the car.

Jasmine would then challenge her father by asking him, “Don’t you want to try to start up Mom’s Chevy Daddy?  Make sure that you pump the gas pedal as much as I was doing just now”!  Jasmine said this, not being at all disrespectful to her father, but nevertheless with a slight smirk on her face. Jasmine even extended her right hand out holding the keys towards her father practically daring him to take them.

Jasmine then said, “Here are the car keys, Daddy. Go ahead and take them.  Let’s see you give it a shot behind the wheel. It’s still making somewhat of a sound in the engine as I was turning the key in the ignition just now for the last time.  Though not a particularly good sound.”  Everyone except for Mr. Smith now laughing.

Continuing Jasmine said, “However I have an idea as it appears that the battery is temporarily almost dead again.  Why don’t we use your car to provide a jump start?  It’s right behind you in the driveway. Either mom or I will get behind the wheel of your car and start it up.  Then one of us will move your car closer to mom's so that you could then hook the two batteries together.  Unlike mom’s car I bet that your car will start up quite easily.  And that it will be completely unnecessary for either mom or I to pump the gas pedal thousands of times as it is now when either one of us try to get the Chevy started.  Heck, even Sophia could probably start up your car with the simple twist of the key”! Sophia now began laughing.

Going on in her speech, Jasmine said, “Speaking of pumping, Daddy.  Remember as I said before you’re going to have to really go at it in pumping the gas pedal hundreds of times per attempt depending on how long you plan on keeping at it trying to start up mom’s car. Go on Daddy, here are the keys.  The correct key to insert into the ignition is this one”, Jasmine separating it from the several other keys on the key ring was now clearly goading him.

Mr. Smith not taking the bait replied, “That’s alright Jasmine. I’ll pass.  I believe you all completely.  Time for a new car for your mother”. 

That decision now officially made, although in Mrs. Smith’s mind it had been done since the minute she told her husband during their discussion Sunday evening that she was through with that car, it was Mr. Smith who closed the hood over the Chevy’s engine.

Jasmine continued looking at her father with a pout on her face.  She acted disappointed that her father was unwilling to try and start up the car herself.  Jasmine as it was had a plan on laughing her head off at him should he fail to start up the car.  Which Jasmine estimated statistically as being 99.99%.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Smith got into the car through the passenger door one last time.  She remembered to remove all of the important papers from the glove box – the motor vehicle registration and car insurance documents being the two most important. For old time sakes, just for the heck of it, she also grabbed the manual for the car to keep it sort of as memorabilia.  Mrs. Smith realized that no one else would be needing it.

For Mr. Smith’s part as for whatever reason he had brought his tool kit out of the house irrationally believing that he could fix the Chevy’s engine himself, (and as a reminder the man had not the foggiest clue on how to do any repair work on a car’s engine) instead he went about the task of unscrewing the license plates, front and back from off of the Chevy.  When the new vehicle that shortly was to be purchased by him was legally registered as well as their insurance policy transferred to it, the same license plates would be put on that vehicle.

As for Mrs. Smith, she remembered reading the section of the manual that dealt with issues when the driver was unable to get the Chevy started, coming around the time that she began having trouble with her car.  The instructions in the manual clearly talked about not giving it too much gas when trying to start up the car.

Spelling it out, the manual stated that with the engine cold, (not running for a long while) the driver needed to prime pump the gas pedal only about 4 or 5 times, turn the key in the ignition and while at the same time lightly press down on the pedal just wait for the engine soon to catch.  Mrs. Smith laughed at the suggestion that the Chevy would always start up 2 or 3 seconds after the driver first started cranking the car’s engine.  “Yeah, right”, she once said to herself.  “What planet does the guy who wrote this manual live on?”

The manual was implying that the Chevy would always start up quickly. It also provided instructions to not keep pumping the gas pedal any point as it could cause problems.

“A total lie” as Mrs. Smith often told herself.  “Only pumping the gas pedal 4 or 5 times before putting in a first attempt looking at the engine being cold did not help me one, single bit”, she added again in conversation with herself.

True, many times in trying to start up her car after the engine first became a bit balky Mrs. Smith stubbornly continuing to pump the gas pedal quite while she kept twisting the key in the ignition often did result in the engine becoming flooded with too much gas clogged in the carburetor. 

However, at other times, Mrs. Smith seemed along the way to convince herself that pumping the gas pedal was the answer, done in a certain way.  Such as when the car had been stalled out at the stop sign for a long time while on the way to the state park.  It was that during final attempt when Mrs. Smith just kept pumping the gas pedal non-stop that the car finally gave in to her demands and started up.

 Again, as she convinced herself that pumping the gas pedal was often the cure versus not pumping.

The real root cause of the problems that Mrs. Smith had with her car, in many cases not starting up for her easily over the past several years was the total neglect that she, (along with the financial support of her husband) had in completely failing to have her Chevy’s engine serviced regularly by professional mechanics.  And not just the one time that her church friend came over to do what he could with the engine.  He did admit to himself while under the hood of her car that one day, that in his opinion Mrs. Smith’s Chevy had the dirtiest engine that he had ever seen in his life. 

By the time that the Chevy was sent off to its final resting place, before being pulverized by a wrecking ball into oblivion, other than the engine itself being a complete mess the car was in great looking shape both in looking at the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

Quite often with the aide of her 3 kids who loved doing it in the warm season, Mrs. Smith had a “car washing party” on nice, sunny days.  This was followed quite often with the group hand waxing the car as well to a gleaming shine. Together with their mother, they would also vacuum the interior of the car and especially way in the back where Aaron sat.

For the most part Mrs. Smith only driving her car around town to do her daily and weekly chores, believe it or not despite being 8 years old the Chevy still had slightly under 50,000 miles on the odometer.  The last long trip that she took with the kids before she began having problems with the Chevy was back in the summer of 1967.


Still in touch with a former high school classmate with the woman having purchased a cottage up on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts and with her husband gone for a few weeks on a business trip, Mrs. Smith drove the 3 kids – Jasmine then going on 9 years old, Aaron 5 and Sophia 4 up to the cottage for a week’s vacation.  Mrs. Smith then had zero issues in getting the car started at any point during the vacation, she did not suffer from sudden stall outs, nor was there an engine breakdown leaving the group stranded miles from home or the cottage.

That trip, despite the same friend putting up the same offer in subsequent years was never replicated due to the sole reason that Mrs. Smith, starting in the summer of 1968, began not to trust her Chevy to go anywhere but to the state park.  And on the final day that this trip was taken the Chevy never was able to bring the group, including Jackson, back home. 

After Mrs. Smith finally was able to get the Chevy started after it had stalled out at that stop sign which lasted some 40 minutes before she finally got the vehicle running again, it would be the last time that she, (or Jasmine) could ever get it started again.

Back to that evening: With those last chores done involving the Chevy, everyone went back inside the house for chocolate chip homemade cookies that Mrs. Smith had baked earlier in the day plus ice cream.  This definitely included Jackson who had been invited over by Jasmine to have the dessert.

And with that the very next day – again as mentioned above Tuesday and three days after all of the incidents when they were going to swimming at the state park, the Chevy was towed out of the driveway by a wrecker to its final destination being the town junk yard.  The tow truck driver just backed his vehicle into the Smith’s driveway, hooked the disabled Chevy onto the back of the truck and after that just drove both vehicles out of the driveway.

Making a right turn out of the driveway and onto the street, the 1963 grey-colored Chevy Impala station wagon would soon be gone for good!

Mrs. Smith and Jasmine still had tears flowing uncontrollably out of their eyes, as did Sophia when, now standing on the sidewalk just outside the driveway, all three saw the car hooked to the back of the wrecker within less than a minute arrive at the stop sign at the top of the hill.  When a clearing of any traffic soon came the tow truck driver proceeded to made a left turn to get onto another street heading to the town dump. Along with that the Chevy finally disappeared for good.

Mrs. Smith’s next car, purchased in several days by her husband would be a used late 1960s VW Bus!  When this news was passed on to her kids by Mrs. Smith, at least the two girls were still just a bit slightly disappointed.  Despite the issues that the car gave especially to Mrs. Smith and Jasmine regarding getting it started easily, and also thinking of that last somewhat frightening incident at the state park which upset both girls, the Chevy still would be missed.

Although Jackson himself heard this news on the final time when it was Jasmine who could not get the Chevy started as he stood on the passenger side of the car taking it all in with what his girlfriend was doing in her “performance”, still he was disappointed that the Chevy would be gone in a matter of 18 or so hours. In fact, Jackson was never to see it again when he and his sister got picked up to go to camp on Tuesday morning.  The wrecker/tow truck came by the house to get the Chevy several hours later at about 11 in the morning.   

Later that Tuesday evening as they had their usual conversation talking to each other from their bedroom windows facing each other, (an empty space in the Smiths’ driveway where the Chevy used to be) Jackson went on to ask Jasmine, “Well what about our dates”?

At the time, not yet knowing what type of car her mother, (father actually) would be purchasing, and a surprise not to be revealed by Mrs. Smith to her kids, Jasmine responded back to Jackson’s question by saying, “Well one good thing will come out of this Jackson.  Hopefully whatever car mom gets, I kind of think that it will be easier to start up.  Although I will miss the challenge of getting the Chevy started”.  The two shared a laugh.

Continuing Jasmine said, “I also believe that eventually Mom will trust me enough to allow me to drive her new car at least up and down our driveway. So, I bet that we’ll still go out on our dates as I really love driving you in any car”!

Sure enough within one week after the used 1969 VW Bus had been purchased, forest green in color, Jasmine was eventually given permission by Mrs. Smith to drive the new car. Of course, Jasmine had to learn how to operate the vehicle a number of times with her mother in the car Bus.  In several weeks, Jasmine was given permission by he mother to the vehicle with Jackson acting as her passenger.

As previously was the case with the Chevy, this meant only Jasmine being confined to the driveway as she was behind the wheel of the VW Bus. It was an automatic transmission vehicle, thus not the need for Jasmine to have to learn how to operate 3 pedals with her feet along with shifting different gears while getting the vehicle going faster. So yes, the young couple continued on their dates!

In the middle of August after Jackson’s family had returned back home from their summer vacation and although a couple of weeks late, Jasmine pretended to take Jackson out on a date to celebrate his 14th birthday.  By then, Jasmine was about a month away from turning 13 years old herself.

After the drive, going up and down the driveway for about 10 minutes, they actually went inside Jasmine’s house where Mrs. Smith had cooked a special dinner for Jackson plus baked a cake, that also included ice cream as part of the dessert.  Jasmine also had brought Jackson a birthday present which she had saved coming from the weekly allowance that she received from her mother.

The one disadvantage of the Bus was that there were twin, separate seats, one for the driver the other for a passenger in the front.  Thus, Jasmine could no longer press her right leg up against Jackson’s left leg as she was driving, which was the case with the Chevy station wagon.

The one other thing was as the vehicle was a carburetor-aspired engine, gas had to be getting up into the engine while either before or during the process of cranking the Bus.

Jasmine could be seen quite often by Jackson, in most importantly her bare feet, both prime pumping the gas pedal, (down to 5 times as ordered by her mother) and while turning the key in the ignition – still pumping away until the engine caught.  Luckily each time for Jasmine, (except for when it was really cold that or damp outside) she got the Bus started easily within 3 to 5 seconds after first twisting on the initial attempt holding the key to the “start” position with the fingers of her right hand.  Mrs. Smith did the same thing!

Old habits are hard to get rid of!


End of fantasy story!


In real life, “Mrs. Smith” again not her real name and not to be revealed out of privacy and respect that I still have for her, did get a late 1960s VW Bus purchased by her husband after her 1963 Chevy station wagon died on her that day when I acted as her “assistant” and good luck charm.  It was an automatic transmission vehicle and like the one in the fantasy story, the actual VW Bus purchased for Mrs. Smith was forest green in color as I distinctly remember.

In this fantasy story which just ended above, the basis was on that day, Mrs. Smith was successful in eventually getting her very ill-running station wagon started while I was “helping” her.  It took place in mid/late March of 1971. 

In this fantasy story, Mrs. Smith’s car lasted about another 3 months until near the end of June 1971 when it finally died on her at the state park.  Just like what really happened, in the fantasy story Mrs. Smith said “THAT’S IT” and ordered her husband to get her another car. A vehicle that would start up without her pumping the gas pedal thousands of times while twisting the key in the ignition and one that also would not take 25 cranking attempts before the engine could be started, sometimes out of pure luck.

In reality and now not part of the fantasy story, sadly, because of neglect taking place with the Bus regarding the lack of attention being paid to the engine, within several years this second vehicle began giving Mrs. Smith difficulty of the hard-car starting kind as was the case earlier with the 1963 Chevy station wagon.

A year or so after that, turning 16 years old and old enough to get her driver’s license the daughter represented as “Jasmine” in the fantasy story was to experience issues herself periodically in getting the VW Bus started easily.

As seen in the fantasy story, Jasmine imitated her mother in two ways in real life as I had the opportunity a few times to witness up close, including one such experience that was very arousing.

1).  Jasmine, no doubt it already becoming an ingrained habit from years of watching her mother behind the wheel struggling to start up the Chevy station wagon and later after it had begun having engine problems the VW Bus also pumped the gas pedal a lot when twisting the key in repeated attempts to get that vehicle started.  This included one time when Jasmine seriously flooded the Bus’s engine while in my presence.

2).  Not much of a surprise if you were to think about it:  Most of the time, Jasmine drove the Bus in her bare feet, which also included of course first trying to start it up.  She shyly admitted to me once that driving the Bus bare foot aroused her sexually – much as the case, no doubt, that took place with Mrs. Smith.

In both instances, pumping a vehicle’s gas pedal during the start-up procedure and then doing so with bare feet it was truly:

Like mother, like daughter!



Again, thank you for reading this fantasy story!  I had a blast creating it.








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Re:A tale involving Mrs. Smith, her eldest daughter, and a 1963 Chevy Impala station wagon - Finale Part 12 plus epilogue

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Oldvwbuglover: Your attention to detail, creativity, and hard work on this series really paid off! We the readers are brought into your life of almost 50 years ago and into another time when carbureted cars were everywhere and when even well-tuned cars could at times be temperamental and balky. You also weave in the fashion of the times, as two piece bathing suits were popular (and still are) and Dr. Scholl's sandals were seen everywhere. A woman (or man) without extensive knowledge of motor mechanics had very limited options when facing the dilemma of a balky vehicle. Pumping was one of those options as perhaps using the manual choke if the car had one. I also loved the way you subtly and respectfully pulled in the effects of the cranking, bouncing, pumping, vibration, smell of raw gas, caressing the knee and scratching the thighs that served to stimulate sexual awareness and arousal in Mrs. Smith, Jasmine, and Jackson. They formed a trio sensually connected in their own individual fetishes perhaps brought on by the reliably unreliable Chevy wagon. Great job! Pedalpusher
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Re:A tale involving Mrs. Smith, her eldest daughter, and a 1963 Chevy Impala station wagon - Finale Part 12 plus epilogue

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Hi Pedalpusher. Once again I cannot express my appreciation for your kind thoughts in reaction to your reading so many parts of this story. I also appreciate the time that especially you, but everyone else who is a member of this forum in reading this 12 part fantasy story! Now that I have completed the story it has allowed me to reflect on what could have been concerning that day when Mrs. Smith was unable to get her Chevy station wagon started. What if she did? Anyway thank you so much for everything that you wrote in your threads, sir! Sincerely, Oldvwbuglover

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