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Date Posted:11/21/2018 3:58 PMCopy HTML

Paige was a 28 year old knockout who was never forced to get a “real job” because she essentially made a tax free 125k-150k/year working as a beverage cart girl at a prestigious country club in North Scottsdale.  She was excellent at her job and it didn’t hurt that she dressed a tad on the provocative side by most country club standards.  Blessed with a pretty face and an athletic body having natural curves in the right places, she always filled out her clothing quite nicely.  Every day she would either wear a tight black or red skirt and tight white low cut tank top tucked in which showed off her deep cleavage.  She completed her outfit with white tennis shoes and a visor with the country club logo which sat on top of her flowing blonde wavy locks.  She never wore sunglasses because she believed her big blue eyes and perfect smile was the key to her making more sales.  Paige was a very independent woman and had not had a boyfriend in over 4 years even though she was hit on daily by rich golfers.  Even though it may been perceived differently by most, in reality she was a simple woman who was a homebody outside work, enjoyed to play golf, and also had special love for cars.

                Paige lived about 10 minutes away from the club in a nice 3 bedroom house on a half-acre lot.  Even though she was the only one living there her garage was full of all three of her cars that she loved in different ways.  The car she owned the longest, which she vowed to never get rid of was a black 2000 GMC Yukon she had since high school.  She also had a lifted decked out yellow 1990 Jeep Wrangler and a mint condition candy apple red 1971 convertible corvette with a bench seat.  She loved to drive for various reasons and was very comfortable in all 3 of her cars.  She had a secret which only a handful of ex boyfriends knew about which was the main reason she loved to drive so much.  Every one of her cars had difficulties starting, especially in the hot Arizona sun.  Paige would get super horny every time she jumped behind the wheel and had to struggle to get her car started…..

                Paige’s alarm failed to go off and she woke up in a panic not wanting to be late to the country club.  Once dressed she ran out to the garage and decided to take the corvette to work since it was a beautiful day.  She slid into the driver’s seat, put the key into the ignition, and twisted. The engine cranked strong; she started pumping the gas convincingly trying to get the engine to start, not wanting to be any later than she already was.  Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreerererererererererevroooo the engine sounded like it caught but she let of the key are hair to soon.  She knew a false start would flood the engine a bit making it harder to start.  She cranked it again, rrrrrrrrrrrrrrerererererererrrrrrr pump pumprrrrrrrererererere come on baby rrrerereerereereeeeeererererererrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr she released the key, nothing but silence.  Not now honey, start for momma.  She was getting turned on but knew she needed to get to work ASAP.  She scooted forward a bit and used her left hand to hug the steering wheel for a little more leverage.  She twisted the key and started pumping the pedal immediately. Rrrrrrererererereererererrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrerererererererereeeeeeeeeerreereeeeeeeeeervrooererererer that’s it baby, c’mon  ererererereererevrooooooorererrererererrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrerererrerererer c’mon c’mon she whispered.  Paige was breathing heavily and her big boobs were bouncing on the bottom of the steering wheel in rhythm with her pumping.  She had been holding the key for about 10 seconds and she was getting more and more aroused by the second. Rereeerererererrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrerererererereeeeeeeeeeerereeevroooooooooerererere almost, c’mon baby erererererrererereeerrrreererererererererreeeeeeeee she pinned the pedal to the floor ereeerererererererererereeeeeeeeeereevrrrrrrrooooommmmmmm the car fired with a roar vroooommmmmm vrooooommmmmmmm There it is! vrooooooooommmmmm she gave it three deep revs and cautiously let it idle down to make sure it stayed started.  The vette seemed to be running strong and although her panties were soaking wet with how horny she was, she knew there was nothing she could do and it was time to go to work.

It was a slow business day at the country club, Paige was starting to get a little bored and had a difficult time keeping her mind off how horny she was this morning cranking her corvette.  She knew she should at least work another four hours but was highly considering taking off early to have a little fun.  She decided she would give it another hour before making a decision.  A few minutes later Paige was driving her beverage cart up to a group of guys on the 8th hole, they all appeared to be the same age as her.  She was hoping the day was about to pick up and they’d be drinking.

Once they finished the hole, they all walked up to the cart and ordered a round of beers.  2 of them tried to flirt with Paige which she was very used to.  All of the sudden one of them in a clear attempt to embarrass one of his friends blurted out, “this perv has a pedal pumping fetish”.  Paige was really surprised to hear this and was immediately interested in finding out more, but needed to figure out a tactful way to go about it.  The group of guys continued playing their round; after contemplating on what to do Paige decided she was going to slip him a note with her number when she came across the group a few holes later.

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Re:A Fun Day With Paige 1

Date Posted:11/21/2018 4:21 PMCopy HTML

An excellent start to what easily can be believed what will turn out to be an arousing story, RCMoon! Wow, the heroine in the story, Paige, owns not one, but 3 cars? And having difficulty getting each one of them started easily turns her on to great heights sexually? This story has a ton of promise to it, I can't wait for more. I bet that the guy who Paige ended up slipping a note to after she overheard his statement about having a pedal pumping fetish will get to enjoy some quality time with the gal compared to the moron who made the joke about his getting turned on by a woman having difficulties getting a car started. The real loser will no doubt be the clown who made that comment, and overheard by Paige! I can't wait to see future installments of this story published here in the forum, RCMoon! You write extremely well sir, and with great imagination! Oldvwbuglover
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Re:A Fun Day With Paige 1

Date Posted:01/01/2019 2:22 AMCopy HTML

When are we getting part 2?!?! The wait is driving me crazy!

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